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Found 2 results

  1. Ann of Vries

    A Witch Deals with Things

    I haven’t exactly been rocking my goals lately, but I find that I try harder and ultimately do better for myself when I have them. So… I’m back again! The most recent "about me" can be found in my previous challenge. Otherwise, we'll figure it out as we go along. For this challenge my Inspirational Witch is Tiffany Aching, or, really most of the witches of Discworld. I adore these no nonsense ladies, and this line in particular has me right now: I'm not the sort of person who generally casts fault but I could do better at dealing with things. It’s the holidays which is always jam-packed and in addition, I have three trips of 5+ days in the diary during this challenge which doesn't make anything easy, let alone taking care of myself. So I’m going to start by dealing with my own self-care (because I can't help others if I'm not functional, and the Enting only has one mummy): Some way, some how, get in that 10k steps. Some way, some how, get in that 2L of water. Some way, some how, write 100 words a day on fiction or nonfiction. My aspiration is every day. Spoiler: I won’t hit every day! But by trying to do it every day, I’m going to hit it more often than I would otherwise. Let's go deal with things.
  2. Welcome back Ink Slingers!!! It's time for another challenge. Who's excited? For those that wander by and are interested, this is a thread for a small group that is a part of the website 4thewords and working on a challenge together there. It's a gameified writing site, basically. Feel free to play along or make general comments about writing, but the official challenge is limited to the four participants... @annyshay, @IAmInfinite, @lucky fire dragon, @oromendur. Autumn Psychic Challenge Each week we collect items (both drops from monsters and things we craft). The number of items that we collect determines the order of our "guesses" for the cards that Ristret will draw. If we guess positions correctly, we gain psychic points. That's it! Let's do it! Here's the breakdown of what items count for what cards. Leaf/Paper - Leaf Boots, Leaves, Caravan Ticket, Forest Scroll, Leaf Breastplate, Leaf Helmet, Leafsung Boots, River Grass, Tico Leaves (Tico Week) Wood - Hardwood, Leafsung Key, Leafsung Wooden Sword, Wood, Wood Hammer, Wood Spear, Wood Sword, Wooden Bow, Wooden Chest, Crossbow Liquid - Dust Water, Di Bag, Red Dye, River Water, Coffee Bean Essence (Tico Week), Dust, Glass, Glass Necklace, Glass Scimitar, Glass Shards Animal - Claws, Reenu Wings, Scared Feather, Feathers, Fur, Leather Roll, Lorsa Fur, Rope, Spider Bow, Spider Legs, Spider Poison, Tambo Mane, White Fur Metal/Stone - Desert Stone, Gold, Golden Chest, Net, Old Staff, Raw Gold, Raw Steel, Raw Stone, River Stone, Rusty Amulet, Rusty Pendant, Sandstone, Steel, Steel Boots, Steel Dagger, Steel Sword, Stone, Stone Ring Misc. - Stempo, 7 Moon Scroll, Essence, Protective Mantle, Vine Net, Teseven's Amulet, Fabric Breastplate, Raw Fabric, Fabric Shoes, Fine Fabric