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Jacob's Journal

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Diet: get strict about my Primal/Paleo diet. No more refined sugar, no grains at all, no potatoes. (Potatoes are easy to give up, they're bland anyway).


M,W,F: Pushups. One of my 2010 goals in 25 pushups by my birthday (03/24), then completing the 100 pushup challenge. This takes up my full evening workout time allotment.

T,H: Sprints/Bodyweight. Ideally one of each, but it depends on the weather, and what I feel like doing.

S,S: Play, Walk, Rest. following MDA's guidelines.


These are from Tuesday, 03/02, but they'll do:

Body Fat %: 18.5mm; 19%

Waist at belly button: 41.5 in

Waist at pants: 39.5 in

Right Thigh (at crotch, relaxed, propped up): 27.75 in

Right bicep (relaxed, hanging loose): 13 in

Chest Circumference (relaxed, exhaled): 43 in

Weight: 220.5 lbs this morning.

The Kilt I bought last April is 42" pantswaist, and fit at the time... woohoo(except now I have to buy another $130 kilt...)

Belly button is my base measurement. Weight can fluctuate due to muscle gain, but my key visual aspect is the beer/cheese gut.

Day 1:

Breakfast: Bacon & Egg Burrito (before I started the challenge).

Lunch: Quizno's Black & Bleu Salad, Large, with Large extra meat. Delicious, and Primal as near as I can determine.

Afternoon Snack: Raw Pistachios. Totalled 14 for the day. Munch on them while driving.

Dinner: Mexi-loaf. Threw together a meatloaf, with Almond Meal instead of braedcrumbs. Used some leftover jicama, and fire-roasted tomato salsa in it, and green enchilada sauce on it, just cuz that's what I had around

Evening Snack: Managed to avoid the Girl Scout Cookies; ate Cocoa & Coconut Snacks instead. They're really very filling; 2 was more than enough for the evening. I made mine about ping-pong ball-sized.

Workout: 100 Pushup Challenge, Week 2, Day 1.

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Day 2:

220.5 lbs

Breakfast: Cocoa Coconut Snacks (x4).

Lunch: Meatloaf leftovers from last night.

Afternoon Snack: Raw (unsalted) Pistachios (x14).

Dinner: MLO Whey & Egg Protein (2tbsp), Blue Diamond Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk (10oz).


Beginner Bodyweight Circuits (modified: sub reverse crunches for pushups, since doing pushups on MWF)

Circuit 1: 05:40:32 - removed dog from room halfway through

Circuit 2: 05:11:32

Circuit 3: 06:11:81 - involuntary breather after crunches.


Increase # of Circuits by 1 each week. 3 circuits this week; 4, 5, ending with 6 circuits for the exercise!

If I complete this, reward of 1 extra Xbox game - Beautiful Katamari or {Band} Hero of some sort?

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I like the idea of giving yourself a bonus challenge with a reward at the end! Unfortunately, I promised my fiancé that I was only going to buy one more video game while we were saving for the wedding. But that's okay; I still have one video game on the way, one unopened, and one that I have yet to finish. Plus, I can borrow some from my friends. I should be okay :-)

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Oh sir, it's not just a kilt, it's a Utilikilt. It's a million times awesomer than a real kilt, cuz I can wash it at home, and it has pockets.

Ok, so work was slammed last week, so catch up:

Day 4: not a great day, but it was a heavy-travel day. first breakfast was at 3am.

221.5 lbs

Breakfast: Whataburger breakfast platter, no biscuit or hash-browns (fast food-grade eggs, sausage patty ,bacon)

2nd breakfast: Colorado omelette from Ihop

Afternoon snack: Raw pistachios (x30)

Dinner: Grilled chicken legs (x2), peas&carrots

Evening Snack: Raw pistachios (x14)

Workout: None, went to bed early. Walked the dog 1mi.

Day 5:

?? lbs - Scale is at work; if I'm not there during the same time of day, I don't log it, and I can't note it on the weekends.

Breakfast: Cocoa Coconut Balls (x2)

Lunch: Spinach & Bacon Omlette, side of sliced tomato & cottage cheese

Dinner: leftover grilled chicken breast and onions

Workout: Rest. Walked the dog 1mi.

Day 6:

?? lbs

Breakfast: 5 slices of bacon, 3 eggs fried in the bacon grease. delish.

Dinner: CHEATED. I don't intend to have "cheat days" during this 28 day challenge, so this was pure failing:

Garlic bread, grilled new potato, cajun-grilled shrimp, oyster & catfish. BBQ shrimp later.

Workout: Pushup Challenge, Week 2, Day 1. Walked the dog 2mi.

Day 7:

?? lbs

Breakfast: Huevos Rancheros (x2), Barbacoa, refried beans. I know they're not strict paleo, but I really don't see a problem with beans, especailly as a sometimes; like sweet potatoes.

Dinner: Jack in the Box grilled chicken strips (coated in some nasty bun oil), double bacon cheeseburger w/ no bun.

Evening Snack: Applesauce.

Workout: Walked the dog, 1mi.

Day 8:

218.0 lbs

Breakfast: a couple spoonfuls of cottage cheese; was running quite late.

Lunch: Chipotle salad, with pork. I should have been suspicious of the dressing, but was in a hurry. only not learned it's "chip=otle honey" dressing, so i'm sure it's full of HFCS.

Post-workout: 10oz Unsweetened Vanilla almond milk, 2 tbsp MLO Whey & Egg Protein powder.

Dinner: Scallop Chowder, homemade. delish.

Evening Snack: Large Curd cottage cheese, 1 cup.

Workout: Pushup Challenge, Week 2, Day 2. Walked the dog .75mi.

As you can tell, the weekends are my weak spot. At work, we're all on one diet or another, so I can stay on track. On the weekends though, we don't co-ok as a house, and I'm either going out with friends, scrounging, or getting fast food. Also, when work makes me have a 3am morning, it's habit/tradition/ritual to get whataburger. I've not gotten the taquitos, but still...

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Day 9:

218.0 lbs

Breakfast: 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 5 strawberries.

Lunch: 'Iceburger' Double Bacon Cheeseburger. Quite delicious with Cholula sauce. If you know In-n-Out, this is the same as "Protein-style"

Dinner: Slow-cooker bacon-wrapped beef heart. This was an experiment, and a highly successful one. The only thing that was wrong was that I doubled the amount of wine called for to get the liquie I needed, and this ended up being way too much. Imagine a good pot roast; beef heart has the exact same flavor, just a smoother texture. Not so smooth as to be creepy, just a little smoother. and more substantial than tongue.

Workout: .5mi dogwalk. Incidental rest day. Didn't get home till 9pm. Will make up on the weekend.

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the good news jacob is that you've already lost a few pounds. keep it up.

I'm planning on going primal 1 April (I'm thinking Easter when I am at home is a good time to get this underway and deal with the early side effects) I hardly eat much in the way of bread now so giving that up shouldnt be too hard for me, but I love my potatoes... My partner and I tried dropping the carbs for a few days last month, man the headache was awful but I felt lighter in my gut. Of course when I then fell off the wagon and hit the carbs with a vengeance again, my gut was quite cross with me. I had the WORST bloating ever. Do you find this happens with you.

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Well, I know I didn't post on here as well as I should have, but I do have all the data, and keep meaning to come back and update it.

I will post my numbers tonight!


I give myself a C.

Goal 1a: Work on Pushup Challenge workout 3x a week, hit 25 pushups by 03/24.

- I did my pushup challenge 3x a week, except for last friday. Last Wed was my birthday, and I did 22 straight pushups, than had to drop knees for the last 4. I barely missed my New Year's resolution, but I vastly improved my form, and made 22; last August was barely able to eke out 3, and in bad form, so I think it's still in a good place.

Goal 1b: Sprints/Bodyweight Workout 2x a week

- I think I only did Bodyweight 2x total, but I did jog a mile most days (finally got my dog to heel well enough to do that with me), and feel like I worked out appropriately 2x a week.

Goal 2: Strict Primal/Paleo diet

- This one I did not do well on. This pas weekend especially, I had a flour tortilla breakfast burrito, 2 corn tortilla tacos, and 2 girl scout cookies. At least 2 other times I had corn chips (mexican food is my weakness.)

Though I give myself a C, I also have to say the exercise portion of the challenge was not well thought-out. I did my pushups, but it never felt like a lot of exercise. I don't feel like I worked myself out enough overall, and my bodyfat % still hasn't changed much the past few weeks.

For April my Challenge will be:

- Primal Diet again. I'm going to ask my roommates to join me; if they're on it, and we clear out the house, and don't go get mexican food, it'll be a lot easier. One of them cut sodas for March, so maybe I can talk them into it. I think getting a good 30 days is very important, as this article argues.

- Strength-building exercises 3x a week. I'm looking at investing in a bench press soon (used of course), but for now, I think I'm going to build a slosh pipe, and build a workout routine using steve's article. WIll include squats, lunges, reverse ab crunches, pullups, chinups... what's a good bench-press type exercise, if i don't have a bench that'll let me drop my elbows?

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Thanks! I think the biggest difference is that I have pecs now! This way, when I get my fat down more, I don't be concave.

Numbers, 03/29:

Body Fat %: 18.0mm; 19%

I really don't think I'm using this right. I'm gonna watch videos and stuff, and hopefully be more accurate in April.

Waist at belly button: 41.0 in

I think this is actually a little smaller, but I couldn't find the tape measure till after dinner...

Waist at pants: 38.0 in

This has been the most noticeable place. I've punched a new belt hole, and am about ready to do so again.

Right Thigh (at crotch, relaxed, propped up): 26.0 in

There is a visual difference here, but my legs have always been lean.

Right bicep (relaxed, hanging loose): 12 in

The tone change here is amazing. Relaxed, they're still round, but you can see that there's muscle under there.

Chest Circumference (relaxed, exhaled): 41.25 in

I'm kind of surprised this shrunk; the visual change from the pushups is very striking.

Weight: 215 this morning,

I was 211 on Fri, but didn't eat clean this weekend :(

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Ok, pic from 03/29:


As you can see, chest is a good bit more developed. I don't notice much difference in the gut, but my roommate does.

I generally hold my gut up during the day - helps to work the abs even more - but for the status pics, I try to completely relax.

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