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I've been gone for awhile almost 12 months+ being busy with pregnancy and having a baby via c-section. When I first joined NF I was on here to get advice on how to gain weight and build up muscle. Now it's the opposite and I am focusing on toning up my tummy, and working on my core from the c-section.


Have to keep this short little one is waking up from a nap. The pics are weight lost normal with out working out and a healthy diet. My new diet/meal plan and workouts start tomorrow. Wish me luck and any advice on how to work out your core would be much appreciated. I've had difficulty with stairs and squats with a weak core and extra weight on the legs. The little one is crying so that's my cue. Hope to start things off right and healthy. 

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Welcome back!


My core is pretty weak too. Planks are definitely a good workout for that. What also helps me is trying to actively engage my core no matter what exercise I'm doing. Though honestly I'm still not very good at it and need a lot of practice! 


Good luck on your diet and meal plan!


And if you find that you need a little extra accountability/support, you should check out the four week challenges. The current one is winding down, but the next one will be up soon. :)

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Welcome back! 


I'll second planks and add in leg raises for a good core exercise. 


19 hours ago, zeroh13 said:

What also helps me is trying to actively engage my core no matter what exercise I'm doing.


Also this ^



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