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Tai Chi

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Does anyone here practice Tai Chi as "Grant Ultimate Boxing," rather than "Chinese yoga?" I'm interested in working out the martial applications to the movements (since, y'know, that's part of what they were originally for), and was curious as to whether anyone had any reliable resources to start with (no teacher at the moment).



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Taijiquan is one of the internal kung fu disciplines. Most Sifus won’t teach internal disciplines unless you’ve studied external kung fu for several years and have a solid foundation.

I learned some Chen style Taijiquan a few years ago, but have forgotten most of it :(

As you probably already know; there aren’t a lot of quality online resources on kung fu.

You could check out chiflow.com for some info (and a few gifs) on the internal disciplines

…and there’s always youtube.

Good luck!

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Taiji is really hard to nail down as far as martial applications go. Most of the kwoons you'll see offering classes will be very easy breezy Yang-style hippie courses that aren't really useful for combat.

Chen style is super handy for that. Unfortunately, Chen style isn't exactly popular here in the west, and depending on where you live, you may not be able to find a teacher.

Curiously enough, though, Chen really comes into its own as a grappling style, similar to Judo but with an emphasis on the upper body. Judo may be the more realistic choice for you here.

Barring that, your best bet probably is to search Youtube for Chen form videos. Hopefully they'll have something there for you. Good luck!

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I had a semi-old school sifu back in the day who taught both--he'd be talking about chi flows one second and the next about how you could speed up some graceful flowing move to take out a parking lot mugger. No yang for him, he mostly taught Chen and a version of Wu Hao straight from hangzhou--he was the only US disciple of the guy iirc. Both barehanded and weapon forms. We went our separate ways for now-irrelevant reasons but he was a helluva good master in his prime, sort of a cross of Yoda and Ted Nugent.

Tl;dr: the good ones are out there if you know where to look. Check with the better Kung fu schools in your area, they'll know where to steer you.

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