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  1. Life has been really busy now school has started again, and I'm having trouble keeping up and getting the stuff done that I want. To top that off, I got a nasty cold. It's getting better though My challenge this round will hopefully give me the structure I need to get everything running smoothly again. I love structure and schedules and lists. These things give me piece of mind, and help me "allow" myself to do things just for me. Update: I don't like my first challenge draft, and I'm going to completely change it. Quest 1: Eat healthy I've bee
  2. This challenge I'll move on. Quite literally: we're going to move in with my MIL Not forever, just until we'll get the key to our new house at the end of December. We'll stay with my MIL for 6 weeks. Which will be a challenge on its own Not that I don't like my MIL, she is great and sweet and amazing. And it is beyond kind that she'll let us stay with her for so long. But still, it won't be my house. I'll have to adjust. Last challenges I've been working on "food freedom". Not letting my life be determined by food or my weight. And I've succeeded. Fina
  3. This challenge I'm going to apply everything I learned in the previous 19 challenges. It's going to be glorious Food I'm back to clean eating. I've tried it before, but failed. Since then I learned a lot: Mistakes I made in the past How I will avoid these mistakes: - Thinking I had to be perfect - I can eat something that isn't clean once in a while. It doesn't mean I messed up. I can continue eating clean immideately, not my entire day/week/challenge is ruined because of it - Tense up, holding on to tight -
  4. I need this shirt Back again for a new challenge This time in Gilmore Girls theme. Scratch all of the below. Here is my new challenge. Goal #1 Don't eat like a Gilmore Girl No sugar, no eating after dinner With the exception of December 4th Sinterklaas celebrations, you can't do this without the proper amount of pepernoten and chocolate letters December 25th and 26th Because Christmas, duh December 31th Old years day has to be celebrated with oliebollen and appelflappen Goal #2 Don't just watch like a
  5. After taking it easy last challenge I'm ready to kick some but! My own but that is. The goal of this challenge is to make the pants that are just a little too tight fit comfortably again. I'm giving myself just two goals this challenge. I hope this will make it easier to focus on them. Food: Fast I'm going to fast again. And I'm choosing a different style now: "5:2" Basically I'll eat normal for 5 days and eat only 500 kcal on the two other days. D: no fasting days that week C: 1 day of fasting that week B: 2 day's of fasting that week A: 3 d
  6. Yes, I said I would take the week off. But the new forums look so shiny and pretty I couldn't resist. If you think: what does this image do here. Well, it's a shiny and pretty object. Just like the new forums. Hi, I'm Terah, and I'm a zumba addict. I've been doing challenges here since forever (okay, since January 2015, but it seems like forever). I've been trying to lose weight and get a fitness routine in place. I found zumba and I practice it twice a week. Two challenges ago I rediscovered my love for swimming. This year I lost 5 kg's, and I'm hoping to los
  7. No, I'm not going to try to be a human this challenge. That would be asking too much I'm just using gifs from the show 'being human', because, well, it's a good show I've learned from my last challenge and made some minor adjustments, but nothing huge. Don't mess with a good thing, right? Food: Keep counting kcal I will aim for 1600 kcal a day on average. I didn't succeed last challenge, but I'll try again this one. In addition to this I can erase a bad day by eating no sugar or white flour for 3 days in a row. This to get me back on track if I fail. One sidenote
  8. Hello everyone! I joined Nerd Fitness last year and flunked my first 4 week challenge disastrously and was too ashamed to continue! But I'm back now and I'm super excited - I have a family holiday AND a family wedding this summer so it's time to get in shape and feel good about myself! Quest One - Yoga six days a week, every week! A - Every day B - Miss 6 days C - Miss 12 days D - Miss 18 days E - Miss 24 days F - Miss 25 days or more Quest Two - Other workouts, three times a week. Current plan is Zumba on Tuesdays
  9. I've been a member of nerdfitness for a while and have decided to get in the bandwagon and announce my daily log to assassinate kill all the things. That's right. I'm here to conquer. And to tell my tale of triumph and defeat to all (who care to listen.) What to expect during my battles of valor: sarcasm, gifs, videosdaily log of current six week challengepictures of not mehappy postssad postsstories of levling up or just how "how I battle with my exercise"random noob questions. But they'll go away after the quest for answers/enlightenment is done Goals: lose 50 lbs.(Thanks college and stre
  10. Hmm, New place new opportunities right? Well, first off, HI! I am smf, and uhh, I haven't been around in the forums much lately and when I was my 6 week challenges were with the warriors, things have changed so I am going to spend my next 6 weeks here. The reason I am here now is because I started going to a Kickboxing/muay thai class last week, It's not a aerobic Kick boxing thing, it's at a martial arts school with a trainer etc. I am enjoying it a whole hell of a lot, but I guess that makes me a bit of a monk, and so here I am. SOO lets talk about goals. My Main goal is "6pack by 30
  11. Yellow!!! I'm YooperGirl Ok, so for my first challenge I want to lose a bit of weight and more importantly reduce my pant and bra size. My starting: - weight is 155 lbs - chest is: ~ 39 1/2" across the breasts ~ 37" under my arms - waist is 35 1/4" My Main Goal is to: - Reduce my waist by 5" and - Reduce my chest by ~ 3" under my arms ~ 4" across my breasts My Plan to do this is: 1. Drink only water (at least 3.5/23 oz bottles per day) ~ Pass / Fail 2. Do the Angry Birds Workout 3 times per week ~ A (3x week); B (2x week); C (1x week); F (1< week) 3. Do Zumb
  12. Sup guys. I'm DubiousChi and I'm giving it my all for this time my (first) six week challenge. Last time I wasn't prepared. I didn't have a solid goal, I didn't approach working out right, I didn't have accoutabilibuddies with me. Plus I was trying to juggle this with full time courses. But this time I'm prepared. I'm making smarter goals I'm going to start with beginner workouts till I find my perfect workout plan I'm staying up-to-date with my friends that I see everyday on campus (I'l post a link later to our group) Main Goal 6 week: Lose at least 10 lbs long term goal: Lose 50 l
  13. The WonderPhoenix has returned. YES. I was lost in the black hole of doom until I decided it was enough. (Excuses!) The bad news is now I have high bad cholesterol (250 mg) and I asked the doctor not to give me medication and he gave me 6 months to reduce the numbers. My motivations (randomly) Health: Drop my cholesterol rateBe inspiring: I want to be a better ME, healthier, persistent and fitter. I want to be inspiring to my family and my friendsSelf-appreciation: I take care of myself because I deserve it I want to be a healthier self, more energetic so I am cleaning my life from obstac
  14. Hello Rebels and Superheroes! November of this year marks my Saturn return, which in astrology is when Saturn has made a full orbit around the sun and returned to the point in the sky it was at when you were born (usually when you turn 28-29). This is a great time to let go of old patterns and ways of being that don't serve us anymore--and basically get your ass into gear. So here I am, doing my best to make that happen! I'm a mental health therapist that works at a couple elementary schools, and I too often have let myself believe the story that I'm too stressed and/or too exhausted to take
  15. Dear People, My first adventure is over, here is the new one! It's a sick Natarella, that is talking to you here! Part of my adventures involved cycling to work (7kms = 4.34 miles one way) no matter the weather and I live in a cold, rainy country. Winter is coming… I am glad to be in Assassins' guild! I chose to be here because : - active and fun - guild leaders are actually really present to support people (thing that was totally lacking in the Newcomers "guild"… maybe an improvement can be made on this?) - because this challenge will be focused on fitness and specific bodyweight
  16. My Anthem song folks, I love Kanye's version, the rythm, the flow (not the lyrics though). It gives me the strength to give my all (not this all ) For those who do not know me : PrincessNatarella, a strong and independent blackbarella, on my way to greatness , like most of you! I spent quite some defining and chosing the goals, the rating system! I am a multitask person, focusing is already a challenge for me. Main Quest Fit in a size 40 and weight 72kg. I'd be happy happy to fit in the size 40, no matter how I weight. My motivations (randomly) Health: Diabetes and heart blood p
  17. I am a little late to begin this challenge, but seeing as how I only discovered this site yesterday, I'll begin any way. I do not want to wait six weeks for the next one and breaking a few rules is okay every once in a while. (I guess I shouldn't be talking about rule breaking when setting goals for myself.) Here goes... Goal 1: Drink 10-16 eight ounce glasses of water everyday. (CON-3) I am usually a water drinking machine, but for the last month I have only been getting about four glasses per day! A: 10-16 glasses 90-100% of the time. 3 pts B: 10-16 glasses 80-89% of the time. 2 pts C: 1
  18. The young girl staggered as a guard piled two bulky bags in her arms and strapped a third to her back. "You'll be fine," he said. "It is an honor to tend to the princess." The girl shook her red hair out of her eyes and smiled. "It is indeed, Marcus, and an even greater one to dance for her at her wedding celebration in just two moons." "It might be difficult, young dancer," he said, strapping on his swordbelt and sheath. "You have been trapped in a dungeon for six months with your father." "I will be ready for the challenge, and I will regain my honor and my father's freedom." Her
  19. I'm new to this site but I have joined this 6 week challenge along with my boyfriend so we can kick bum together haha. My Goals: Fitness Goals Bench press 40kg at 3 sets of 5 reps Currently I am able to bench press at 37.5kg, but it took me 2 months to get there from 35kg. I want to try to push through my plateau a lot quicker this time. 40kg would be a huge "bench" mark for me Do 8-rung monkey bars without falling off I have never been able to do monkey bars. Ever. It may seem small to a lot of people but if I can finally get across a set of these in a kids playground it'll guarantee
  20. Hello!!!!! So if you've been following me for a while...you'll know that statistically this will be a hard challenge. This six weeks have midterms, birthdays, and (hopefully) the birth of my niece! In past challenges, every other challenge has been craptastic. Well, I refuse to let this one be horrific! Starting stats: Body fat: 37.8% (not obese anymore by like a tenth of a percent!!!! W00T!); weight: 211.3 lbs (I dropped somehow when I wasn't really trying during the off week!) BMI: 29.5! (.2 down from ending of last challenge?!?! I really don't know how that happened...) When I find time t
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