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Found 1 result

  1. Wonder Woman Says ... Enough! Time to get my Hype back The Ranger Chaplain and several of the Ranger leadership decided to hunt down the Hype stealing thief. I've decided to join on this mission as the villains Lethargy and Holiday-Mode wants to take over my world. That cannot be allowed! There are only 7 weeks left till the Muddy Princess, and this princess has to be strong enough to face the music... mud-style. That will be the epic showdown between Wonder Woman, Lethargy and Holiday-Mode. I'm taking it a bit easier over 25-26 Dec. but then it's full steam ahead then it's week 0 build up, and THEN full steam ahead. MORNING ROUTINE: Get up at 5am - make coffee. Not going to tick off (To exercise I automatically have to be up at 5am) One of three short sets of exercises, every weekday morning (at least 1 of each every week - min.15x / max.25x) Bible study/Prayers every morning. Just to keep myself accountable. PRIZE: T-shirt to do Muddy Princess in. Can't have black, because markers won't show. It will have to be a light-ish colour. ADMIN: KEEP TRACK OF- Measurements: Eish, the numbers have climbed during the last couple of months. Just for admin/info though- Weight: 87kg Arm L: 32.5cm Arm R: 32.5cm Middle: 87cm Hips: 115cm Thigh L: 65.5cm Thigh R: 65.5cm Finances: 4 months/5 weeks !GET IT DONE! Sept Oct Nov Dec PRIZE: Fabric markers to draw on the t-shirts for the boys and I. Ok, I've already ordered these, BUT I can adapt that I'm not allowed to draw my own t-shirt if I haven't completed finances. HEALTH: Water/Tea: 0.5p for each 500ml water, or mug of tea. Min. 35p Max.50p Sleep: In bed by 22h00. Lights out by 22h15 IF lights out by 22h00, then ...??? PRIZE: ??? OTHER TRAINING: Self Defense with the boys (Mondays): try for 4x (doing with both boys) Cardio/Walk (Tuesday and Thursday afternoons): min.4x max.8x (doing with Adam) Strength (Saturday afternoon): just to keep my deadlifts going. Try for 4x PRIZE: ??? HYPE! - mini challenge: This will be one of 5 feats. It really depends on whether the specific feat happens during school holidays or not. Before the boys and I start with school again (extra murals start with a lot of driving around to get them places during the afternoon), I will have more time, and can fit more things in. I'm not really sure how to do this, actually. Is it only one session of that feat extra for the week? Am I supposed to try and get 4x 15min. sessions of the feat in during the week, on top of my other training? Am I just supposed to try and do extra on something/feat that I'm already doing? Hopefully final update! Once a week, do: Strength: Deadlifts see how much I can lift (31kg with bar weight included is my current top) Speed: Running from the monkeys are always an option, otherwise I'll see how many jumps I can do in 5min. with the jumping rope. Distance: Walking. See how far I can walk in 30min. +- 2.5 to 3km to beat. Combat: Play Star Wars on Kinect. That is a serious cardio workout! Rangerly/Outdoors: Walk in the Nature reserve if possible. This won't be fast or for distance, as I'll be walking with my boys. We stop often to discuss whatever we see, so the objective will be to just get out of the house and into nature with this one.