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Meal prep help!

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Hey guys! 


So I've been trying to come up with a meal plan to simply my week and my budget! My goal is to have a food budget of less than 10 dollars per meal and keep it within the paelo basics (along with whole milk, brown rice and sweet potatoes to bulk up) I plan on gaining 20 pounds so I'll be right in the good weight for my height (5 foot 3 inches) and pack on muscle with heavy barbell training!


  • Breakfast: Protein (shaker)
  • Protein shake on 10 min break (shaker) + sw potato w cinn sliced+microwave for 5 min
  • Lunch: steak (kinda having trouble settling on the cut choice, I want it to be cheap but also healthy) (6oz) + Asparagus + brown rice and beans
  • Lunch 2: 2 pieces of chicken ( I get whatever is on sale, just as long as it's 6oz each) + 1 steamfresh bag broccoli, califlower, carrots + brown rice
  • Post workout: Steve's muscle building shake + nuts 
  • Snack: bag of chicken (3oz),  carrot chips frozen mixed berries, nuts
  • Dinner: Meat (either chicken or steak) (6oz) with veg


Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys!

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51 minutes ago, calanthrophy said:

Looks good to me. You could sub in different meats for the steak from time to time for the sake of variety/lower price if you wanted.

This makes sense, thanks!

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The hubby and I sometimes write something on the grocery list like this: "Budget Meal." We will do this if we are feeling uninspired as to what to buy, or if we are splurging on something pricier (salmon, ahem).


When we get to the store, we will buy the cheapest meat from the deli counter and the cheapest veg, then figure out how to cook them together. At first we learned a lot of new recipes this way, but eventually we got into a groove.


This week we have baked, herbed pork tips with stir-fry cabbage and onions for our budget meal. (Which is actually budget MEALS since there are only two of us)


Obviously, if there is a great sale on pork tips, buy three and freeze two...

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