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Found 5 results

  1. THE PRESSURE IS ON! Respawn, because I have been a slack lately. More nerdy references (and some kind of story line and D&D references) to come in the next few days. There is a Pole Sport competition I will be going to in about seven months, where I will need to be able to move, climb, flip and be awesome like a ninja. In order to not be a disappointment at this competition, I need to do multiple things. Increasing flexibility is the main priority, and getting my ass back into some kind of workout routine is a close second. 1 - Increasing flexibility MUST ABSOLUTELY HAPPEN AND IS NOT NEGOTIABLE (daily except Sundays) 2 - Following the Gymnastics Bodies program on a regular basis (5x/week) 3 - Going for 20-30 min walks at lunch now that the weather is less shitty (5x/week, unless there's a staff event at lunch or something) 4 - Doing the pole workout given to me by Coach (daily: full workout if at pole gym, partial workout if at home) 5 - Drinking more water daily--at least 72oz/day (72oz, because I have a 24oz cup and 3x24 is 72 and I didn't feel like doing any more math than that) 6 - Tracking food intake and rough calorie total (daily, also requested by Coach) 7 - 10 min meditation & journal on a daily basis (I already do this, but want to keep going) 8 - Eat less cheese (this will probably be the hardest item of the challenge) Implied goals: 9 - I will lose some pounds (fat) as a result of all of the above 10 - I will drink less alcohol because I'll be too fucking busy to do so 11 - I will check in to this thread on a regular basis to brag/whine as necessary ;P BONUS task: Working on my cosplay(s). PRE-CHALLENGE LIST, to remove the emotional/mental load: 1 - Cancel the expensive gym membership that I no longer use It's a good place and I've been there for years, but the schedule is no longer working for me. 2 - Booking appointments that I keep procrastinating on booking 3 - Contacting people that I keep procrastinating on contacting (0 of 2) 4 - CLEAN MY FUCKING ROOM so I have space to work out, work on cosplay, etc. 5 - Change my user name on NF, because using my RL name on the Internet is probably not a good idea May will be particularly difficult, because I will have the usual work hours (8AM to 4PM) and then coaching hours from like 6PM to 10PM from Monday to Thursday. This will result in VERY LITTLE FREE TIME and probably a lot of complaining. I want to have all my ducks in a row as well as some momentum before May so that I'll be less likely to fall off the wagon.
  2. Lightning Recycles All the Things!

    In honor of Earth Day I'm going to: After a little reflection I realized that I've been too cute with some of my challenge goals. So, I looked over past challenges and made a list of things that worked/felt right and pushed aside the things that stressed me out or made me judge myself. None of these things are truly hard, I just need to be consistent and make a lifestyle shift. So here are my recycled goals... 5 servings of fruit and vegetables Fiber Probiotics Water/Tea 24oz Body Weight 3x a week (with cardio mixed in) Weekly Meal Planning Food Prep 2x/week Pack healthy snacks Mindful eating (going to try taking pics of meals for accountability/reminder) I will use my bullet journal to track my challenge. I actually have a chart that I made for a past challenge, but never used, so I'm going to recycle it and use it for this challenge.
  3. dancezwithkittehz REMEMBERS TO DRINK WATER

    I'm still pondering my exact goals but I am looking at something like this: Drinks water - DRINK MORE WATER. Aim for finishing two 16 oz water cups at work and 16 more oz in the evening (so 16 oz x 3 minimum per day!) I could probably also bump up my usual 8oz glass with my pills in the morning to be a 16 oz if I want to be extra! Does cardio - I have not done SHIT for cardio lately except dance and when my trainer decides to make me do HIIT every now and then. Which consequently HIIT feels terrible because my body is like WTF ARE YOU DOING, DUDE?! Cardio 3x per week. This can be as basic as going for a lunch walk to doing an HIIT video. (I'll count dance in this area unless we are doing something super mellow and slow and flowy that doesn't get my heart rate up!) THIRD GOAL OF MYSTERY - Tracks calories? Grip strength? Pull up stuff? HMMMMM. TBD! I am leaning towards doing grip again because it still sucks and my intuitive eating plan seems to be going well; I'm losing fat while not being totally dead for workouts. If I feel that "YOU NEED TO EAT MORE" hanger and grumpiness I make myself eat more and I generally eat more on training days/ days after training days and less when I haven't had time to get in workouts. Life Goal: Declutter - need to decide on specifics but I am thinking I need to require minimum of 30 min declutter per week. But I am almost thinking if I make myself do smaller chunks vs one big chunk all together that will help it become more of a habit. Hmm. Basically I've been BUSY so what declutter progress I had made is now all gone and my room looks terrifying. (admittedly I did intentionally sort of spread around my clothing piles to make my room look ransacked when we were getting the house fumigated so if anyone broke in they'd come in and be like NAAAAH. Hahahahahaha.)
  4. AThousandWords can save the world

    Water... Earth... Fire... Air. Long ago, AThousandWords lived in good health and fitness. Then everything changed when a new baby arrived. Only good eating habits and occasional exercise could have saved her waistline. But when her world needed these habits the most, they vanished. A an entire year passed and she discovered new motivation: an awesome Avatar themed challenge. But although her gif skills are great, she still has a lot to learn before she's ready to call herself healthy again. But I believe... AThousandWords can save the world. Hi, I'm Yvonne, and it's been a year and nine months since my last NerdFitness challenge. I'm an inconsistent Rebel; I've started about fifteen challenges and fully completed about 8 of them. But NerdFitness is my happy, get-shit-done home. I always come back when I need a kick in the pants, so here I am. I lost over thirty pounds the last time I was participating on NF but stopped joining challenges when I got pregnant. I switched to Battle Log format, hoping to keep up during my pregnancy, but vanished like the Avatar after only a few weeks. Last week I celebrated that baby's first birthday and realized I couldn't keep eating and slothing like I'm pregnant/breastfeeding anymore. With a baby who (mostly) sleeps through the night and doesn't need me to be a milk-machine anymore, I have no excuse not to start cutting back my diet and getting my butt off the chair. There have been some HUGE changes in the last year - adjusting to life as a mom, starting a new job where I work from home, and moving to a new house! - and I let myself get complacent and kept gaining weight even after giving birth. It's time to turn that around, be a healthy role model for my family, and start feeling like myself again. AThousandWords Book 1: Water I've been wanting to do an Avatar themed challenge for ages (I have so many gifs to use!) but it feels especially appropriate now that I am returning after having been gone for so long. My plan is to focus on a different element for each challenge, starting with Water - the element of change. I want to remind myself that I am mutable and fluid; I can change my story at any time; I can adjust easily to new shapes and new challenges; and I am powerful and capable as well. I also plan to be flexible this challenge - there are no absolutes or firm lines here. If a certain kind of exercise or food isn't working - change it up! I don't thrive eating the same food or doing the same exercise every week, so I don't plan to. Diet (CON 3) My diet is in serious need of change. If you followed my pregnancy battlelog (or have ever been around a pregnant woman - ha!) you'll know that first trimester nausea hit hard and all I was able to stomach were simple carbs. For most of my pregnancy I ate bread and sugar (I'm fairly certain my son was born 90% PB&J) and my brain got addicted to all that delicious carby badness; I kept eating junk waaay after pregnancy was over. I'm going back to a Primal eating plan - protein, fat, and plant-based carbs only. I'm embracing flexibility and following the Primal Blueprint Carbohydrate Curve recommendation to stay between 50g – 100g of carbs a day. This worked out great for me during my last challenge, and I'm optimistic I'll succeed again. I’m using the Banting Green/Orange/Red lists as a guideline; each food has a cost in points: Green List: 0 pts (free!) Orange List A: 1 pt per serving Orange List B: 2 pts per serving Red List: 5 pts per serving Goal: 3 points per day, +5 flexible points per week A: < 104 points | B: < 116 points | C: < 128 points | D: < 140 points | F: > 135 points Movement (2 STR, 2 DEX) A waterbender has to practice to increase their skills! And I am badly in need of some movement. I'm focusing my exercise on two main areas: steady and flexible. Anything goes as long as I keep moving. Examples of exercise are listed below each movement type. I’ll be recording time spent, with total time counted at the end of the challenge. Slow, Steady Movement (STA) Walking Hiking Cycling Goal: 3 hours a week A: > 12 hours | B: > 10 hours | C: > 8 hours | D: > 6 hours | F: < 6 hours Flexible Movement (DEX) Yoga Dance/Pole Stretching Goal: 2 hours a week A: > 8 hours | B: > 7 hours | C: > 6 hours | D: > 5 hours | F: < 5 hours Water (2 CON) This is a no brainer in a water based challenge, right? I'm not drinking enough water currently, I need to be. Plain ol' H2O, sparkling water, fruity (no sugar added water), or caffeine free tea all count (Uncle Iroh would be proud). Goal: 8 cups every day A: >= 100% | B: >= 85% | C: >= 70% | D: >= 50% | F: < 57% Money Management (1 WIS) After doing taxes I realized I'm doing a terrible job of tracking and investing our savings. I have a number of tasks I need to do to get control of our income and debts, these can be done all at once or spread across the challenge as needed: Update our Net Worth spreadsheet with current values Determine how much we can afford to save each month Determine how much we can afford to give charitably each month Decide where to invest our savings and set up auto-deposits into savings accounts as needed Decide where to give money and set up auto-deposits for those charities as needed Evaluate my 401k plan at work Goal: 6 tasks A: 6 tasks | B: 5 tasks | C: 4 tasks | D: 3 tasks | F: < 3 tasks Tracking Spreadsheet
  5. Becoming a member of the League, The Justice League! The Age of Heroes Wonder Woman has made it through the first test (Muddy Princess OCR), and is now facing the next (Waterra - Heroes in Training). She has joined the Justice League to fight against an Earth destroying evil (Darkseid) that might just break her spirit and mind. His parademons are non too bright, but they are already here on Earth in their thousands, every single day, to attack. Mike seems nice and docile, but he has a nefarious plan - stop Wonder Woman from attaining spiritual and physical health. Stop her from doing bible study in the mornings (5am get up time), stop her from sleeping enough at night (21h30-21h45) and don't let her near water (1x bottle - 750ml/day)! Rag Doll wants W.W. to flounce around with no strength because ... it's Wonder Woman ... child of God ... strength to beat them all (when properly trained)! She will do everything in her power so Wonder Woman doesn't get to morning or afternoon training. If there is one thing Wonder Woman needs to do, it is keep up and improve on her current strength level after her rib muscle injury. Darkseid is not an easy opponent. She has to do morning exercises (strength) on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, with Self Defense lessons for the children of the Justice League, on a Tuesday afternoon, as well as walk on a Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. Wonder Woman normally uses her Lasso of truth, indestructible bracelets, projectile tiara, sword, and shield in a fight, but Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Batman, would prefer her to become proficient with a fire arm as well. Therefore she is to wear her f.a. of choice (CZ75B) at least three times a week on her when going out (EDC / concealed carry), and do dry fire training. And all this while being her usual stylish self (makeup / style-ish dress - dress right and nicely for the situation - 3x per week). Lastly, but not the least, she has to sort out her finances, as the Paradise Islands are in ruins, and they can't spare a dime for Princess Diana to live on while saving the world. Themyscira has to be rebuilt from the ground up, ready to face Darkseid when he comes in 11 weeks. If anyone can do it, the Amazons can. Together with her team (NF friends) she will face the parademons who are already on Earth. To win the prize, Wonder Woman a.k.a. Diana of Themyscira, must reach at least 80% for each goal in 4 weeks. Pass for each goal is +-75% Spiritual and Physical Health: (80% of 28 days = 22 days) (Pass = 20 days) Bible study (First 15 and sermons/daily reading) - get up at 5am to do it. Sleep - go to bed before 21h30, latest 21h45. Water - drink at least 1x bottle (750ml) per day, and unofficially cut back on coffee again. PRIZE: A new Clive Cussler book. Exercise: (80% of 24 training sessions = 19 training sessions) (Pass = 16 training sessions) Morning exercises - after bible study on Mo. We. Fri. Afternoon exercises - Tu. We. Th. PRIZE: 2x new weight plates. Fire arms and Style: (Almost) Every day carry of f.a. - 3x/wk Dry fire training - 3x/wk Dress stylish for the situation - make up when appropriate, neat exercise clothes when outside in public view, neatly dressed when out in public in general, at least 3x/wk (i.o.w. don't dress frumpy!) PRIZE: For each 3x dressed and/or makeup put on, I can buy 1x accessory. (Pass = 9x) PRIZE: For 8x dry fire training and/or edc I can choose something at the gun shop. (Pass = 16x) Finances/Stats: Eish! The usual finances - January and February to be done. Keep my measurement stats up to date, but not for prize. Just because... PRIZE: An Easter Egg filled with either caramel or cremé! (Pass = Jan./Feb. done)