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Found 4 results

  1. Seraphina Shows Up

    Hi. A week ago, I was in a car accident. Totaled my car in a state 1200 miles from home, minor injuries, involved another driver, yep. Anyway, I'm trying to move on from it. Yesterday was a really good day, and I feel like I can start getting back to normal now. So I'm here. I'm showing up. I'm not doing a full challenge with a theme and all the bells and whistles, because during this time period I'll be defending my thesis and wrapping up the last semester of graduate school and starting a job hunt. It's going to be busy, and was made even busier by the accident. I'm still kind of overwhelmed, but it's important to me to do my best and keep trying to reach my health goals. 1. Limit sloth time I'm lazy. I need to make sure I meet deadlines over the next three weeks, and to do that I'm going to limit the amount of time I spend doing nothing. I'm pretty much going to hold my "dearest nothing time" hostage until I go through my to-do's. Exception is coffee time, because until coffee kicks in I'm useless so I might as well browse NF/Reddit/whatever and watch dumb YouTube videos until I finish my coffee. 2. Plant-based, no sugar, no delivery/restaurant food I've been pretty off-track with the eating since the vacation/car accident. I need to tighten that shit up, so that's one of the things I'm going to do my best with. I'm still really digging the mostly vegan diet, as it makes me feel really good and I eat tons more fruits and veggies than on an omnivore or low-carb diet. Also, restaurant food and delivery make me blow up like a balloon, even if all I order is a salad. Too many calories, man. So I need to nip that in the bud again too. I'm going to make one exception because I have a coupon for buy one get one free Chipotle burrito bowls and it expires the 30th. I'm not letting that go to waste. I also eat a lot of Dave's Killer Bagels, because they're vegan. They're habit-forming and way too good. I'm not going to worry about it right now as long as I don't cover it in dairy or sugar. 3. Go to the damn doctor I need to go to the doctor. I mentioned in my last couple challenges that my ankle has been bugging me and keeping me from doing circuit training or dancing or anything fun. I really don't think it's going to be hard to change doctors. I just need to talk to strangers on the phone, find a new doctor on the internet, and then talk to more strangers on the phone. Yep. Not hard, just annoying. It will probably result in referrals/x-rays/more appointments.
  3. This Padawan passed the first challenge in a Han Solo fashion (started good, went back to scoundrel habits, and only barely passed by showing up at the end). Now, as a Level 2 Padawan, I plan to do it more like Luke Skywalker (consistent throughout) - and learn how to do instead of try, especially getting more sleep. My main quest remains the same - only the race is now one month closer, so it requires greater discipline. At the same time, I tweaked goals to be more attainable (e.g. aiming for 10:45pm bedtime, but permitting 11:15pm as a pass). Subquests serve the main quest and my long-term fitness goals. I decided to make them more tangible and fun by adding stat points (full points can be gained only at 100% of completion and will be decimally reduced by lesser percentages). Main quest: Run between 10 and 15 km in the Wings for Life World Run (Zadar location) on May 6 Subquest 1: Follow the weekly running+walking program: (a) >6000 steps each day; (b) 1 weekly long run (>10 km) that includes hills; (c) 1 to 2 speedworks (tempo/HIIT/fartlek) per week. -> 3 STA + 2 DEX Subquest 2: Strength train 3 times a week (bodyweight + dumbbells; barbell is optional). -> 2 STR Subquest 3: Have a: (a) vegan protein meal after each run or strength training, and (b) an IF twice a week. -> 1 CON: facilitates muscle gain and fat loss + 1 CHA: increases attractiveness and confidence Subquest 4: Go to bed between 10:45pm and 11:15pm, without internet. Only devotions and time with wife permitted. -> 2 CON + 1 STA: boosts my immunity and energy levels Subquest 5: Start each day with Scripture study, meditation and prayer, and end it with at least prayer. -> 2 WIS: helps me make wiser decisions + 1 CHA: makes me peaceful and better with people So, let us DO!
  4. Seraphina Rises

    Hi, I'm Seraphina. Backstory below... I'm new to NF and I just finished my first challenge. I was so pumped to start the next one, and I just found out it doesn't start tomorrow like I thought. What is this BREAK business? I'm not taking a break from smashing my goals, so I'm here for accountability, commiseration, and camaraderie.