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Found 2 results

  1. GMF What better theme for my final full challenge of the year than that ode to modesty that is GMF by John Grant. My whole purpose in life is to be the GMF that I could possibly be, and all my goals are geared up for that. So this is a challenge to revisit my goals from the beginning of the year and see how I've been doing. Looking back on my 2020 Battle Log, my goals were as follows: 1. Get Back to my Fighting Weight I wanted to do this by not eating out, cutting calories and eating more ethically sourced ingredients and well, I did actually do this but not at all for the reasons I imagined I would. The pandemic put a stop to me eating out, since February, the only food I have eaten that isn't pre-packaged or made by myself was a cupcake and honestly, I couldn't get Covid Coughs out of my mind while I was eating it so I doubt I will do that again. The lack of grocery delivery slots and the decision to shield over the summer so I could provide care to my parents meant the only source of nutritious food was my bougie organic fruit and veg subscription so I did that too. Nevertheless, I am very far away from my Fighting Weight, and it isn't possible for me to hit it without amputating something which seems a little shortsighted, so instead I am going to work on getting as low as possible by following the plan I have been doing for the last 2 1/2 weeks which is going swimmingly. I am currently on 100%. Trying to stay on 100% is the general theme of this goal, but I just want to end the year below the lowest weight I got to in the year which will mean dipping a little lower so I can get a bit fat over Christmas. 2. Take Good Care of Myself (Physical Branch) I wanted to take the necessary supplements to make me healthy and I am taking supplements so I guess yes? I can't say I have spent the year taking good care of my physical branch, because I spent a lot of it drinking beer, eating biscuits and sitting on my arse during furlough and do I look better? Well I think I look marginally worse than I started the year but I seem to be getting my inner glow back so more of that. I want to be positively fluorescent by the end of the challenge. 3. Take Good Care of Myself (Mental Branch) I wanted to be less messy and I think I have done that actually. I do get the odd floordrobe but it's usually because I can't decide what to wear in the morning so I throw my clothes about when I have taken them off in favour of other clothes but I tend to tidy it up as soon as I get back home so win! I also wanted to find a new job because I thought I might give my notice and LOL I actually did but after a bit of convincing I withdrew my notice which was a really really good move because if I hadn't, I would have been furloughed during my notice period and now is not the time to be looking for a new job. Things have improved massively since then and I am much happier. Not as happy as I was this time last year, but considerably happier than I was at the beginning of the year. There are no real goals for this as I will not be looking for a new job by choice any time soon. Given the ratfucked state of the economy this decision may be taken out of my hands at some point, but for now, there is no goal for this. 4. Take Good Care of Myself ( Knowledge Branch) I wanted to hit my Goodreads goal for the first time in years and read 28 books. I did not do this. I have finished 10 books which is pathetic given how much bonus free time I got with those 4 months where I wasn't allowed to leave the house. I have 7 books currently in progress so we'll see how many of those I can be arsed to finish by the end of this challenge. 5. FutureProofing By the end of this month, if my finances follow my projection I should have hit my years savings goal after briefly hitting in it July before I had to buy a new car. Having now replaced the cost of buying my car and unless something else breaks, I should have nailed this by the end of the year. I also didn't want to die of a preventable illness and so far so good! 6. Plan A Wedding. Well LOL if this hasn't been kicked into the long grass. This is not the time for a wedding as restrictions on gatherings change like a fart in the wind. I am honestly not at all bothered about this as the only condition on which I am happy to marry this man is if absolutely nothing changes so by definition, this wedding malarkey doesn't matter. And part of me has always though it'd be pretty funny if I got married when I was incredibly pregnant so maybe this will be the goal for next year. New old new challenge, goooooooooooooooooo!
  2. Mr Motivator Part One - Mr Motivator I am I. And I intend to GO GO GO! Goal One - Continue Couch to 5K So last challenge I started Couch to 5K with TH and I never imagined I could enjoy running this much. I'm not quite getting in three sessions a week, more like in a week and one day which is fine. We're waiting for a day off together to do the sessions together and I want to continue this because I want TH to keep doing it with me and I worry if I get ahead he'll give up. So whenever we can, we'll get out and get our sessions done in the lovely country park with the cows and the ancient forest. It's beautiful ❤️ It's all about the confidence.... YOU'RE JOE CAL-FUCKING-ZAGHE! Goal Two - Continue StrongCurves While I am following the program, I am not sticking to the timeframe. I figure as long as I am training, progress will be made. Do whatever, whenever, just continue working on my strength and DAT ASS and I'll be Joe Cal-fucking-zaghe before I know it. Part Two - Deffy Fights A Man With A Perm I said I got a penchant for smokes and kicking douches in the mouth. Sadly for you, my last cigarette's gone out. Deffy vs Barry Biffa A dulcet man with a dulcet tone from a dulcet town and a dulcet home. He hates me. I like that. Two arms like big baseball bats. I bark, he barks back. A jaw like a fuck off bear trap. Goal One - Get Below Pre-Quarantine Weight Like literally everyone all over the world it seems I gained a fuck ton of weight during quarantine. Had I known at the start I'd have four months to play around with I would have been considerably more on it. but that's the beauty of hindsight. I did make some progress towards this last challenge, but I want to nail the rest of the quaranchonk. Deffy vs Timmy Thyroid Me oh me oh my, Roy, you look like a walking thyroid. You’re not a man you’re a gland. You’re one big neck with sausage hands. Goal Two - Explore New Music I asked my music cult friends to provide me with some lesser known bands I can road test and wow did they deliver. I'd had over 70 responses in less than a day, with a lot of people recommended way more than one. I am going to dig through this list and pick a band a day that I know nothing about and listen to some of their work. A lot of bands were named more than once by different people so the most popular ones will go first. I can't wait for this, I love finding new music. It keeps me young. Part Three LET'S SEIZE THE DAY! ALL HOLD HANDS, CHASE THE PRICKS AWAY! I have been doing a lot of soul searching recently based on the relationships I have with people. One of my friends I used to work with a while ago has been... changing towards me recently and has started saying things that are downright weird. One of these messages popped up on the screen when I was showing one of my work friends something on my phone and she basically said “wtf was that about” so I told her some back story and part way through she stopped me and said “why are you making excuses for him?” and that really made me think. I have no idea why I am making excuses for him. And there are a lot of people I routinely make excuses for when they say inappropriate or downright dickish things to me. I try to see the best in people and I am way too nice. I overlook so much stuff because a lot of the time these people are completely fine. But why when the periods of dickishness are not isolated incidents. I am going to stop doing this, no more excuses. I have so many amazing people in my life that give off zero red flags. Why am I wasting time with those ones who do? No more pricks! Chase them away! How'd you like them cliches?