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bgvanbur arrives late to the party

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It has been a while since I have been on the Nerd Fitness boards.  My last scout challenge was over a year ago.  And things have been slipping even before then.


On June 24 I ran Many on the Genny, a 40 mile run through beautiful trails.  Though for me it was a 26 mile run, a 13 mile walk, and a mile run.  A far cry from the level of fitness I was 2 years ago finishing the 99 mile mighty mosquito race.  So that day started a run streak that is no over a month strong.


On July 11 I started a lifting streak.  A set of each: squat, deadlift, overhead press, and a few days in I added in bent over row (thinking about added a bench press at the end too).  When I started I was at around 75% of my max and did the same weight each day.  Usually only takes 5 minutes or so with my at home gym.  A couple days ago I started increasing the weights and surprised how close to my old PRs I already am.


A few days later I started eating better.  It seems like every other day I start eating better but easily eat too much crap at some point.  But this stuck for almost a whole week.  Then things got stressful and back to eating crap.  The first thing was a gateway soda (sprite).  Then drinking basically no water and delving right into solid junk food.  And this is the main reason I am back.  I need to be accountable for what I shove in this body once again.


And on the non-fitness side, my middle son was tested on the autism spectrum. It is inconclusive (he scored that he is on it but due to his high anxiety that can cause false positives).  But for kids with high anxiety the doctor recommends daily consistent chores.  Before chores after dinner were kind of haphazard in our house, but now with that advice he and I clean up the kitchen together while other boys clean up other things.  Still working on making this habit.


Main Quest

Turning 35 soon, that means 5 more minutes to qualify for Boston :)



1) Drink only water (or bone broth) and have at least 5 glasses of water a day. (+0 CON)

2) Eat only off a prepared plate meal. (+0 CON)

3) Run at least a mile every day. (+0 STA)

4) Lift every day. (+0 STR)

5) Clean the kitchen with middle son every night. (+0 WIS)



LVL: 26, FAILS: 4, STR: 43.25, DEX: 42, STA: 63, CON: 31.75, WIS: 23.5, CHA: 19.25


Since I am starting late, I will not earn any outdated stat points, but will count this is a successful or failure challenge depending on how it goes.

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On 7/28/2017 at 9:18 PM, Primeval said:

Welcome back!!


Sorry to hear about your son. Sometimes when it's really minor, I've heard they can grow out of it... 


Or maybe not grow out of it, but better at handling it :)  Through his journey I realized I am a pretty anxious at times but manage to get through it.


The running, lifting, water and kitchen cleaning is going right on course.  The diet part is pretty bad again.

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