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67alecto's October Challenge


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Did an hour bike ride on Friday before the wife and kids got home. Definitely going faster - hills I was having to drop down to 3rd or lower, I was able to do in 5th or 6th gear.

Week 1 of no gym, no calorie tracking.

2lbs lost.

I've realized that the routine of eating had crept into a well-intentioned psychological hunger pattern. I'd eat my snack because it was time to eat my snack...whether or not I was hungry, I'd eat it thinking I'd be staving off future hunger.

This past week, I've felt like I'm eating when I'm hungry. I'm still mentally calculating calories and sticking to serving sizes, but it seems to be working better.

I'll probably start counting again in a couple of weeks, but in the meantime i'm going to focus on eating bigger meals and eating less snacks.

Repairing a lifetime of bad habits...

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Another good bike ride with a stop at the park. Focused a bit more on the exercise aspect - did some chinups by jumping to grab the bars, some hangs and negatives. Also did inverted rows on the monkey bars with my feet propped on the top run of the ladder.

Offered my son the choice of a long, flat way back or a short cut with a big hill. He chose the shortcut. Had to shift down to 4, but I made it up without stopping. My son had to dismount about halfway up, so I got some time to catch my breath.

Repairing a lifetime of bad habits...

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Was heading to bed last night and suddenly remembered I hadn't done anything Tuesday.

So, on the way to bed, in my slippers, I dropped down and did the pre-week 5 exhaustion test for 100 pushups.

Did 40, which puts me in Column 2 for Week 5 (1 more pushup and I would have been in Column 3).

Quite a difference in the columns.

Day 1:

Column 1: 86+ pushups

Column 2: 145+ pushups

Column 3: 185+ pushups

Repairing a lifetime of bad habits...

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Freeze moving in tonight, so after work I did some work in the back yard. Filled in a hole, then manhandled a full 55-gallon rain barrel so I could empty and store for winter.

Everything was fine until I was pulling down the net on my basketball goal (a cheap one that tore after only about 6 months). I was jumping to grab and pull the rest apart. About the 5th jump, I tweaked my knee (the one that's been hurting me since I was doing box jumps on a regular basis back in Aug/Sep).

At this point, no idea what I'm going to do about it (or what I can do). I'll be having a physical soon, so maybe the doc can offer some advice.

The doc hasn't seen me since I started losing weight, so it should be...interesting.

Repairing a lifetime of bad habits...

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2 weeks without going to the gym is complete. New gym program starts today (since it is after midnight) with some upper body work with the goal of doing pull/chin ups. Lots of shoulder and lat work. Knee is still extremely cagey, so may stick with bodyweight squats for the foreseeable future.

Spent about 45 minutes throwing the football around with my son this afternoon. Also built two floppy disk pen holders.


Got an appointment for a physical on Monday morning.

Repairing a lifetime of bad habits...

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10 mile bike ride this morning - my wife and kids drove to the park, I took a long way on the greenway trails. Some brutal hills - a mix of short, steep and long and medium. One particular not-too-steep was particularly tough because there was no room to build up speed - you got on it with a 90-degree turn past a couple of bollards (the metal posts to keep cars and such from trying to get on the path).

At the park, rested about 20 minutes and then came back a slightly different way.

bike ride wore me out, and since I have to fast for my physical tomorrow, I'll probably start at the gym tomorrow afternoon

Repairing a lifetime of bad habits...

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challenge results

1)Lose some weight - I have maintained the exact same weight since the end of the August challenge (7 weekly weighins including this week's). - lost 3lbs

2)Take 2 weeks off from the gym - done

3)Do 3 chinups - didn't attempt

4)Paint the guest room. - got the test square painted and the paint purchased

So a definite fail on the challenge. I didn't really think through goal #3 seeing as how the last half of the challenge was my 2 weeks off from the gym. For the guest room, my goal was to actually paint it the past weekend - I had even taken off Friday and Monday. Unfortunately, on Wednesday, I was informed that my job was going away in 60 days, so that threw me for a loop to say the least. Wrecked the weekend.

Repairing a lifetime of bad habits...

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