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Found 4 results

  1. Mistr

    Mistr takes step 2

    Step 2 Last time I made some progress on moving to the next level, which will require getting into really good shape, having good knees, good meditation habits and pursuing internal power in aikido. Sustain success: No caffeinated beverages Clean eating at work 1) Deal with my mess (continued) Plenty of mess still remains to be dealt with. Primary objective is to get my house clean enough for guests by September 24. My spinning group will be meeting at my house that evening. Secondary goal is to clean up the bedroom in anticipation of an upcoming houseguest. 2) Exercise progression The last round of physical therapy has made a difference in my squat depth and hip strength. I want to maintain this and continue strength and mobility progression. Do exercises in rotation with PT (bodyweight squats, airplane/kick flow, side-steps with band) at least twice a week Core yoga at least once a week Pick up GMB Elements again. The last time I tried it I got frustrated because I could not do the “frogger” movement because I couldn’t get into a low squat. Now that my squats are much better, Elements will add a variety of movement and strength applications. The Elements program is set up as a 6-day a week series with strength one day and recovery/mobility the next day. Substitute yoga for the recovery/mobility sessions. 3) Level up daily routine Making time for those “just 5 minutes a day” things. Some days life will interfere, so my target is 5 days a week. Stop doing projects and chores by 9:00pm on work nights. Between 9:00-9:30 do: Foam roll legs and do stretches. Hopefully this will help decrease hip and knee pain at night. Prep breakfast, lunch and clothes for the next day. Can be done earlier in the evening. Sit zen if not done earlier Morning: get up at 5:30am except on bad days. Sit zen Do silk reeling exercises 4) Juggle everything else Aikido, cooking healthy food, household chores, keeping on top of our finances, doing fiber arts and ALL THE THINGS. Life is randori. Make good decisions and keep moving. I have several aikido events coming up over the next few weeks. This weekend is an instructor's seminar at a dojo 3+ hours away. It is being offered by one of the 7th dans who is on the instructor's board for our organization. She is the person most likely to oversee my next test, if that ever happens. I like her, but her style is a little different from my sensei's. I am looking forward to hearing more about her teaching philosophy. The weekend after that I am responsible for organizing fall cleaning at our dojo. That will take the better part of Saturday. October we have our semi-annual beginners class. That means I should attend all the Mondays as well as my usual Wednesday class. October 6-7 my zen teacher is doing an aikido friendship seminar along with other regional instructors. I've never trained aikido with him and would love to do so. October 14 is yudansha class at my dojo October 19-21 is a seminar in Milwaukee, led by the same top ranking instructor. A person from my dojo will be taking his shodan test. I was only planning to go for one day until I learned about the testing. I should go to support him and take ukemi. I may crash at the dojo to save money and drive time (1.5 hours each way). The first weekend of November a different senior instructor will be giving a seminar only 30 minutes from home. A seminar a month is stretching my budget for time and money, but I said I'd go anyway. Considering how many weekend aikido things I've got planned, I'm going to give myself more slack about taking evenings off. Getting enough sleep and actually taking some down time are my major priorities. I'm hoping that by emphasizing those two things I will have less stress -> be more productive at work -> have less stress -> eat less comfort food -> get back to my target weight -> have less stress.
  2. Bearlee

    Bearlee is ...

    I recently had my 44th birthday and I recently realized that my mindset since the beginning of the year has changed for the better. I’m wasn’t sure what it was until I listened to The Tim Ferriss Show Podcast featuring Terry Crews. He explained what I had been thinking since the beginning of the year, you say what you are and your mind finds ways to make it true. Since the beginning of the year I’ve been saying “I am a yogi” and I’ve made more progress in four weeks than I did the entire of last year because of that one simple statement. I’ve been thinking about how to improve moves and to hold them longer, how to get more sessions in, and do them for longer. I even have a plan laid out for the year where my yoga sessions are broken out into 4 thirteen week sessions. So I’m using that simple phrase “I am” and then finding ways to make it true. At the same time I think it will also help me set my priorities. I’m thinking more about what I want to do and I am surprised by things I’m not saying also. Never once have I thought “I would like to watch more TV” or “I would like to eat out more”. So with this simple premise I’m starting to lay out my plan for the year with gradual increments. So without further ado: Bearlee is ... a Yogi! On January 2nd I started DDPYoga and have so far finished 4 weeks. When I made the decision in mid-January that this year I’m a yogi, my mind has been more focused on the task. I’ve added more yoga sessions, I’ve performed the moves better, and I’ve been doing longer sessions. The program is broken up into 13 week sessions which is perfect becuase the 4th 13 week session will end on December 30th. As of now I’m working through Beginner 2.0. On April 1st I’ll move onto Intermediate 1.0. Then on July 1st to Intermediate 2.0. And Finally on September 30th/October 1st onto Advanced 1.0. As I advance in the program I’ll be able to expand my workout base that I can chose from to add extra sessions. For example, currently I’ve recently added Fat Burner 2.0 which means that now I can also use Fat Burner 1.0 along with the easier sessions of Engergy 1.0 and 2.0. Next with be Below the Belt 2.0 which with unlock Below the Belt 1.0 also along with the four previously stated workouts. I can also add “live” workout sessions that are on the same level that I’m currently on meaning the beginner “live” workouts. “Live” means workouts that were live but are now recorded to be played back later. Bearlee is ... a Cook! I also have a goal of cooking more this year. Then people that seem to have the most success with weight management seem to be people that cook. Plus I want to make more meals for my kids that are healthier. So what does a cook do? They get a recipe, gather the ingredients, and cook. Seems simple but I haven’t been doing it. My goal was to cook something new every week and have 52 new recipes by the end of the year, but so far I’ve only cooked one new meal. So I’m modifying this goal to a new recipe every other week with 26 new recipes by the end of the year. I’ve found two books that I really like. The first is called the Ultimate Soup Book and the second is called Kitchen Counter Cooking School. I like the idea of learning to make soups because they are usually nutritious and hopefully easy to make. So the first part of my learning to cook willl be soups. But the other book breaks down cooking into really easy and understandable cooking skills. For. Example to make an alfredo sauce take two cups of heavy cream and reduce to sauce consistency and add herbs you like then add pasta and that’s it. Things I want to learn cook: Omelets (I cook fantastic scrambled eggs but not omelets) Scallops Steak cooked well How to cook hamburger correctly. I also have an issue where when I start something that I want to go and buy all the gadgets for that hobby. For example I would like to buy a food processor, an instant pot, immersion blender, grill, new cook wear, expensive knives, and so on. I’m going to hold off on that stuff until I use what I have properly. That is also why I want to start with soups since I have a pot. Bearlee is ... an Amateur Astronomer! Since the Great American Eclipse (that I missed due to weather) I’ve been obsessed with space. I caught the final days of Cassini before it plunged into Saturn and have read some of the fantastic things it’s done. I’ve been learning tons about our solar system and just how neat it is. I’m surprised by the number of space missions going on that I never knew about before: New Horizons, Osiris Rex, and Juno. I’ve been learning about what looks like the new space age happening right now with private companies getting into the space business, specifically SpaceX. The number of exoplanets that are being discovered is astonishing. Just so much to learn and be fascinated by. Since the eclipse I’ve visited my local astronomy club and viewed Saturn and the Moon through their telescopes. I visited my local planetarium and watched their “What’s in the sky this season” show. I joined the Planetary Society that was founded by Carl Sagan and is now headed by Bill Nye. And I’ve done some observations in the sky like on New Year’s Day super Moon and plan to watch January 31st’s Super Harvest Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse. This is also another hobby where I want to go out and buy the best telescope and laptop to view and photograph the night sky. But first there are other things that I will do. View a meteor shower Learn the constellations and be able to identify them in the night sky Learn the classification system for identifying objects Read at least one astronomy paper a week to learn more in depth about a topic Continue listening to astronomy Podcasts For now these will be my focus. I have other things I want to add to this list but I don’t want to overwhelm myself. If I can nail these down I’ll be off to a great start in 2018. And if I only get these down but do them really well I think it would still be a good 2018.
  3. Last Challenge was a whirlwind, and I definitely struggled to keep up on my NF 4WC postings. Now that I'm officially graduated and a member of B Troop, I will [theoretically] have a more open schedule, and therefore more time to devote to working out (and posting on NF). My home computer crapped out completely yesterday, so my online presence will be limited until I get that fixed... no ETA ATT. Goal: Continue to unburden myself [and my horse!] of my extra weight Plan: Dominate Blitz Week (0) - Eat healthy 100% Mon-Fri; participate in some form of exercise for <30 min daily Mon-Fri Strive for total compliance Weeks 1-4 - Continue Blitz Week (0) goals; employ the "Never go 2 days in a row without exercising" rule Starting Weight: 172 Lbs End Weight: ??? Lbs
  4. mediaguy99

    Mediaguy99 - Resistance is Futile

    It's a new challenge! I've been away because it was the end of the summer/start of the semester and work becomes "overwhelming" (in a word) at that time. But it's starting to slow down a bit now, so I figured I may just put fingertips to keyboard and write a goal for myself. I've realized that resistance is futile. I need to change my way of life. Things are unmanageable and I always take an "all or nothing" approach to life, and that hasn't worked. So I'm going to slow down, take a level of Druid (not really but kind of) and see what I can do about my biggest pitfalls: Flexibility, and diet. So here's the plan: Four yoga classes per week (or at least a half hour stretching session if that's not possible), and I will track my calories, with a goal of keeping my caloric intake below my caloric expenditure. That's it. Easy enough, right? I get back from a quick trip to Washington DC on Monday. I'll still be riding, maybe running, maybe lifting, but all that counts is the yoga/stretching and the caloric counts. I'll post on MyFitnessPal for anyone who wants to friend me there (just changed my login name to Mediaguy99). Meanwhile I'll probably also post about family life, child rearing, smallbore rifle practice in preparation for winter biathlon season, and archery, and swing / salsa dancing, and Jeep repair, and ancient VW Van repair, and #vanlife, and rain, and wildfires, and all the wonders that are Colorado in the fall. Also I'm getting treated for GERD (gastro-esophogeal reflux disease) which I've had since I was about 18 and discontinued meds for in 2013. It's been hard to keep the symptoms under control but there's a new medical procedure that my doc says I'm a good candidate for, which should help a lot. I'll post more about that as I get closer to finding out if I can really get it done.