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DrWho : Better late than never!


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Well I'm a little late to the 4 week challenege due to some family in town but figured better start now rather than wait another 3 weeks! 


Here we go!


Overall Goal: Lose 40 lbs 


Step 1 - Get to the gym at least 4x a week 



I recently changed jobs and am still trying to find a good sleep/working schedule that accommodates for my switching shifts.  This has caused havoc on my normal gym/workout schedule.  To rectify this I plan to:

                a- Use Sunday as a weekly plan day.  Sit down with my work schedule and plan my workouts around my schedule for the week. 

               b-Utilize home work out room.  I have an entire room with everything I need for a sufficient workout.  If I can't find the time to get to the gym I need to plan a             workout at home.  


Step 2-  Eat all the Veggies 




I work in an ER and do not get a lunch break.  I can sometimes manage to take a 5 minute break to eat something that I've brought with me.  I need to be more selective in my food choices and ensure I eat vegetables with every meal.  

                      a - Use Sunday to pre-pack vegetables for the week in ziplock baggies so I can grab a go. 

                      b - Try 1 new vegetarian recipe a week.


Step 3 - Hydrate me! 




I have the tendency of being pretty dehydrated on a daily basis which I believe causes me to over eat.  Need to keep hydrated. 

                   a- Bring my water bottle to work and drink at least 2 water bottles while at work. 

                   b- Drink at least 3 water bottles worth of water a day. 


Step 4 - Stay injury free




I have a really great track record of injuring myself.  In order to stay on track of my goal I will need to avoid hurting myself. 


                    a- Proper warm up and cool down every work out 

                    b- Stretching before and after working out 

                    c- Practice yoga 1x per week. 


That's currently all I've got!  More updates to come later! 


~ DrWho

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