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Found 2 results

  1. Running with/from dinosaurs Adam and I have been playing Jurassic World Evolution, so we have dinosaurs on the brain... and it fits in with the previous themes I had before taking a break Hi! I'm back from a three or four week break. I lost count *shrug*. It was good! It was needed! I'm hoping to get my motivation up a notch or two, grab this new year by the scruff and run with it. For those who don't know me, I chat a lot about how my challenge goes, but also about what happens in my life. I'll write the life stuff in my Dear Diary again, so those who want to can skip past, and just focus on The Challenge. The Challenge: 🦖MOVING: Weekdays: Clean some part of the house according to schedule. Tuesdays: Sit-relief-sequence (short exercise routine to relief muscles from too much sitting). [10x each leg] Tuesdays: (Only after extra-murals start again +- 14 Jan.) Walk, preferably with Zuzu. Wednesdays: Pushup with star leg jump. [10x] Wednesdays: (Only after extra-murals start again +-14 Jan.) Walk. Thursdays: Squat row with stretch band. [8x 20sec on, 10sec off] Fridays: Off, except for cleaning. Saturdays: Sit-relief-sequence. [10x each leg] With regards to walking: It is now definitely NOT SAFE to walk in the neighbourhood (any neighbourhood, especially with dogs or children along). I'll start walking when the boys' extra-murals start again (+-14 Jan.) because then I'm in busy spaces. I'll try to walk on a Tuesday while Rocco has fencing lessons. I could then possibly take Zuzu (our sausage dog X) with, as I'll be walking a set triangle path, next to busy school grounds, sports fields, and offices. No other dogs, and highly visible area all the time. Wednesdays will be on the farm road again, and things should still be the same around there - the farmer and his sons patrol the road sections frequently. 🦖WEIGHT LOSS: I lost 4kg during November. Reached 96.3kg. Weighed myself now to start, and I'm 96.6kg. So yah! didn't really pick up anything over this last month. Eat right, eat what I really feel like, but don't overdo it. We're still going for gluten free as much as possible; we've cut out cream in our coffee, but still have milk. We never had sugar in coffee or rooibos anyway, so keeping it that way. I've put Brandt (dear hubby) and the boys on rations with regards to snacks (biltong, dry wors, etc.) as things got a bit out of hand, and that is now also stable. I'm hardly ever eating snacks in between, so not a problem for me. Challenge wise: Weigh, measure, and report every Monday. 🦖OTHER: Sleep: Got a bit out of my sleep routine. Go to bed between 21h00 and 21h30. Finances: Although I'm fully up to date with ALL THE FINANCES (yes, even the dreaded monthlies!) I want to try and keep it up to date. Do dailies/budget update on... a daily basis, and others every Friday afternoon. This includes slips updated to our spreadsheets for the accountant (for tax purposes 3x/year). This really is a struggle for me. Although I love managing stuff and finances in games I hate doing it in real life. I am actually looking forward to this challenge. I'll do what I can when I can, but not going to force myself. I mostly need to focus on staying positive and just getting up and doing something!
  2. Hello everyone! I am buttercupmakeup and I am not a novice when it comes to weight loss. I've actually lost 61 lbs so far, but unfortunately have been stuck for a while. I would like to take you on a journey into my back story so that all pieces of evidence can be considered! So my weight loss has been over two years of actual active weight loss. I achieved this through heavy lifting and basically keto. Well one day the platue monster decided to rear it's ugly head and has been siting guard over my coveted goal weight since that time. I am now in year three and making some changes. It took me a while not be afraid of carbs, and to have a healthy relationship with them. I would eat junk carbs when i did eat them, because carbs are bad so if I am going to be weak might as well be bad to, right? WRONG! I realized that this thought process was rather dysfunctional, and over the past month started focusing on getting my carbs from a healthy source, such as fruit, veggies, and whole grain sources. I have also started eating less meat. So a few other quick details is I started doing roller derby! this is what made me start eating carbs, because a few times I have been close to passing out from too few carbs. I also lift 3 days a week and have started doing HIIT (8 minutes not alot) 3 days a week. I know my plateau is due to A) drinking alcohol too often and not logging it (I have since cut back) B) thinking "hmmmm the mini kitkat isnt that bad I don't need to log it, C) not counting my oils, and D) Not actually weighing and measuring my portion sizes. All things have been rectified, and now I am starting to lose some weight, so here is my question... ARE YOU READY? I am maintaining around 1500-1600 calories a day, my mind is still stuck on 1200 calories as the golden number, BUT i don't think I can keep up the intensity of derby and HIIT at that low of an amount (oh and I am training for a 5k so I can get my cardio endurance up). I am 5'1" 191 lbs and my job can be any where from sitting all day to brutally active depending on the day. Do you think 1600 is too much on my extremely active days? (extremely active days includes the following: 10 minutes of cardio with sprints, 12 minutes HIIT training, 3-5 laps jogging around the track, and then 1.5 hours on my skates practicing). Please feel free to ask me anything about my current nutrition and offer me your opinion!