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Found 1 result

  1. Dr Deffy’s Holistic Hotness This is the challenge in which I move out of the trap I have found myself in, that being the “fur coat and no knickers” approach to fitness. It’s no good looking peng on the outside if I’m not wearing knickers on the inside. Or something. So I spent most of last challenge not doing anything I said I was going to do but that’s not all that unusual. I often do this because I tend to overcomplicate this stuff with silly rules and extra bits I never actually do. Those bits are always unnecessary, so long as I am showing up to the gym, giving 110% and eating fairly well I hit my goals easy peasy. Only I haven’t been doing either of those things either. There are two aspects to this thing. The outward appearance and the inward stuff that goes on and I am not very good at balancing them both. So in this challenge I am going to work on it all. I have been reading The 4 Pillar Plan and I think it’s all common sense, perhaps with a little bit of bullshit thrown in there but Dr Chattergee is so delightful I am willing to overlook that. My favourite part of this book is where he was clearly asked by his photographer to go forth into nature and just smoulder for a while, and he is a little embarrassed by it all which honestly is the very least he could do. I digress, but I am not going to be following the 4 Pillar Plan although I have used it as inspiration for my Holistic Hotness programme. My goals are the same as ever. I want to look peng. To do this, I have to eat well and exercise. And I mean like really eat well, not say I am going to eat well and then go to McDonalds twice in one week. Something I did steal borrow from the 4 Pillar Plan is to further define my usual Don’t Eat Like A Dickhead rules to mean anything that has 5 or more ingredients on the label is now verboten. This makes it a little less wishy washy. So I can eat anything I already have but I can’t buy anything else that breaks this rule. This does not cover things I eat out of the house with other people so I cannot eschew my healthy lunch again for Awesome Chips and call it kosher because it ain’t. This will take care of the internal aspect of food in that the food I eat will be of better quality, and although I am definitely not tracking, I also have to be mindful of calories to take care of the external aspect – the weight loss bit. I also want to give more effort in the gym. Cardio gets me skinny and I love it. But proper training will make me strong and ensure I have the knickers to go under that fur coat. I want to work on strength training more. I am not going to set any specific rules in any of my goals for this challenge because I just ignore them immediately anyway, but I want to comment on what I have done to reach my goals that day. Food porn will probably happen. I very much doubt I will be in a position to Post my Boast any time soon but you never know. I want to make sure I am treating my body properly and giving it the attention it needs. Skincare will be important, I will be exfoliating and bringing back the moisturising of the body parts I can stand moisturising. It’s pointless looking hot if nobody wants to touch me. So that’s the looking peng part but it’s not as vapid as it seems in that I want to be a better person, cause less damage to this big lump of rock I inhabit and I want to learn stuff as well. More knickers! It’s no good looking hot if you don’t stand for anything, or have nothing interesting to say, or you’re a horrible person. My gran always told me that a person could be beautiful outside but if they were a horrible person inside, the ugliness of the person inside would burn through that pretty veneer. Admittedly she had some weird ideas but I am willing to go with her on this one. I will pay myself more attention, check in on how I am feeling, ruminate on aspects of my life and there will be lots of self love happening in this challenge too. I want to be kind to myself, treat myself, drink lots of herbal tea in the wintry sunshine on the patio and have lots of baths. New challenge, let’s goooooooooooooooo!