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Squat problems need help!

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Ok so I've been doing StrongLifts since 6/3. Squats seem to be progressing ok. Started 45lbs. Yesterday I did 135 lbs. 


However I had to go to a different branch of my local Y yesterday because I worked in the morning and my usual gym closes early on Saturday. The other branch had a full mirror smack in front of the squat rack which has made me realize my form sucks. For one thing it's weirdly asymmetrical.  I'll have to give that some thought.  Bigger issue is I'm super shallow.  I thought I was at least parallel, but I'm not.  On the warm ups I'm ok, though still not as low as I'd like, but on the workout weight I'm not even close.  I'm barely bending my knees! Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration. But I need work.  


So my question isn't what do I do? I don't really want to deload - I feel like that's going backwards.  Should I do it anyway? Should I keep the weight where it is and stay there till I can get my form better? I'd accept any suggestions how to improve the depth too. I'm not sure how to fix this. 


Thanks for for any help or suggestions! 

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My wife does box squats so she can judge how far down she is going.  The basic idea is get a box or something similar that is at the level you want to squat too, tap it with your butt and then raise yourself up.  Don't rest on the box just lightly touch it so you know how far you are going down.  On a side note I would recommend a deload just to get the form worked out no reason to reinforce a bad movement pattern and going light for a short time will allow you to get use to going down to parallel or how ever far you want to drop.  Also if you want to could also post a form check video as well.   

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Deload and get the form right.  Do primal squats and ass to the grass body weight squats.  You'll probably need to do some mobility work, especially with your ankles and lower legs.  That whole idea about being muscle bound....not true for power lifters.  You have to be able to bend.  Also with just the bar or bodyweight, do paused squats and let your self sink down.  It will feel good....eventually :-)


Getting the form and mobility right will make you stronger.  Good form is efficient.  Bad form wastes strength and risks injury.

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Yep! Deload anyways. Hurts the ego now, but better than risking an actual injury down the road.

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Also work on mobility in the squat position. Rocking left to right, frog pose. Work on opening your hips. A lot of these things can be done anywhere too. You don't need to be at the gym to work on improving mobility.


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De-load is an unnecessarily dirty word. All weight percentages have their time and place, and developing form is time for lower weights. It doesn't make you any less of a person, or a lifter - it makes you a smart one! Additional hip and ankle mobility will help, working on 3rd world squats, cossacks etc.

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New to the forums! Hey! Might pay to record a set from the side, and check whether you're falling back, or forward in to the squat. Like everyone else has said, deload and work on balance and getting as low as possible. 

When I was having issues (Still am) I exaggerate  ass to grass just to get the feel of being that low. Pause squats and box squats! Also, check your stance. One thing that helped me was to widen my stance, and point my toes out slightly.

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Mobility work never hurts, but it may simply be a form and/or mental road block.

Definitely deload (sorry), and record and post to form check or compare to any number of fitness YouTubers.

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