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Meanwhile, in the Eye of the Storm...

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Do you know that feeling? The feeling that something is going to give very, very soon, and you won't be ready when the world comes crashing down on you because you've been neglecting your shit for far too long?


I've had that feeling for years, and with each passing year I wonder if this will be the one. When my parents die, I get fired from my job, I lose all my friends, I'm seen as the failure that I am, and I lose the will to live.


How do you even start fixing all that?


One day at a time. Starting from the basics my shrink set: 

  • Don't bring tech into bedroom
  • Walk before work
  • Take daily Vitamins C & B complex
  • Take daily anti-depressant
  • Breathe whenever anxiety hits 


And what I think I should do: 

  • Quit volunteering until the end of the year
  • Free up space in bedroom for work outs


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