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Hazard Rebirth: The second evolution

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12 hours ago, peelout said:

What is your walking strategy?  Is this based on an entire days steps (like Fitbit or something like it) or are you going for very, very long walks at a time?


Total daily steps.  I use the pedometer on an old 6th gen iPod Nano that I've had for some seven years.  Fantastic little device.  It has a strong clip.  I wear it all day attached to pocket or belt loop.


Most of my mileage (95%+) comes from pacing back and forth in our home on and off throughout the day.



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Weekly progrss review



I almost reached this week’s Goal Waist at Saturday morning’s measurement.   But on Sunday morning - a big nope.




I could have made things easier on myself by eating less throughout the week.  But the main culprit that curtailed this morning’s measurement was going to a restaurant yesterday evening (atop virtually no walking yesterday).


Mrs H~ was eyeing a house that’s up for sale closer to where she works.   Yesterday we spontaneously nabbed an agent and went to see the house.  After checking it out, Mrs H wanted to have a sit for dinner at a Thai place nearby, and discuss our thoughts about the property.  


There’s no calorie info on the food.  So it was a Craps-shoot with the menu.  I chose not to worry over it, ordered what I liked, and focused on the house discussion.  The jump in measurment from yesterday morning to this morning may be salt related, may be calorie related; may be both.  No way of knowing.  


Regardless, the Epic Quest train continues chugging forward toward the next target:  A 37.25 inch waist by next Sunday morning.




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8 hours ago, Lil_Red_Devil said:

I like that you have such a great attitude when things don't go quite right. You look at what the possible problems were, make a plan, and then let it go :-)


Thanks. :).



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Weekly progress review



A other somewhat disappointing week, in a sense.  My waist measurement stagnated throughout most of the week, and ended the week behind schedule again.





As a reminder, earlier this year there was a point in which my waist had two weeks of progress in only one week.  And at that time, I had moved up my goal schedule by a week.  If I hadn’t moved up the schedule, I’d actually still be right on track as of today, :lol:.  Overconfidence, yeah?  It may be that I just need to accept that the one great week earlier and the one bad week recently have cancelled each other out, and return my Goal column to the original schedule.


I’ll think about it.


In either case, my weight and waist averages still went down compared to previous weeks.  Even if the rate of decrease was smaller this week, I still made progress.





As before, activity level isn’t the issue.  I’m averaging over 10 miles a day (22,000+ steps per daily avg).  I’m burning off plenty of calories. I’ve just been very hungry some days, and eating more calories on those days.


The extra calorie intake hasn’t been consistent.  It’s higher some days, lower other days.    My daily target is 2180 right now.  But where I might eat close to 2180 one day, I’m turning around and eating far more calories the next day due to excessive hunger.  The result is my average calorie intake is now higher than it should be for supporting my goals.


So, what I’m going to do is raise my daily target calories.  In the hopes that doing so will increase my general satiety and curtail those hungrier overeating days.  But, I’ll raise the daily calorie target to an amount that will be less than the average amount I actually ate over the course of last week.  Thus resulting in a net decrease.


Though my daily target was 2180, my inconsistent waves of low and high eating last week actually averaged out to about 2700 calories.  This week I’ll set my target at 2400 daily calories, and we’ll see what happens.




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