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  1. Know that feeling where you are standing at the start of your journey? Your goal seems hefty, maybe a little bit overwhelming... Yet you are still cautiously optimistic and maybe even excited to start. That's what January feels like to me. This will be my 50lb year. I am going to lose 50lbs by Dec 31, 2021. Can I do it? Yes. Will I do it? I'm definitely going to give it my all. Afterall if I don't even try then it for sure won't happen 🤭 Challenge Quest: Lose 5lbs - 1700 calories daily - 2L water daily - 2 extra movements in addition to 3 horseback rides
  2. Friday Weigh Day: Current weight: 260.4 Goal Weight: 170 Pounds lost in total: 19.6
  3. Okay, so, in keeping with the spirit of simplicity, I've got one primary goal for this challenge. I'm going to walk 50 miles in August. This means that I probably have to do 5k, 4 days a week. That would put me at about 51 for the month. I might mix it up a little: throw some bike miles on there (once I have my repair kit) at the same 3 biking: 1 walking ratio that I used previously. There will probably be some dog hikes in there too. I went back and did the calcs: last month I put around 42 miles on the clock, which is good. That should make 50 a bit of a s
  4. Hi, my name is Ayman, I am 17 years old, I live in Bangladesh and I am in high school at the moment and I am very new to nerd fitness. I am here to focus on some of my short term and long term goals and make some friends and find some partners to hold me accountable because inconsistency is an issue I always dealt with in the fitness department of my life, and I'd love to make some new friends too. Cheers to everyone on their journeys and I'll list some of my goals and I will be updating this post hopefully on a daily basis. Long-term goals: 1. lose weight, become lean (partic
  5. Hi Nerds. Let's begin with a couple relevant background details. I started NF in 2013 in the middle of a PhD dissertation to combat the effects of the sedentary grad student lyfe. I got stronger, at least prevented my weight from blowing up mostly. Unfortunately, I never finished that PhD. I never seemed to get anything done. Fast forward to last challenge, I finally realized and accepted that I may actually have ADHD. It explains A LOT, including the abandoned PhD, my many failed, half-assed NF challenges, my messy apartment, etc. After leaving grad school I worked in
  6. I have a younger brother who is tall and strong, but overweight and rather sedentary. He is 19 years old, 6’3", and over 240 lbs. He was always a chubby kid with a tendency to overload with junk food, but I guess my parents never decided to take his bad habits seriously enough, despite my father’s efforts to encourage him to lose weight (which, to this day, consist mostly of him yelling at my brother about how tight his clothes have gotten and why the hell he won’t do anything about it). A doctor’s visit from several years ago revealed that he was pre-diabetic, and I’m assuming he still is. He
  7. I am wholly and completely terrified of this journey. Not because I could fail, but because I could succeed and then more will be expected of me. Part of me wants to stay exactly where I am. Declare I'm too old and crippled to make these kinds of changes and sit on the couch eating potato chips. Then there's the part that's whispering 'we can do this, it isn't that hard'. I'm fairly convinced that little voice is either outright lying or sugarcoating the truth. I guess I'll find out which. First quest: Diet information. If diet is 80% of success, I need to get on that asap. Traveled to the
  8. Hi everyone, My Age is almost 22yrs, Height 5'10 - 5'11. i was a bit fatty and never avoided sugar or junk food, the first day when i started to diet my weight was 83.75KG (19 January 2020). Today (20 February 2020) my weight it 79.10 KG, im dieting and avoiding junk foods. Whatever im doing my parents want me to stop it but i am feeling better than ever before by doing diet and going to gym. But one thing is making me feel so uncomfortable (CHEST FAT) My left side have more fat than the right one, right one is not much noticeable but the left one is clearly visible whenever im wearing a
  9. Happy New Year! I am Mr. L and this is my first challenge. A bit about myself: I have a collection of board games that I do not play enough (current favs right now are Arkham Horror: LCG and Terraforming Mars), I teach high school math, and I am presently potty training a very feisty 2 year old. I am starting this challenge, because I have 3 big things to face this year and I need to be healthier to tackle them. "What are those three things you say?" Good question. I turn 40 in September I signed up for a Goruck Light Challenge in October Child #2
  10. Hi Nerd Fitness family! I’m CelebrateCeleste, sometimes called Poison, and I lost my path hard in the past couple years. So I’m beginning low key, and hoping to ramp up. My main goal is pretty ethereal right now, so I’m going to set a weight loss goal and develop quantifiable benchmarks for the way I want to feel. Main Goal: get back down to 140 pounds, the weight I was when I left Camp Nerd Fitness in 2015. Small goals: 1) maintain NF nutrition Level 2. This means tracking and reducing liquid calories. 2) exercise habit: doing some activity
  11. i use to weight more than 400 pounds. in 2014 i sank into a deep depression. my depression came from personal problems mixed with prostate problems. after that 2 year period things started to get better than people started complimenting my weight loss. i never believed them because i always been fat. when i checked my weight i remember i was 280. when im depressed i dont eat. thats just me. for that reason i lost so much weight. everyone is different. some people eat alot when they depressed and others dont. i remember it was hard to adjust food because my stomach would get full fast. so basic
  12. So I've been on hiatus for most of a year for a variety of reasons (good and bad). But it's time for a respawn, so I'm reaching out again to the support networks I have (the forums here, Connect on the WeightWatchers app, etc) to try and maintain accountability and get regular feedback on things. Yet to do: re-write my Life at Level 50 mission statement/goals (Work changed, and with it, the driving need to drown my frustrations in food and shopping). The previous battle log is here, if anyone wants to visit the unpleasant swamp of the past: https://rebellion.nerdfit
  13. I’m actually starting a week early, in the hopes of getting a decent jump on weight loss for this challenge and to make it 4 weeks. Main Quest To live a healthy and balanced life by exercising and trying to eat healthy. My motivation I've successfully dropped weight by counting calories, but I’ve been slacking with this a lot. I need to get back into the habit of eating better and getting more exercise. I know the holiday season, basically from Thanksgiving through New Year’s, is really hard food-wise to be good, but I need to do better. And I’ve got a perfo
  14. After a bit over a year in Korea, I'm back in Colorado. The move was, as usual, discombobulated. I have things in storage scattered across the country, and need to find a permanent residence in a stupidly hot housing market. Darn you Denverites, invading Colorado Springs! Well, I can't control some of that, what I can control is: Tai Chi - I got the bare bones down of the 42 form before I left Korea. Time to start doing that again. Lets aim for 5x days a week for the 9 and 24 form, and 3x days a week for the full 42. I went to Korea trying to lose 3
  15. I've met some of you monks around the guilds, but a brief intro... I am Brogo, I typically hang out in the warriors or adventurers. I just got done with an 80 day stint of ketogenesis in which I lost 10 lbs., but my motivation to workout has gone flat. So to give myself a reason to run, lift, and stay limber, I'm going to return to martial arts (or at least give it another shot). In college I studied Shaolin Eagle Claw Kung Fu. I did that for three years and it was the best shape of my life (granted I was in my early 20's). I went from about 260 lbs. down to 210 in the first year.
  16. Hi guys! I am starting my boy scout summer camp in a few days, which is awesome. What isn't awesome is the menu. When we go, we are catered by the camp for all our meals. When buying food for 500+ scouts, the camp tries cutting costs, and the quality of our meals goes down. I am trying to eat a diet free from refined sugars and flour. This diet has worked wonders for my energy and has allowed me to lose 40+ pounds since December. I would hate to derail myself by the sheer amount of sugar in most of our meals. I was wondering if anyone could suggest healthy snacks that would last a week at camp
  17. Hello! It's been awhile. Oh... you don't remember me... oh... well... that's not surprising to be honest. I have a tendency to start one of these, post like once or twice, then drop off the face of the Earth for 3 or 4 challenges, then pop back up randomly to do it all again... BUT NO MORE! I have had enough. Lately I've been making more small changes in my life to be more present, active and get out of my comfort zone. I've been attending meetups with *gasp* ABSOLUTELY NO ONE I know *dies of shock* So, to further push myself I will do another challenge! But also back it
  18. Hi! I figured I'd post my story here, and there might be a chance somebody will see it and become inspired. I stumbled upon NF while looking up recipes for kale chips. I was 16 when I found your website, and probably in the worst shape of my life. I would occasionally eat healthy for a week or so, and maybe do a few pushups a month. The first article NF article that I read was the Beginners guide to Pull-ups. I was intrigued, did a little more research, and discovered the NF blog. I was really impressed by the Beginner Bodyweight Routine and started doing it every other day. I also started mak
  19. After experiencing some success with my 1st challenge I have decided to get join up with the Rangers Guild and start a new one. Here are my goals for this coming challenge. Get Healthy: In order to get healthy, I need to lose some weight (about 140 lbs), and the best way (for me) to lose weight has been monitoring my calories. In this challenge, I will stay under my target calorie goal for the day - every day. Get Strong: I have been following the Stronglifts 5x5 program and I need to keep at it with greater consistency. I will do my Stronglifts workout 3 times each
  20. As some people know here, I am a Bowler. This challenge, I have signed up for all the bowling. haha. First we start off with the USBC Open Nationals Tournament in Las Vegas, Nv. I fly out on Wednesday the 29th, and return home on the 1st of June. Thursday I bowl team event (3 games) then Friday will be double and singles. (6 games total). The day after I get back, I signed up to bowl a Match Club "fun" day event. On June 15th, I bowl in the California State Tournament. Team/Doubles/Singles all in one day (9 games). Then I have two different Match club bowling events on the 22nd and 23rd of Jun
  21. Recap of the last couple challenges The goals... Lose 50 lbs (total) by October, 31st, that's 5 lbs a month January - Done! February - Done! March - Done! April - in progress The Plan.... 1. Three interval runs, and one strength training a week. Look for someplace to make one of these runs outside. 2. Continue making the 24 hour plan, eat on plan when hungry, stop when full. 3. Three times a week (at least) take time for me, this can be journaling, crocheting, or time to read. Yes, baseball season is in full swing, I'm try
  22. Guys! Good to see you. It’s been a while. After being active, on and off, in the community from 2012 through late 2017, I dropped off the face of the map. I left mainly because of an ankle sprain that laid me out on and off until September 2018. The injury forced me to set aside my dreams of recovering my old parkour skills for a few months... and then a few more. Since then... it’s been tough to come back, and I’ve suffered physically as a result. I’m no longer as lean as I used to be. What’s more, although I’ve tried to re-implement my old exercise and diet routine, I
  23. Hi everyone. I'm a complete newb to NF, I've literally posted my first challenge 2 days ago, but I can't resist a forum! I'm 160cm/5'3" female and 84kg. I've got 2 children, my youngest is 21 months. I've not really done any exercise since before I had kids, even then it was just occasional swimming, and I've slowly ballooned to the fat and flabby person I am today. I want to change that. I adore the way strong women look. I'm not aiming to be a size 0 with no waist or boobs or arse. I want to have shape, strength and definition. If I
  24. a lot of hard work on my part T_T I tried to go all gung-ho on my last challenge to only sizzle out right away and have to keep changing my goals lol So clearly it is time to get the basics down again. What I did do well in my last challenge is start to get my sleeping habits back on track. I will continue working on these. Ultimate goal.... lose 85lbs This challenge goal.... lose 2lbs lose 5lbs SubQuest 1: Track my food stuffs on MFP (@Plaidponcho) - 3 days / week [1 point] - 5 days / week [2 point] - 7 days / week [3 point
  25. Hi. I want and need to lose weight (while at least maintaining, if not improving, fitness). I was kicking ass the first few months of 2018 and then started traveling and everything fell apart for the rest of the year (although at least I largely maintained rather than gaining significantly). January 2019 was also a bit messy. I don't have any travel planned for February or March, though, so I'm ready to dig back in. I've got a lot of goals, small and large, but right now and right here, I'd like to focus on four daily S's that seem somewhat small and simple but will combine into a healthier li
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