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Found 1 result

  1. New Rules: Deffy #51 I wasn’t going to do a challenge this time and then I realised that when I feel like this I get the urge to hide away from everyone and only talk to TH and that really won’t help anything. I am currently riding a high from having a newly albeit temporarily working shoulder. I had the injection a week ago and I am still pain free and able to do fancy things like lift my arm above my head and also fasten my own bra and it’s all very exciting. I am getting major urges to go ALL IN with the training but I need to exercise control and listen to my body. I also need to pay attention to nutrition because I want to get STRONK again. All the inspiration for these goals come from my workout playlist. 1. New Rules – Coz if he’s in your mouth, you ain’t getting over him. I think we can all empathise with Dua Lipa and where she comes from with this song. We have all had that one person we can’t get out of our heads, an unhealthy obsession that we just can’t break. I am no different. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s my main fuckboi Gregg. As with every fuckboi, in order to get him out of my head, I need to stop putting him in my mouth. So for this whole challenge, Gregg is not allowed in my mouth. I am also not allowed to hit up his wingman Ronald. 2. All Day ‘Pon the ‘Gram Me a Mention You (Video NSFW) I am raising my calories to 2000 cals, but I want eat better. Stuff that will actually provide me nutrition and help make me stronk. And I want to be more accountable in the foods I eat so although I don’t have to post everything I eat on the ‘Gram, I have to be ok with doing so. So I have to take pictures of all meals per day and at any point, anyone can ask me to post any meal I have eaten in the last 24 hours. This is a good way of staying accountable without boring everyone with the contents of my snackbox. I have to eat lots of freggies and less sweet stuff, but I can have dessert as long as I have the calories for it. (actual score comes from being within 2000 calories) Mi A Ova Dweet I have a goal to do at least thirty minutes of exercise three times a week and I have been doing this but… I have been doing the bare minimum which wasn’t quite the intention when I set this goal. So I am going to overdo it (ova dweet!) and do an hour every training session. I am also going to branch out into other workouts but this isn’t part of the goal because it’s all shoulder dependent. Shake Her Bunda Just Like I Taught Her, Splash her Bunda With Holy Water Three years I have been working on this butt and it is with regret I have to report it is still very much SUB PAR. Recently, I haven’t done much in the way of butt training but I want to do at least 20 reps per day of a booty training move, it doesn't really matter which one. This will take less than a couple of minutes a day and this is totally do-able and a very small price to pay if it makes me totally do-able. I also want to moisturise my booty so it looks like a peach you want to take a bite out of. This won’t actually be with holy water although if my butt was possessed by a demon I bet it would look incredible. Mi Gente I want to work on languages because ya know what, French isn’t too bad at all. I am also learning Spanish and German, and I might add another one to be fancy. Maybe Russian. But I want to do at least one Duolingo lesson a day. It doesn’t matter which language, I just want to increase the number of countries I could emigrate to on a whim the feeling takes me. My Left Stroke Just Went Viral! (Video NSFW) I want to research making a food blog because I feel like I need a little creative project on the side and my talents probably lie in the cooking department. Not sure if I actually want to do this, I have spent my life trying not to be famous (which is a challenge when you’re as charismatic as I am) so I will have to weigh up the pros and the cons of anything like this but it might be a good idea to have another side hustle I can do from home in the near future. No formal tracking of this goal. I will also examine some wtf lyrics, but probably not every day coz ain't nobody got time for that. The Prize I have a prize for this and it’s the bralette I tried and failed for last challenge. I definitely want to win this though because it’s perfect to wear at night now it’s getting hot, but I do need to remember to stop standing in my conservatory in it in the morning staring out the window because it is very very see through and I have neighbours. If I get more than 80% on this challenge I can buy it. And I really really want it. New challenge, goooooooo!