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Found 12 results

  1. Back for another challenge! This challenge, I am going to add in some actual fitness into my goals, so I know the Pain Train will be coming for me. Those DOMS will be killer. Still, I know I need to get more going in my fitness if I ever want to get to my fitness goals. I also have weight loss goals, but that is really going to be a side effect of how I do with all my other goals. I want to get to the 100 lbs gone mark before my birthday (November 2nd). This means first goal is to drop 17 more pounds. 2nd goal is to reach the 250 mark before the end of the year. It might be tough with holidays coming in a few months, but I believe I can do it. 253 lbs is the lightest recorded weight I have. I was 225 pretty much all of my middle school years like 30 years ago haha. With all that, let's lay out the goals for this challenge. Goal#1 - Keto, Tracking, and even more IF So really the backbone of all this has been me eating Keto since the beginning of the year. Yes Keto isn't specific for weight loss, but it has helped me. I don't feel as restricted as I thought I would. Plus, even with some hunger cravings I do get, they are not nearly as bad as I use to be. So being in Keto does really help suppress my hunger. Once again, stay under 20 net carbs. Track everyday in MyFitnessPal. Do intermittent fasting with my eating window of 11 am to 6 pm. Now to kick it up a notch. I have been wanting to try it out, but just never have. The 24 hour plus fast. So during this challenge, I choose Tuesday as my non eating day. Water only day. This will actually be more like a 39 hour fast if I stop at 6 pm on Monday, then eat at 11 am on Wednesday. It sounds crazy to me, but why not give it a shot. Keto+tracking+normal IF = 1 point per day. 7 points per week. Fasting day complete = 5 points. (if this is too rough, I can cut it out later, or scale it back ) 12 points total per week Goal#2 - Read, Rest, Recover, Repeat The sleep challenge is back. Basic rules still apply. Computer off at 11 pm. Then reading started by 11:15 pm. Off to bed at midnight. Though a few minutes is acceptable if I am finishing a chapter or something. I'll need to make sure my sleeping is on point, because I will need the rest with Goal#3 1 point for reading on time, 1 point for sleep on time (no later then 12:30). 2 points per day, 14 points per week. Goal#3 - Bring the Pain Here it is. Another attempt to get exercise added into my life. I signed up for the NerdFitness Academy recently when it was on sale. Now time to use it. I will start off with body weight workouts, and eventually go on from there. I also am going to add in walking each day. I would get hung up on numbers in the past(and I am sure I will again), but my goal is just to get out there for a few minutes. Not just walking the dog around, but going myself to walk. I looked up a near by Pokestop in Pokemon Go. There are a few at the Fremont Library. So each day, my goal is to walk to the pokestop and back. Each morning I can probably bust this out fairly quick. There will be some adjustment though for when my son is back in school. I'll deal with that when the time comes. I will also have some weekends that I go drive for a hour + to bowl. Those days I will need to just figure it out. Monday, Wednesday, Friday = Workout days. Everyday is walking day. At least 15 minutes. 10 points for each workout. 30 total for the week. 3 points each day for walking. 21 per week. 51 points total per week. Goal#4 - Don't forget the list! Yeah, that is correct. I need to finish moving in! I'll see how much more I add to the list as time goes on haha. Unpack computer area boxes Hang new shelves Hang pictures Apply window tint Build my LEGO! (Doctor Who, and Voltron!) Register for classes Get back to checking blood sugar levels Longer term list items: Get through my sports cards (massive downsize) Board/Bag/Go though all my comics Try to sell off my old bowling balls/equipment Start sending off pictures/slide/videos to get digitized (very expensive, but a little at a time will help) No points for this goal, I just need to get it done. Measurements: Day 1 / End of Challenge Neck - 18.11 in / Chest - 49.37 in / Waist - 53.30 in / Bicep(L) - 15.11 in / Bicep(R) - 14.84 in / Forearm(L) - 12.59 in / Forearm(R) - 12.59 in / Thigh(L) - 26.10 in / Thigh(R) - 15. 98 in / Weight - 281.1 lbs / Points Week 1 (08/13 - 08/19) - 0/77 Week 2 (08/20 - 08/26) - 0/77 Week 3 (08/27 - 09/02) - 0/77 Week 4 (09/03 - 09/09) - 0/77 Challenge total: 0/308
  2. TIPSYwithWATER (Odynne)

    Odynne's Journey: Resurrecting a Berserker

    FRIGEDÆG, AUGUST 03, 2018 | JUST STARTING OUT ODYNNE'S INFO: Former: MMA fighter, lifter, owner of a healthy confidence and a sick 2-pack Current: tired, out-of-shape, overweight, bored, and frustrated normie... but in the process of getting back on track Near future: getting healthier, getting more confident Far(ther) future: getting healthier and more confident than I've ever been PERCENTAGE TO BERSERK MODE: 0.5%
  3. Phoenix Burning

    The One Where Phoenix Burning Joins Team USA

    September 15-16, I will be driving up to Connect-i-cut for "First Look", which is a training session to demonstrate skill, coachability, attitude, etc. for eligibility to train with Team USA and compete in the 2019 Unified Taekwondo World Championships. If I am accepted after First Look, I am automatically qualified to compete as an individual and to train with the team all year. Final decisions on who will be on the roster for team events will be in July 2019. So, First Look is the first step. Goal#1: Still don't be stupid I am off rest for my planar fasciitis as of Friday, Aug 10, but I need to EASE back into full activity so I don't have a setback in recovery. Also, need to keep up the stretching to prevent recurrence. Goal#2: Reach a good fighting weight This will NOT be accomplished by the end of this challenge, but I should make good progress. I am following a IIFYM type diet plan, so 1g of protein per lb (more or less), and reduced carbs, but not really low-carb. Really focusing on getting that protein this challenge. Goal#3: Just do the work 5 sessions per week on the Fusion CST + at least 5 minutes a day x 6 days practicing kicks. Both of these are grind sessions for me. I'd rather be practicing pattern, but I need to improve my cardio, strength, and high section kicks, so here we go.
  4. jonfirestar

    JonFirestar: Knightfall

    Knightfall Everyone can be broken. Everyone will meet their match and break like a wave on a cliff but it's not the fall that is important. The story isn't that a human can be broken that even the indomitable can falter. The important thing is what happens after. The choice to stay lying on the ground. Beaten and broken. Or to stand and and fight on. Okay, okay so a Batman themed challenge isn't the most original thing I could have come up with and it's not the first time I've done it either! I'm in a little bit of a creative slump, so I decided to go with an easy one to warm myself back up to the idea! The fall is both physical and mental. Anyone who followed the end of my last challenge will know that I recently picked up a running injury which has really kicked my legs out from under me, so to speak. However my bigger concern right now has to do with my eating habits. Over the last few months they have been getting worse and a lot more erratic. I've had serious weight problems for more of my life than I haven't and I can recognise when my eating behaviour has gone from troubling to down right destructive. Battling Bane! Right now food is a huge destructive force in my life. I struggle to emphasise how much of a problem it is for me. So here goes. Spoilered because talk about eating disorders and whatnot gets a little deep and goes a little long. TLDR: It is imperative that I control my binge eating. I usually don't advocate an all-or-nothing approach but I do find that this is what works for me. I need to track all my food. Plan in advance what I am eating and stick to the plan. My exact calorie counts aren't worked out yet but I'm going to stick with 2900-3000 for this week and adjust depending on my activity levels. The moment I go off plan things spiral out of control quickly. I want to add something on top of this and I'm essentially asking for a volunteer. If and when I feel the impulse to binge eat. Talk to someone about it before I pull the trigger. I've been feeling a little bit of a hypocrite recently when I've urged people to talk about their problems while I've refused to do this little thing. People have offered this before but I always feel horrible about adding my burdens to theirs. So I'm asking explicitly if there is anyone who honestly wouldn't mind if I sent a half hysterical message about wanting to eat an entire loaf of bread because thats the only thing thats edible within grabbing distance. In an ideal world I would never need to send that message but I've been getting myself into that state a lot recently. Onto much less difficult subjects: Recovery: I'm injured. I don't have a plan other than not running right now but I am seeing the physio on Thursday afternoon and I should have a better handle on what I should be doing from there. If all goes well I have a half marathon race on September 2nd but I am prepared to skip it if needed. Getting in Bat Shape! Meanwhile to focus on what I can do! In week 0: Monday: Cycle workout Tuesday: Lifting, Benchpress Wednesday: Cycle Workout Thursday: Rest Friday: Lifting, OHP Saturday: Sunday: TBD but I have a race entry for a looped event. Still hoping to be allowed to do 5 or 10k The general shape after week zero will be to have 4 lifting sessions and 3 cardio sessions per week but that is subject to change and I'm waiting for the physio appointment to work out the details. My focus this time round will be more on strength with the cardio sessions being much lighter than normal. However Squats and deadlifts are still very much TBD. Greasing the Groove: Finally I want to improve my pull-ups so I'm adding a little GTG type of work into this. 5 Pull-ups per day over the course of the day. May increase or decrease after each week.
  5. GodzillaKong

    GK lifts weight to shift weight

    Overall - get (and stay) below 120kg. Thats 264.5lbs for those of you who prefer that particular unit. I'm currently 123.1kg (271lb), having been 124.6(274) 2 weeks ago. Got to keep shifting all this extra weight. Obviously this isn't the end goal weight - I want to and need to weigh much less. But as a goal weight for the challenge it's a good start. I'll be weighing myself every Friday morning, before breakfast. To help achieve this goal my sub-goals are... Physical 1- go to the gym at least 3 times a week. I'm putting ego aside (for now) and not chasing PBs. My friend has shifted a ton of weight lifting at 4x15. I've tried it for a few weeks and I'm going to carry on. 2- do cardio on at least 1 day. I feel dirty just writing that but it needs to be done. Starting at around 20 minutes on the exercise bike, but building that up to half an hour by the end of the challenge. Mental 1- no chocolate bars, fizzy pop or takeaways. I've modified this slightly from the previous challenge as I've found a nice chocolate desert for 'only' 93 calories which I'll be having as a once a week treat if step 3 allows. This is mostly about resisting the temptation to have a Snickers & pepsi at work instead of a banana and water. 2- alcohol only at weekends. I'm usually not a big weekday drinker, however the unusually hot weather and the football world cup have made it too easy to reach for a cold one after work. So that needs to be cut out. 3- continue to track calorie intake. I think this one doesn't need an explanation. Spiritual 1- Finish watching DS9. Doesnt have anything to do with the overall goal but what's life without a little Star Trek? I am 6 seasons into this. And I've watched Every. Single. One. Even the really bad Ferengi ones. It's getting good now.
  6. Siferiax

    Sif keeps going

    I had a rather succesful challenge, so let's keep the pace going. Just a heads up, I probably won't be very active. This means I probably won't be visting other people's threads. I will have a hard time to keep updating my own I think. Background info Statistics Long term goals Goals for this challenge I fast for at least 14h a day At least 2 days a week I fast for 16h At least 5 days a week I follow a meal plan (breakfast & lunch) Bread with cheese + handful of nuts (or healthy replacement) Bread with cheese + strawberry cottage cheese (or healthy replacement) At least 5 days a week I sleep 7.5 hours -> turning in at alarms At least 2 days a week I cycle Tuesdays: training rides Weekends: tours At least 1 day a week I walk Bonus goals Replace 1 slice of bread with vegetables/protein Go from 3 meals to 2 meals Track kcal intake and adjust as needed At least 1h a week I play AC Unity Progress 13 augustus - 9 september 2018 Goal # per week 0 1 2 3 4 Total % 14h fast 7 2 2 6% 16h fast 2 1 1 10% Meal Plan 5 1 1 4% Sleep 7.5h 5 3 3 12% Cycling 2 1 1 10% Walking 1 0 0 0% AC Unity 1 0 0 0%
  7. Hello to everyone! I'm Ingagr, just turned 38 and been overweighted for 15 years. Back then I used to play rugby, strenght train and low speed medium distance running for cardio three times a week. I got married, a degree in forestry engineering, a house, a couple of dogs and a small pack of cats. I quit all my sporty activities, settle down as sedentary and started gaining weight. One good new: four years ago I managed to quit smoking. Now I feel I can move forward and begin training and building healthy habits. So I sign up at a gym (functional, bodyweight train, strength train and cardio mostly) by june (winter here deep south america in Argentina) and two weeks ago I started to take care of my nutrition. I am not going in any restrictive diet. Opposite to that I eat whatever I want, "just" measuring myself in the quantities I eat. Of course "whatever I want" does not mean junky food, sugars, sodas, etc. I am trying to take baby steps, one by one, building healthy habits, focusing in changes rather than objectives. For example: my objectives are not weight losing but not to skip my workouts and take care of my meals. Weight loss will be a consequense of my objective but not an objective itself. My height is 1.88 m (sorry to Americans, I use metric system ). I started with a weight of 135,5 kg and today I am 130,8 kg. Weekend was fine, went hiking everyday with my dogs to the park a few blocks near my house, care about meals. Saturday night I ate home made pizza (a tradition here) and a half liter can of beer. As I said, I do not any restrictive diet! Today I made my bed early in the morning after waking up, went to work and after I'm going to gym to workout. I will try to keep this log updated daily. Thank you all for the support. For the rebellion!
  8. Bearlee

    Bearlee is ...

    I recently had my 44th birthday and I recently realized that my mindset since the beginning of the year has changed for the better. I’m wasn’t sure what it was until I listened to The Tim Ferriss Show Podcast featuring Terry Crews. He explained what I had been thinking since the beginning of the year, you say what you are and your mind finds ways to make it true. Since the beginning of the year I’ve been saying “I am a yogi” and I’ve made more progress in four weeks than I did the entire of last year because of that one simple statement. I’ve been thinking about how to improve moves and to hold them longer, how to get more sessions in, and do them for longer. I even have a plan laid out for the year where my yoga sessions are broken out into 4 thirteen week sessions. So I’m using that simple phrase “I am” and then finding ways to make it true. At the same time I think it will also help me set my priorities. I’m thinking more about what I want to do and I am surprised by things I’m not saying also. Never once have I thought “I would like to watch more TV” or “I would like to eat out more”. So with this simple premise I’m starting to lay out my plan for the year with gradual increments. So without further ado: Bearlee is ... a Yogi! On January 2nd I started DDPYoga and have so far finished 4 weeks. When I made the decision in mid-January that this year I’m a yogi, my mind has been more focused on the task. I’ve added more yoga sessions, I’ve performed the moves better, and I’ve been doing longer sessions. The program is broken up into 13 week sessions which is perfect becuase the 4th 13 week session will end on December 30th. As of now I’m working through Beginner 2.0. On April 1st I’ll move onto Intermediate 1.0. Then on July 1st to Intermediate 2.0. And Finally on September 30th/October 1st onto Advanced 1.0. As I advance in the program I’ll be able to expand my workout base that I can chose from to add extra sessions. For example, currently I’ve recently added Fat Burner 2.0 which means that now I can also use Fat Burner 1.0 along with the easier sessions of Engergy 1.0 and 2.0. Next with be Below the Belt 2.0 which with unlock Below the Belt 1.0 also along with the four previously stated workouts. I can also add “live” workout sessions that are on the same level that I’m currently on meaning the beginner “live” workouts. “Live” means workouts that were live but are now recorded to be played back later. Bearlee is ... a Cook! I also have a goal of cooking more this year. Then people that seem to have the most success with weight management seem to be people that cook. Plus I want to make more meals for my kids that are healthier. So what does a cook do? They get a recipe, gather the ingredients, and cook. Seems simple but I haven’t been doing it. My goal was to cook something new every week and have 52 new recipes by the end of the year, but so far I’ve only cooked one new meal. So I’m modifying this goal to a new recipe every other week with 26 new recipes by the end of the year. I’ve found two books that I really like. The first is called the Ultimate Soup Book and the second is called Kitchen Counter Cooking School. I like the idea of learning to make soups because they are usually nutritious and hopefully easy to make. So the first part of my learning to cook willl be soups. But the other book breaks down cooking into really easy and understandable cooking skills. For. Example to make an alfredo sauce take two cups of heavy cream and reduce to sauce consistency and add herbs you like then add pasta and that’s it. Things I want to learn cook: Omelets (I cook fantastic scrambled eggs but not omelets) Scallops Steak cooked well How to cook hamburger correctly. I also have an issue where when I start something that I want to go and buy all the gadgets for that hobby. For example I would like to buy a food processor, an instant pot, immersion blender, grill, new cook wear, expensive knives, and so on. I’m going to hold off on that stuff until I use what I have properly. That is also why I want to start with soups since I have a pot. Bearlee is ... an Amateur Astronomer! Since the Great American Eclipse (that I missed due to weather) I’ve been obsessed with space. I caught the final days of Cassini before it plunged into Saturn and have read some of the fantastic things it’s done. I’ve been learning tons about our solar system and just how neat it is. I’m surprised by the number of space missions going on that I never knew about before: New Horizons, Osiris Rex, and Juno. I’ve been learning about what looks like the new space age happening right now with private companies getting into the space business, specifically SpaceX. The number of exoplanets that are being discovered is astonishing. Just so much to learn and be fascinated by. Since the eclipse I’ve visited my local astronomy club and viewed Saturn and the Moon through their telescopes. I visited my local planetarium and watched their “What’s in the sky this season” show. I joined the Planetary Society that was founded by Carl Sagan and is now headed by Bill Nye. And I’ve done some observations in the sky like on New Year’s Day super Moon and plan to watch January 31st’s Super Harvest Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse. This is also another hobby where I want to go out and buy the best telescope and laptop to view and photograph the night sky. But first there are other things that I will do. View a meteor shower Learn the constellations and be able to identify them in the night sky Learn the classification system for identifying objects Read at least one astronomy paper a week to learn more in depth about a topic Continue listening to astronomy Podcasts For now these will be my focus. I have other things I want to add to this list but I don’t want to overwhelm myself. If I can nail these down I’ll be off to a great start in 2018. And if I only get these down but do them really well I think it would still be a good 2018.
  9. Brogo

    Brogo Goes Streaking

    Alternative title: "Brogo eats his jeans genes" I recently did 23andMe and got back results that suggest I need to change my diet and exercise plan. From a recent challenge post: This is a long list of behaviors to alter and track. I can only think of one way to do it simply. I'm going to keep track of the streak for each item, and just count the days or weeks (as appropriate) that I've done the thing or done as planned. So here's the list and the plan: My Behavior Goal Effect on weight Count Frequency Notes 1. Eat whole foods 15.1% daily No fast food, processed junk foods, restaurant food okay (generally) 2. No Red Meat 14.2% daily none 3. Exercise 2 times a week min. 13.6% weekly intense workouts, must break sweat 4. Lights out by 9 11.3% daily I try to get up around 4:30-5am 5. Eat Veggies 3x a day 11.1% daily every meal b/l/d 6. Eat leafy greens 4-5x a week 10.0% daily salad every workday 7. Eat Fish 2x a week 8.7% weekly 8. Eat fruit 1-3x a day 7.5% not counted can replace with veggies 9. Eat probiotic foods 3x a week 4.9% weekly fermented foods and non-alcoholic beverages, no yogurt because of lactose intolerance 10. Manage stress 3.7% not counted TBD 11. Avoid Saturated Fat 6.0% daily Remain on pescatarian diet. Limit butter to 1 tbs per day 12. Avoid gluten N/A daily Do not eat foods made primarily of glutinous grains, choose gluten free options when possible 13. No alcohol unknown daily No alcohol until I weight 199 lbs. or see abz I'm going to track these on my dry erase calendar on my fridge. I'll try to update here once a week with the latest counts.
  10. Your mommy says, ‘never cheat’but when it comes to cheat meals, a little betrayal resets your body’s metabolism and keeps it high. Believe it or not but cheat meal improves muscle synthesis by directing your body to imbibe energy from nothing else but this very food. Some more? Insulin levels decrease during the cheat day and digestion of fatty foods and saturated fats enhance. On that note, dump your guilt and do cheat once a week.
  11. TokiDokiKitty

    YariNaosu, One Day At A Time

    So I've been on hiatus for most of a year for a variety of reasons (good and bad). But it's time for a respawn, so I'm reaching out again to the support networks I have (the forums here, Connect on the WeightWatchers app, etc) to try and maintain accountability and get regular feedback on things. Yet to do: re-write my Life at Level 50 mission statement/goals (Work changed, and with it, the driving need to drown my frustrations in food and shopping). The previous battle log is here, if anyone wants to visit the unpleasant swamp of the past: Going forward: - If not a daily log, at least a weekly one - Revisit and refine my goals regularly (and set them up in smaller, manageable pieces) - Improve my productivity habits / reduce my procrastination habits -- this goes for both work and home. - Address, treat/mitigate my physical pains (through diet, exercise, etc). - Financial success (large savings account) and freedom (no more credit card debt/recurring balance carryovers) - I want to go to Japan and spend a lot of time on experiences and shopping for tea and kimono equipment that I can't get in the States. Need money to do that. :/
  12. Tateman

    Tateman Moves in and gets settled

    Hey all, I am back. I didn't come back to report last challenge, but I did in fact survive June. Though, the last few weeks were pretty rough. I think I may have even kicked myself out of Keto. Not from eating bad things, but eating too many carbs/calories. I didn't track a lot, I didn't weigh myself much, and I lived a lot on things like quest bars. I didn't have many food options, but I tried doing my best at least. I didn't give in to the just eat whatever my brain was trying to get me to do. (I'm looking at you King Eggroll!) At least now, a few of the big stress points are done. My wife is starting a job today. Temp to hire, but hopefully it will be a quick conversion. Also, I hope she actually likes the job. Now that our big move is over, I have been trying to get back to myself a bit this last week. Not 100% there yet, but this challenge will help that out. Goal#1 - Keto + IF + Tracking Time to get back to 100% compliance here. I gained some weight back, so I need to make sure my numbers are on point here. Since my IF has been all over the place, I want to build it back up. This first week my eating window is 10:30 am to 6 pm. Then I will move it to 11 am next week, and try noon the following week. I would like to go 12 -6 pm for my eating window. Otherwise, 11 - 6 would be fine. Tracking needs to happen each day, and I want to make sure I am under 20 net carbs each day as well. 1 point per day, 7 points each week. Goal#2 - Sleep and Reading Yeah, this sleep goal remains. The last few weeks, I have been a bit all over the place. So back to my normal standard. Computer off at 11 pm. (I give myself like 5-10 minutes to get reading). Then I am off to bed at midnight. Usually 10-15 minutes here in case I am finishing a chapter, or I get to the bathroom before bed. 2 points for reading on time, 2 points for getting to sleep on time. 4 points per day. 28 points per week. Goal#3 - Now Time to Actually Move In We have our bog move done, and we accomplished so much. Now though, we have to actually move into the place. There are boxes everywhere, and lots of things need to still be setup here. So I have started a list to work my way through. Some things will take more then one challenge to get done. Setup my wireless router (xfinity one sucks, I need to get mine added in) Setup a desk and PC for my youngest. (desk needs to be assembled) Get youngest son's room finished Get my oldest son's room done (hang shelves, get consoles all setup, wall mount some things, seal his window AC) Get my computer area setup (unpacking boxes, and setting up a few things) Go through my baseball cards (most are worthless these days, so time to get through them) Go through comics and board/bag them all (I got some comics from my friend when he died plus what I already had) Sell bowling balls and bags that I don't really use Send off pictures/video tapes to a digitizing service (Like a little bit each month, because it will be expensive!) Hang items in the new place (pictures, Hockey sticks, shelves) That is a good enough list for now. Things like the comics, card, and pictures will take a long time. The others needs to get done much quicker. I need to have at least 5 of these started to pass this challenge. There are 4 weekends, so at least 4 harder ones should be possible 5 points per week if I am making progress. If by some miracle I finished it all this week, then I would get 5 bonus points each week haha. 20 points total for the challenge. Goal#4 - Don't forget to post With these last few crazy weeks, I have been to NF to post much. I also haven't posted to my blog since June 18th. So I need to get back to doing this each day. Plus, getting in here is important to keep up with everyone. 2 points per day (1 blog, 1 NF post). 14 points per week. Goal#5 - Prepare for the future! I am going with another list goal haha. I have a few items of lower priority, yet I want to try getting them done anyway. They are only related by the fact that it is things in my near future. so here we go. Figure out a workout routine Register at the Fremont and San Jose libraries Register for classes at the community college I almost went with an exercise goal this challenge, but I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. So next challenge, it is in. Now I need to figure out what I want to do. The apartment complex has a small gym. Not much equipment, but there is some. So figure out what I have to work with, and go from there. I want to get running again soon as well, but we will see how that goes. For the longest time, I wanted to get registered at the libraries around me. The San Jose one is particularly good since it can give you access to lots of online videos such as Then I can do some self learning there. Also, maybe they would have some books for my reading pleasure Register for school I had last time, and made no room to do it. I would have applied online today, but the website seemed messed up. Fall classes start in late August. I want to see what all I need to get done as a new student. No points! So there we have my challenge. I did not take measurements today. I was thinking I might at the end, then compare it to the measurements I took at the start of last challenge. I did check weight, and was 300.9 lbs. I really want to put that 300 number way behind me! Points: Week 1 (07/09 - 07/15) - 48/54 - 88% Week 2 (07/16 - 07/22) - 54/54 - 100% Week 3 (07/23 - 07/29) - 42/54 - 77% Week 4 (07/30 - 08/05) - 51/54 - 94% Challenge total - 195/216 points 90%