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Found 5 results

  1. The last challenge—well, the last couple of months, really—have been ones of new challenges. Too many challenges. Challenge 1: Lockdown restrictions. Needed, necessary and I support them 100%. But being restricted to one outing a day and all of the myriad complications around having a toddler when everything is canceled and you have to keep them distanced as well... it’s not easy, you guys. Challenge 2: Enting. There’s all that Lockdown stuff, and then there’s the issue where the toddler has also gone through some kind of developmental change which has caused severe separation anxiety. I’m spending a minimum of 1-3 hours a day trying to settle him down to sleep now (I used to spend less than 5 minutes total, as he’d easily go to sleep on his own). That’s a huge chunk of my day gone. And I’m having to bed-share night time as well, and he wakes up half a dozen times a night to make sure I’m still there with him. I have to tell you, I’m exhausted. Challenge 3: Falling apart. See above—I’m tired, I don’t get out for as much exercise as I want or need, and I never get a break, day or night. My evening downtime is all but gone because it takes an hour+ to get Enting to go to sleep and then I need to catch up on chores, and then by the time I can get myself settled, it’s time to get ready for bed. But, this is the new normal around here. And I’m trying to accept that, rather than continue to think of this as an inconvenient blip that will hopefully go away in a couple of days. Pull Together There is good news on the horizon—Mr has a new job! He starts on May 18th, likely from home for the short term. The job is in the Midlands, so we’re looking at relocating when the situation allows. And we’ve decided to go for the Dream. We’re planning to make our forever home in the Wye Valley*. Why the Wye? (You may also recall me pic-spamming about this place last September/October when we were there on holiday.) Mr’s new job will change things around here, as he won’t be as available during the day even though he’s at home. After this week, there will probably be some gradual relaxations on Lockdown. Depending on how relaxed, we may soon be able to go the homes we’ve “registered an interest” with the estate agents about. We need to get our house on the market. We need be prepared to move—because it could happen in 2 months or next year. We just don’t know between the fluctuations on the housing market and what Lockdown will allow, but we want to be ready. This challenge will be rife with transition and also with “hurry up and wait!”. But for any of this to work, I need to pull together. With lack of sleep and toddler issues and Lockdown ennui, everything has fallen apart. I’m not getting the daily chores done—let alone the extra things that need doing! And more is coming! So, the challenge begins with: Get on top of daily chores Get on top of extra house maintenance (things that don’t need daily attention, but haven’t gotten attention in... um, months weeks) Future relocations activities, which may include: Preparations to sell the house (both in terms of paperwork but state of the house) Preparations to view properties (putting together travel on short term, making sure we know what questions we want to ask about a given property, exploring the area around properties) Putting together a new routine when Mr is working Caring for my balcony garden (good for the soul) Trying not to let the lack of sleep interfere with my relationships (IE, try to think before being cranky) Getting outside daily—even if it’s just sitting in our dark little garden. The trouble here is that sometimes Enting won’t go with me, or won’t want to be out for more than a few minutes, and Mr is not always available to watch him so I can go on a solo walk. Also, we’ve done every possible walk in the acceptable local area over and over again and I hate to say it, but we’re bored. Control stress/boredom eating. I’m doing okay on this one now, but I need to stay vigilant. I’ll probably think of other things. Maybe even a theme! So, it’s not as much of a fitness challenge as a “level up your life” challenge, because I need to sort out a lot of other things before I can get to serious fitness obligations. But these things... this moving to the place we’ve dreamed of, navigating Lockdown, these are the things of heroes and adventurers, too. As for details, I’ll put more of those out every few days—this is a time of flux and priorities may shift too quickly for me to have them out far in advance. But for now... time to make a to-do list! (*Please note, plans can change. But this is our top choice.)
  2. Main Quest To live a healthy and balanced life by exercising and trying to eat healthy. My Motivation For my 37th challenge here, I’m going back to the Ranger’s Guild to balance endurance with strength training. I started here back in 2014, after having dropped weight and started a fitness routine on my own. However, with Nerd Fitness, I honed my focus and added muscle. But it’s been awhile since I did a challenge here and I find the motivation the forum provides is a great one. I’ve maintained my 1200 calories per day, M-F with blow meals on the weekends and I’ve been going on daily walks with my husband M-F. My weekly meals will remain the same, but I want to hold myself accountable for walking more and to add in weightlifting again. Smaller Quests 1. Walking I want to walk each day during this challenge, including on the weekends. Ideally, I would be walking 2 miles per day, but with going into my office sporadically, and with the spring weather (read: rain), I’m not sure how realistic this is. So I’m going to shoot for every day to see how it goes. Scoring: x/34 days Reward: +5 to STA (+1 for every week completed) 2. Weightlifting - Trim & Tone workout from I enjoy weightlifting, but lack a proper gym at home. Still, I do have barbells and I should be using them. I want to focus on my arms, and my biceps even more specifically. I want to use another Darebee program, but only a few times a week. Before, I’ve gone with a specific program, but that website has a lot of single day programs too. I’m going to try a single workout, twice a week. The Trim & Tone workout focuses on arms and I should be able to perform the exercises at home. Scoring: x/10 days Reward: +5 to STR (+1 for every week completed) 3.Language - Spanish I want to practice my Spanish again on DuoLingo, so I want to aim for once a day, M-F. Scoring: x/25 days Reward: +5 to WIS (+1 for every week completed)
  3. Hi, fellow Druids, I am fearless, a long time German member (f.52)who has missed a lot at NF during the last years. I used to be a Scout (running and hiking) and have been heavily into CrossFit for some years. After knee surgery I have been sedentary for 2 years. Result: a slipped disc in my lower back, muscular dysbalance and a lot of pain since the beginning of lockdown in march. I choose the Druids for this challenge because I want to do a mix of yoga, physical therapy exercises and meditation as well. Today at my PT I presented her my "routine" which is about 30 minutes long. Its mostly core stuff to heal faster. 2018 and 2019 I did Keto successfully and cooked all meals for myself. Then I needed a break and had all the bread and fruit Now its time to get back to my way of eating. It helps me to lose weight ( still need to crush about 30 pounds.) and also helps me a lot with mental health issues ( I am clearer and more alert on keto ). my life goal is to be able to write again. I have published a book in 2018 about my way out of mental health hell into the mostly happy person I am now. Its part autobiographic, part self help. After a lot of feedback I was asked to write another book describing the technics that helped me get out of the hellhole. Like what do you do when you are in bed, have not showered in days, find yourself depressed and motionless... how do you get back into a well lived life. I have started research ( science and my diaries) but have my doubts if its a good project.. nevertheless I want to get back into creating regularly. clarification: I am a writer and Cello teacher, so I always work from home and I have a lot of free time because I retired early and only work for 20 hours/week. Only responsibility is my dog ( who plays in my garden mostly since I've been injured.) FEARLESS IS BEATING THE PAIN DRAGON ...THE QUEST... Everyday: 5 Minutes of breathing/meditation as part of my morning routine a short walk with my puppy as warm up 30 Minutes of PT/Stretching/Yoga Food Prep so I have 2-3 keto meals every day. ( I can have greek or Turkish food from takeout 2 times during the challenge. ( only meat and veggies) sit at desk for 30 Minutes a day and see if you can get your groove back. I don't have to write but am not allowed any other activity during this half hour... Thanks for reading, guys! Ive read all of your first posts and look forward to getting sh*t done during this challenge! ❤️
  4. I've got 7 more weeks to go, theoretically, it could be more or it could be less, and there are still some things I need to do to prepare for Wolvie's arrival, so a great part of the challenge will be focused on that. Goal 1. Prepare Wolvie's arrival. - Wash crib reducers ✅ - Wash clothes ✅ ✅ - Wash nappies ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ - Assemble and attach crib to bed ✅ - Buy the few items still missing ✅ ✅ - Prepare hospital bag ✅ - Prepare questions for my next medical appointment ✅ - Finish writing my labor plan for the hospital (still need to collect some more information on a couple of topics) ✅ - Mental preparation ✅ ✅ ✅ Goal 2. Be active every day if possible. - Walking every day - Spinning babies stretches every day - Yoga 4-5 days a week - Try to do at least some short bodyweight workout once a week ✅ Goal 3. Stop it with the news. I need to pay attention to the end of confinement updates, but I don't need to look at my news feed so many times a day. Every time I feel the itch to open the site, I have first to do some other thing for at least 15 minutes: reading, drawing, practicing icelandic, or playing a game.
  5. Last challenge was yet another in the long line of fails I have had as of late. Hell, as of the last year even. That all changes here! At least I certainly hope so haha I have done cold turkey style in the past. and it seemed to work for me. A few times I have tried baby step it. Sometimes that works too. Really though, I feel fed up. I'm ready to get this going, so I'm mostly just going cold turkey. Goal#1 - Full on Keto, Tracking, and Fasting I've prepped a bit over the last week to make sure I get things setup to go full keto starting tomorrow. I'm not worried about calories so much, but I want to make sure to track carbs. I'm also going back into intermittent fasting. Week 0 I think 16/8 works nice. I'd actually like to try a longer fast first week. Like 72 hours or more. 9 points (3 each) per day 63 points per week. Goal#2 - Reading and sleeping I haven't read in awhile, and many bedtimes have ranged in the 3-4:30 am range. Add on I go to bed, then sit there not sleeping forever. So let's get this started up again. I need to get this sleep schedule going. Plus I'll sleep better as I lose wait again haha. The one night I will be up a bit later is Saturday night. I just need to get to bed asap there. 11 PM, off the computer to get reading. Get myself headed to be by 12. Eventually, I will move the times up, but this is good for now. Saturday's, I'll ready for 15-30 minutes, then hit the sack. Still should be close to 12. 4 points total per day. 28 per week. Goal#3 - Move that body This whole quarantine I have done diddly squat for any kind of exercise. Actually, I did do one small walk around my apartment complex last challenge. Man, I can tell just how out of shape I have become. bringing in groceries has been my workout ever couple of weeks or so haha. My plan is to walk every day. I'm not jumping into 10k steps right away. I want to start off with at least one walk in the morning around the complex. I'm also in need of doing some workouts. 3 times a week. No gym. I have some dumbbells here at home I can use. There are also so many body weight workouts that can be done. Eventually, I will get the weight down enough that I can get to use my rings and pullup bars for things too 5 points per day for walking. 35 points per week. 10 points per day of workouts. 3 workouts each week 30 points total. 65 points per week Goal#4 - Chores and more I'm stuck at home, why not actually get some chores done. There is plenty of things I can do. Spend at least 15 minutes doing chores. Check the dishes each day. Clean out the cat box each day. Start going though my boxes of cards and computers things. Get rid of all the things I don't need. Maybe I can get my stuff all cleaned through, then I can put together my lego sets that have been sitting here on the sidelines. 5 points per day. 35 points per week. Side Goal - Take 10 minutes to myself everyday I thought of getting some meditation in or some kind of mental health time in on this challenge. The apartment is packed full of actiity now with us all in stay atr hoem oprders. The youngest has zoom meetings with his classmates to do some distance learning, wife is also working at home and in meetings and such. I think part of why I have been staying up so late at night, is because it is that me time. Granted all day really is me time, but everyone is just around. Walking will help me a bit with this, but I think I just need to give myself 10 minutes each day. Lock myself in a bathroom or whatever. Sit, reflect, maybe practice a little meditation to help center myself. No points, just somethign I thought to toss in here last minute I'm going to need to make sure I start checking back in here as well. Maybe I need to restart posting in my Blog. Maybe even do it video style on Youtube. Overall, check in here and check out all the stuff with Nerdfitness prime. Things to help keep me in check. I really want this to be the restart I need to get me back on the path to reaching my future goals. I need to be getting that pull up done. I want to run again. Eventually, getting to 10k or 15k distance. I want to get close to that onederland weight level. I think that 185 - 200 lbs is the range I would probably be good at. BMI I think want me at a max of 165. I can't even imagine how I would look if I went for that weight. Points Week 1 (05/10 - 05/16) - 0/191 Week 2 (05/17 - 05/23) - 0/191 Week 3 (05/24 - 05/30) - 0/191 Week 4 (05/31 - 06/06) - 0/191 Week 5 (06/07 - 06/13) - 0/191 Total Challenge Points - 0/955 Measurements: (Week 0 / End of Challenge) Chest - 56.49 in / Waist - 61.73 i n/ Bicep (L) - 17.12 in / Bicep (R) - 16.33 in / Thigh (L) - 29.96 in / Thigh (R) - 29.37 in / Weight - 368.7 lbs /