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karinajean beach bodies in the dark and goes places but you can't see her because NINJA (and eclipse)


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11 hours ago, karinajean said:

we can do it! catch up on forums I mean. we can also eat all the things. I'm not gonna tell you what to do.


Hey man, we've had ice cream in the house for three days and I've only eaten it ONCE. I'm feeling pretty good about not eating all the things right now.


11 hours ago, karinajean said:

weirdly my belly still seems just as big but I think my body is rearranging some. my arms and shoulders and pecs seem more muscular than they used to. my wedding ring is looser (so my fingers are smaller?!) and I think my face is slimming down a bit.


This sounds entirely plausible (I get the same thing re belly vs rest of body). The fingers and ring, they do not lie. And you're looking great, for what that's worth. I'm not surprised to hear that people are commenting on it.


11 hours ago, karinajean said:

I'm pretty tired right now guys, so I'm gonna go to sleep.


Yes, this seems legit.


11 hours ago, karinajean said:

 ugh, how is this challenge almost over (she says, having traveled from NY to OH to MD to NY to CO to NY during the challenge)???


I KNOW ME TOO except without the travel

"We can be heroes"

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That tooootally happens to me too. Everything else slims up first and the belly is like "OH HI I AM STILL HERE HAHAHAHA".  Also you look awesome. And OOOOOH HOARDS OF CORN. NOM!

Assassin extraordinaire!!

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