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Found 1 result

  1. Asuka

    Asuka prepares for Christmas

    Come one, come all! Hello everyone! These last few months have been tough, but I feel like now it is tougher and I am in need of some additional support, so here I am :D! We all know Christmas can be magical and wonderful and the best moment of the year. As long as it does not generate anxiety, fights with our loved ones and general fear of overeating AND desire to eat just one more slice of that pie that only comes once a year. So I feel I will need to setup goals, accountability and more generally to infuse my life with some FUN, because I want Christmas to be awesome but it is not starting well. *sigh* But I have hope! So let's start! My goals to prepare Christmas are: 1- to get back to having good food habits, so that when I am offered this second (or fourth) slice of pie, I say no serenely, not feeling like I am depriving myself. 2- to find out workout routines I can do anywhere, in a short time, so that I have no excuse for not moving at least a little, no matter what equipment I have (or do not have) 3- to make some more space in my life (and in my apartment) for the future. My apartment is a mess (hidden inside closets, but still a MESS) and I want to stop hiding piles of junk and just have what I need. I am revisiting Marie Kondo and all of the tidying experts and just getting rid of a bunch of stuff. The common thread for these 3 goals is that I LOVE the feeling post doing them, but dislike the process of doing them. So I shall set smaller goals, which should create good habits! I want to be proud of me and my life and for that, I have to invest a little time and effort in making them better, rather than complain about them. So no more Mrs. Sad-pants, welcome Mrs. I-am-able-to-do-things-at-least-in-small-increments! I will focus this challenge until the 22nd and hope to pursue it the week after, but I want to be realistic. 1- food habits - Good food habits start with knowing what it is that you are doing right and wrong. Sooooo logging has to come back. There is no good way to do this - I just have to get back into the habit. I will start a fresh google spreadsheet and do my best - One simple way to reduce the amount of food is to work on eating incrementally later in the morning - and then leading to intermittent fasting. I have done it in the pas, so I know I can do it again. This will be a progressive goal - with the target to be okay eating after 11am once I am on holidays at home and the bakery is downstairs from my home. (#tempationisaliveandwell). - Finally, I want to eat more mindfully, taking time to appreciate the food and then paying attention as to how it makes me feel (like I discovered that eating fried chicken gives me a stomachache, so why would I eat that again? I don't eat spicy food for this reason) 2- workouts - Move everyday, no matter what. 5 minutes of barbell. A 15-min walk. The difficulty will be to put clothes on (#comfypajamas) and to overcome the holiday blues which makes me want to stay in bed and do nothing (#yesterday) That's. It. No hour-long workouts, no PR competition, no 100-squats a day (although I could do 10 and add 1 every day!). 3- tidying up Every weekend day, I will choose a small place and tidy it up. Last week I worked on my shoe and umbrella storage place and ended up donating 3 bags full of shoes and umbrellas (I had 8 umbrellas at home and 4 at the office - I don't know how it is possible). If I am working on a larger place (saaaay the stationary closet - OMG there is soooo much stuff in there), I can cut it up in 15min increments. But I have to put in at least 15min per weekend day. That's it! I will setup weekly goals and try to update this thread as I go. I will also participate in mini-challenges, because 90% of these are so so so fun ^^. I will setup a point system and a nice reward at the end. All the compulsory things will yield positive and negative points and then I will add a bunch of other stuff which just give bonus point (e.g., meal prepping!) just to add positive things :). Hope to do well and wish you all success in your challenges and happiness in this end of year!