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Found 3 results

  1. RhiaWolfe

    RhiaWolfe Fights in Westeros

    Welcome to Westeros! Winter is coming and it's time to prepare! (I know it's summer, but it is coming nonetheless...) I've been obsessed with Game of Thrones recently. When I was in Australia, I marathoned Game of Thrones so I'm almost all caught up. I'm on Season 7 now. So, I decided it was a good time to do a Westeros themed challenge! I've gained back a lot of weight. I think at my lowest I was at 254lbs, now I"m back up to 275. I'm wearing XXL shirts instead of XL again. I've been really depressed about this recently and haven't found the energy to try to get back on track. After I got back from Australia I had trouble with the time change and then struggled to get back to a regular routine. I didn't go to the grocery store for a while and I was eating out with friends and family all the time. Time to turn this around, damnit! I'm no longer on vacation in Australia and no longer have to eat out all the time. I'm going to be focusing heavily on nutrition and also moving more. I'm done with this yo-yo dieting. Time to get back to working on being healthier and doing things that I love. So let's get this show started! Monthly Goals: Goal 1: I Drink (water) and I Know Things - I will drink water and tea. No Soda. My goal is to get back to drinking 64 oz of water by the end of this challenge. Pretty simple. Goal 2: There's no fast food in Westeros - I will go out to eat no more than 5 times each week. This may seem like a lot, but considering I was eating out almost 3 times a day, this is definitely an improvement. Doesn't matter what I eat as long as I'm not going out to a restaurant. I'm trying to break this habit. Goal 3: No cars in Westros - My goal is to get 7,000 steps 5 days a week. I need to move more and this is a good start! Let's get this party started!
  2. ohlemontine

    Ohlemontine decides this is not fine

    So this is a respawn, I've been extremely inactive both in forums here, and physically, since around winter. This is due to my depression and anxiety taking over. I didn't want to leave my bed most days. I signed up for things, but couldn't muster up the energy to do them. I also work 3rd shift, so this doesn't help, since I didn't see the sun for almost the entire winter. It was a scary time to be honest. Now that the sun is out and I have energy, I decided now is the time for action. I am starting very small to build the essential habits I'll need to get through another winter. This challenge I'll be working on getting healthier through eating better, and moving a bit more, and getting in better touch with my faith. In order to accomplish these, my goals this challenge are: Goal 1: Attend Holy Yoga 2x's a week (or more) Goal 2: No fast food or eating out Goal 3: Drink 1L of water daily (this may seem less than the ideal amount, but we start with baby steps) Goal 4: Read at least 5 pages of a spiritual book daily. I'll post updates daily-ish, but won't beat myself up if I miss a day of updating. Later today I may go to the library and create a spreadsheet for easier tracking.
  3. Hammlin

    Hammi fights back

    I finally got a new laptop. It's been 2 years. So, hello, forums. You look different! Jumping back in with a super basic 4 week challenge. 1. Orangetheory workouts- 5 to 6 a week, with one designated a green day. Track on activity app on watch 2. Keto (20-30 g carbs) 6 days a week at least Track on MFP 3. Water - 100 oz a day Track on MFP 4. Six Sigma - Complete Data Analytics for Six Sigma on Coursera by end of challenge