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Found 6 results

  1. Particularly with the holidays (and health issues that are destroying my love of holiday food) here I've been struggling to stay consistent one well, anything. So I finally buckled down last week, ordered a night time probiotic with sleep blend, and some protein that is supposed to taste like mocha caramel (heres to hoping!) to supplement my food and try to keep my stomach in check so I can finally get back on the workout wagon! Finding time between family, decorating, and cleaning has been no easy task either. But thats it, enough is enough, I need this, my health needs this, my body needs th
  2. Wow, May was... May was a lot. it was a lot of stuff, and I did it all, but I didn't feel awesome while doing it. June is here and I feel like I'm not prepared for summer! So I'm doing a "SUMMER I AM HERE AND I AM LOVING IT BY GEORGE, LOVING IT OR ELSE" challenge, in the sense that I need to have some regular things figured out so that I can be my awesomest all the time. So this challenge I WILL SEIZE SUMMER LIKE I SEIZED THIS TINY FRUIT SNACK FACSIMILE OF RAPHAEL. MONKEY WRENCH we are going on an Epic Journey with the boys cross country for 10 day right
  3. I don't really get to discuss my journey with my friends, so I'm posting just to get it all out. Here goes... I've battled with my weight most of my life. It's a long boring story, so I'll skip that part. However, I've studied myself, and now I'm aware that I'm an emotional eater. Which didn't help my case at all when my boyfriend was diagnosed with cancer in Feb 2015. I spent an entire year pouring over medical articles and researching alternatives in efforts to help him heal. All of the credible articles and forums pointed to eating more veggies, juicing and getting e
  4. Hi, guys! It's been a while since I've posted on here. When I started here - I think it was May last year - I was jobless, friendless, and 5' 7'' weighing in at about 215 lbs. It's February now, 7 months since joining. Now I have a job that, though doesn't pay as much as I'd like, pays fairly and I love it. I have friends. And this morning I weighed 191.8 lbs. Perseverance, portion control, confidence. They go a long way. And if you are like me, and you struggle to find reasons to be self confident, just remind yourself that you are your nemesis and you need to show other you who wears the
  5. turbo

    Turbo Kick!

    Checking in and starting my next challenge! I'm a couple weeks behind from starting, I started a new job, so that's exciting! I've been going strong with my weight loss! Today I weighed in at 202.2! That's 40.4 lbs down!! Getting close I know I only have 10 days left in this challenge, but I wanted to throw it in there to keep the motivation going! Level 2 Krav Maga has been going strong! Love it so much. Pushing really hard to be Level 3 by the end of the year, and maybe Level 1 instructor as well!! Main Quest: Lose more than/maintain (42.6lbs) by September 1. This number is from st
  6. This is my first challenge and post on nerd fitness. I have resolved to correct some of my personal issues with fitness by creating some accountability in my quest to be better. My only real goal is to exemplify the definition of leaning, which is a change in behavior based on experience. In my case, I have lead a life of ample opportunity, but have yet to seek out or accept any true "behavioral change" in my life. I have learned to admit that I am a true product of newtonian physics. I am a body that is most comfortable and whose state is normally at rest. I require motivation (an outside
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