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Better Than I Once Was, Better I Intend to Be

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So I kinda stopped updating and visiting the forums during the last challenge. I went through a breakup, and kind of shut down all forms of communication as part of the healing process. I did really well with my last challenge (minus the dancing daily part because I realized I hate being required to dance) despite disappearing on the forums, and am overall quite proud of myself. 


I'm still getting over the break-up and I'm having a hard time, but I have another challenge planned. Last time I exceeded my goals, so I plan to make my challenge slightly tougher, but not too much. 



-BW Workout every MWF, no skipping.

-Do something active for at least 20 minutes 2 times a week on off days. 



-Since I quit Dr. Pepper/soda last time, I want to phase out 0 calorie energy drinks that I've replaced with. Similar phase out plan, only 4 first week, 3 second week, 2 third week, 1 fourth week. 

-Since I lowered (and basically quit) fast food last time, meal prep 1 time a week for lunches, cook dinner 2 times a week. 



-Since the breakup, I've been reading more, so I'd like to read 20 minutes a night, 5x a week. 

-Since the breakup, I've obviously become a bit of a hermit, so I'd like to make sure I get out of the house and do something with someone else at least once a week. 


That's what I've got. Most of these habits I got started on in the last week or two. I plan to take BC Powder to help with headaches if I have any caffeine withdrawal. And as always drink TONS of water, which I'm pretty good at as long as I keep a filled water bottle by me. 


I've had a rough couple of weeks guys, but I'm super proud of myself. I plan to keep fighting through this challenge. I really appreciate that a lot of y'all still checked in after I disappeared. 


Anyway, onwards and upwards!

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I got home today. Worked out. The work out nearly kicked my ass. I'm already sore and I was basically praying for strength through my last rep (which is a big deal since I'm not super religious anymore). I watched Netflix until 9 o clock. Then I read for about an hour in my new book Dataclysm. I'm gonna try and be a good kid and go to sleep now so I can maybe get my day without an energy drink out of the way tomorrow. 


Good night all! Tomorrow is another day, and I'm thinking getting swimming in on my off day before the pool closes. 

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