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  1. My mother died in October (at age 85). My daughter got married in October, and she and her new husband are starting to talk about having kids. This has prompted some new soul searching on my part - and some thinking about what I want to accomplish in my life. And some thinking about what I want to BE as a grandma. (Disclaimer - my daughter is not yet pregnant and doesn't plan to have kids for 2 years, which gives me time to lose 40 pounds .....) I was a "cool mom." My daughter looks back on her childhood with fondness - at horseback riding and rock climbing and hockey and socc
  2. Hi! I'm normally over at the Assassins, but due to being off for a while I need to get my general fitness back up to snuffs - and since that's kinda your guy's specialty I'm hopping guilds, from being over at the Rebels to kinda try to figure my stuff back out. Last challenge went fairly well for the most part, but I still have a ways to go on most of the same general lines - either a leveled up version, or the same with better consistency. Namely the running... (Any and all advice from anyone with experience getting stiff joints to cooperate and work again without whining - HALP!)
  3. Jon Firestar: Challenge of the Living Dead On an inconspicuous day near the end of 2017 the dead started to rise from their graves. Nobody could explain why they had risen. Was it a disease, the effect of nuclear radiation or was hell simply too full? Whatever the answer to the question the human race wasn't prepared for their own dead to rise up. Within weeks civilization had collapsed with disparate bands of survivors eking out an existence in the wilds trying to keep away from the hordes of walking dead! Welcome to the Halloween c
  4. Poked my head in at the respawn point a bit over a week ago, and have started tracking again pre-challenge, but the past few months have been... less than glorious. I've lost all of the progress I had made, and now need to reclaim those levels. So now that I've rather fallen off a cliff and faceplanted, I'm trying to stand back up, brush off the dust, and start climbing back up again. Before the mindless hoard catches me on the ground Main Quest : reclaiming the health bar (again) : losing 80lbs to get back to a healthy weight - I'm currently 5'5, and 220 lbs; getting
  5. Howdy Rangers! This will be my third challenge with the Rangers. For those of you who didn't follow my first challenge, this challenge will be written a little differently than most. The majority of the posts in this challenge comprise a story, written in-character by Ranger Five. In character posts will be in green. These posts make up the story. I'll be writing about a zombie apocalypse setting, with a lot of inspiration from Zombies, Run! the app, but my own plotline. So don't worry about spoilers outside the first mission. If I've done my job, you won't be able to tell what's
  6. Last we left Red, He had just defeated the undead Samurai, and continues on his path towards the Temple of the Lich "Man, this pathway is taking forever! I shoulda made a left at Albuquerque! HA HA HA!" Looking around he noticed that there was no one to hear his joke, "... Oh right." As he pressed on, He heard something faint. He stopped to listen. "Huh, guess I imagined it." "Grrrggghh..." "There it is again! OK, there's something definitely out there!" Red looks around and sees a Zombie moving towards him, "Huh, that's odd." He quickly dispatched it, with
  7. Hi folks, I'm another lapsed NF participant jumping back into the fray! Last time I struggled to stay on top of things, but now I'm feeling confident with a good set of achievable goals and a decent battle plan for overcoming expected obstacles. Diet: No more than one proper cuppa (that is, extra strong with milk and three sugars) per day. The ultimate goal here is to reduce my overall love/need for sugar by learning to enjoy less sugary drinks until my go-to cuppa seems just unpleasantly sweet. Track meals every day. Something I've struggled with in the past due to for
  8. Greetings, Runner 5! Grab a seat, have a meal, take a load off! No zoms here! Welcome to the support group for all Runners 5. There are a lot of us, and a lot of first time challengers doing Zombies 5k. So let's support each other. Ask each other questions -- Maybe about that W2D2 glitch? All runners welcome here!! (Credit goes to Traxex for this introduction post)
  9. Out of Character Post - Introduction Hi Rangers! This'll be my first challenge with the Rangers, and my second challenge overall. This challenge is going to be a written a little differently from most, so let's get right into it. The first thing about this challenge that's worth noting is that I'll be writing most of the posts in character. In character posts will be in green. Once a week or so, I'll be writing an out-of-character recap of the week, but outside that, I'll be letting Rebel Five take over. Fellow Rangers and anyone else reading are free to respond in or out of cha
  10. ZOMBIES ATE MY RANGERS CHALLENGE! For those that do not know, this was an amazing game originally for the SNES system in which you would adventure through levels 1 or 2 players and gain items/weapons while attempting to save your neighbors. You could die by losing health or by losing all 10 neighbors. I loved playing it as a kid and really need to put it on my retro pie when I get a chance. So I will start with 10 lucky Neighbors/Rangers to be saving. Neighbors: @raptron @Tanktimus the Encourager @DJtrippyT @Jarric @Lifter5 @WorldSpa
  11. Winter The apocalypse is coming. When? It is hard to say. I must prepare now as my survival is at stake. Over the next four weeks, I will begin my preparations. It is my goal to focus on speed, strength, and maintaining my sanity while I wrap up a few loose ends. Fortunately, I have been provided an additional week to adjust to my new training regimen. I will call this time of adjustment Week 0. I will record my training plan here so that I may revisit it to maintain focus when distractions work to impede my progress. May these messages act as a
  12. Author's Note: There are a few spoilers for the first mission of Zombies, Run! in this challenge. After that though, I'm taking a lot of liberty with the setting of Abel Township, and making it my own. Think of it as AU fanfiction of Zombies, Run. There shouldn't be any problems with spoilers beyond the first mission, since the setting will be different enough that there'll be no telling which plot points are from the game or not, so any plot points should still come as a surprise. Dear Reader, The name's Rebel Five, apparently. The people of Abel Township call me Rebel because
  13. Welcome Fellow Survivors! The road so far: You can read the full story in all it's typo glory here. (I swear I will get around to editing it some day...) When Captain Lars (Call Sign: Sparrow) was invited to take place in 'Project Hometown', he never thought he would be activated. After all, it was a contingency, and contingencies don't happen. At least not to this degree. Project Hometown is a federal program in place to insure continuity of the US Government in the eyes of the survivors of any catastrophe. Each of the continental states were given a coordinator, like
  14. Brutal Bears Survives the Zombie Apocalypse Prologue: So, I am coming over the rangers for the first time; I never thought I would be here! I have traditionally been a warrior, but life has been difficult. I work 70+ hours a week managing a drug treatment center (and my cell is the emergency line), I'm a full time college student, and I don't get much "free time". I have recently had a lot of fun jogging, because I just love to get outside and sometimes I just can't get to the gym. I think I would like to try some unconventional training, like mace training at some point; but,
  15. We open on our hero, JulietKitsch, battling a voracious horde of demons. She has fought such creatures before - but now, her life depends on it... About Me: Very tall, very plus size. I have had (moderate) success in weight loss before, but nothing has ever stuck. I'm dangerously close to hitting a new high weight, which would put me at 200 pounds to lose. That's pretty scary to me. I just celebrated my 29th birthday, and I'm about to cross into a threshold where the weight will be even more difficult to lose. The time is now. Strengths: Funny, smart, dedicated to everything but her
  16. Journal Entry: 1/04/2016 The outbreak was quick. People got sick before they really even knew what happened. Military bases were hit first, all that the governments could figure was that the zombie apocalypse was brought on by biological warfare. It was all very hush-hush; if you weren't in the brass then there was no way that you could know what would happen. Civilians who lived outside of the base were the ones who felt the worst of it. It only took a week before something bit me. --- Hello, lovelies! I'm back from a long, long hiatus and I'm ready to get back into the swing of th
  17. My Mission: To create a maintainable fitness plan and get back to my pre-summer weight of 145. Summer is full of fun, beer festivals, and food. I have been able to stay within about 5-7 pounds of my goal weight (which I achieved back in May), but I’d like to quit making excuses and make fitness a habit again, rather than relying on my revved up metabolism to keep me in check. Kaio-Ken… TIMES TEN! (Goal 1) Workout 5x per week for 30 minutes or more. This worked out really well in my last challenge, so I am doing it again. Instead of feeling pigeon holed in one program, having the
  18. To my fellow Assassins, If you are reading this, well...you're probably stuck in this little room with an excessive amount of walkers against all four walls. You see that window up above you? Use a wall run, grab the sill, do a climb up, jump across to the fire escape. Sounds dangerous? Think I'd rather let parkour kill me on a supply run than walkers. If I made it, you'll see a crude drawing of an Assassins Creed jacket on the wall. Maybe'll you see it on the way down. Maybe you'll be the one to scratch out my masterpiece. But whatever you do, don't be scared. You're pretty screwed either way
  19. EmbracingChaos walks through the deserted city streets; luckily, there are still two hours left of daylight. Zombies have the advantage once the natural lighting is gone, so it's best to be someplace secure by the time the sun sets. Sunlight reflects from a nearby store window and fills his vision. He quickly lowers his gaze to restore his ability to see. Surprised, he walks toward the abandoned store. It's pretty rare to find a glass window intact! Perhaps this store hasn't been ransacked yet, he thinks. He kicks the wooden door that previously served as an employee entrance. The f
  20. Fasten your seat belts. This is going to be a bumpy ride. 1) Sunday, Tuesday & Friday progress through Zombies, Run! 5k trainer. (3 days/week) [+3 STA] (10 points per run) This is actually starting 5/26. I am skipping the first day because I've done it a million times. So we're starting today so I can finish before Otakon. 1) Go to the Gym Monday & Thursday for 30-60 minutes of strength training. (2 days/week) [+2 STR] (20pts per workout) 2) In July when the Kickboxing place opens (and If I still have my job) Monday and/or Thursday go to a Kickboxing class after work. The goal
  21. Prologue The worst happened. We thought we were safe, we thought the thing we feared the most would stay in the realms of science fiction. We were wrong and we were so unprepared. The world as we knew it ended. It happened so fast, no one was ready. Not many of us survived the bombings. Some people were lucky enough to make it to shelters in time before the bio-chemical attacks started. Some weren't so lucky. We thought we were safe in the shelters but we had no idea the horror that awaited us on the outside. Not everyone hit by the bio-chems were killed; some survived, but they can no lon
  22. apfelstrudi and the path to deadliness - pt 1: Arya I made it my goal to be deadly by the end of the year. As with every good progression, we start with baby steps - one skill at a time. I've moved to the rangers for this challenge because, while the world is still my playground, I'm focusing less on that and more on learning new skills and being all over the place! My spirit animal for this challenge is going to be Arya (can you guess the skill yet?). She's a tiny weakling that's proven to get more and more badass. I'll try and channel her throughout this challenge. Mission 1: Work
  23. Ultimate Quest: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse (Last Updated 5/9) NECESSARY SKILLS :: I will be focusing on... STR: Fend off zombies with brawn Goal: By 12/15, be able to do 10 push ups in a row. STA: Outrun hordes for long distances Goal: By 12/15, be able to jog a 5k. DEX: Be agile enough to cover rugged, varied terrain effortlessly Goal: By 12/15, be able to do a cartwheel. CON: Have the supplies and means to equip myself Goal: By 12/15, move out OR have $3k towards a down payment WIS: Be wicked smaht. Because zombies are dumb. Goal: By 12/15, have 10 hours accrued for teacher recertific
  24. It's inevitable. Zombies are coming. Between running with zombie moans and podcasts about rabies and conspiracy theories on my headphones I'm 100% sure of this now. So I better get down to it and start preparing. And to fully prepare, I'm enlisting in the AZAM - the Anti Zombie Army of Madness aka my very own bootcamp. I'm getting help from my friends and other sources and it's going to be epic. My next challenge will have a lot of things happening in my life that may help or hinder me and I'll have to find a way to work with and around that. For one, stud muffin is leaving May 2nd. He
  25. Hi all! I'm JetsterJay, a new recruit brought here thanks to SunlitSapling and PrinceRobotCat (whose challenges you should also check out!). I've just started getting motivated to get fit and lose weight again, and thanks to a really great group of friends I am the most on track I've ever been To keep good habits going, I wanted to shamelessly steal SunlitSapling's checklist format to make sure that this fitness kick is more than a kick! I think if I can keep going for six weeks on top of what I've already done, I'll be sweet. Most of what I'm doing centres around the ZombieRun 5K trainin
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