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Donny Kimball

New Rebellion Recruit in Tokyo

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Hi everyone,


Just wanted to take a quick second to introduce myself.


My name is Donny Kimball and by day I am a normal salaryman in Tokyo. By nights and on weekends though, I moonlight as a social media influencer and blogger. My goal is to help more of Japan's undiscovered tourism gems get their due time in the lime light. I run a blog where I do in depth guides on how to visit these obscure spots.


I'm also looking to get in better shape. Despite growing up a distance athlete, I've always been pretty chubby. Of course sitting at a desk all day hasn't done much to help either. In addition to building my brand, I want to be under 15% body fat while not losing too much muscle.


Anyway, thought I'd say hi! If anyone else is in Tokyo please hit me up.

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