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Cornelia's Fourth


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Fourth Challenge!! Huzzah!


It's my first time joining with the Assassins group (waves goodbye to the Rebels, good luck everyone over there!) and I’m super excited to get started on the next challenge. So.. here we go!


1. Continue upping the challenge with the BBWW. This time I will do 2 circuits 3x/week. I will also continue to add posture exercises at the end of each circuit.  (Fitness)


2. Oil pull with coconut oil every morning while waiting for my tea to steep. Yay for healthy teeth and gums! (Self-care)


3. In bed, lights out by 11pm. I'm looking at you harry potter fanfiction, your late nights are numbered! (Wellness)


4. Start on my 1790s red and white dress or my 1920s house dress. I can't decide! (Quest)


Gotta go help my daughter build her Harley Quinn Legos... more updates soon :-)







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Welcome to the assassins!! Sounds like a great challenge. I hope you'll post pictures of the dresses, that sounds awesome! 

"You can have what you want, or you can have something better"

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To set an example for my patients and my family.

To no longer feel inferior or held back because of my weight.

To gain more confidence and be proud of my appearance.


Starting Weight: 290 lbs

Main Quest: Reach my Ideal Body Weight of 190 lbs

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