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Been waiting all day for my new couch to be delivered, first 2 hours delayed and half-way another 90 minutes delayed. Decided to sleep an hour in the afternoon and will probably sleep another hour before my night shift. 


Did my lvl2 tests on NF Rings & NF Handstands and i completed them all. So im ready to start with lvl3.


Been playing a bunch of AC Syndicate the last few days and am getting close to finishing it 100%. Its nice to have a change of pace after playing a bunch of Destiny 2. Waiting right now to play Darksiders 3 and will start streaming Darksiders 1 & Darksiders 2 to be ready for Darksiders 3 when it comes out on 27-11.


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Sunday 18-11-18

Made a new program. Alternating between Upper & Lower workouts. 


Warmed up: Jumping Rope

Mobility:  NF Handstand 

Ring Push-ups: 3 x 10-20

Pull-ups: 3 x 4-10

Plank & Leg Raise: 3 x 30 seconds/10-20


This workout felt awesome. Will update this one through the day.

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Monday 21-8-17 till Sunday 27-8-17

This last week was my last vacation week before i start working again tomorrow. The week was mostly spend sleeping till noon and just relaxing a bit on my couch. I had a big backpack full with dirty clothes and i didnt wash them till thursday. They were that dirty that they have stains that i cant wash out but slightly dirty from wearing them. 

I went outside a few times to get a few geocaches near me and this week i got in total 13 caches. 

I bought a lockpicking set and a lock and made the first steps towards lockpicking, but i need to order a see-through one so i can see what i'm doing and have a better understanding of everything. 

Next week works starts again and then ill start going back in my routine and really start with my new hobbies & skills. I have a few things planned and  i'm going to do them for 30 days. 


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Monday 28-8-17

Had a rough night. Today i started working again and it didn't really help me that i was awake from 2:00 till 3:00. But i luckily was able to sleep before my alarm went off. I read a bit of "Target" by David Baldacci. And did my Startbodyweight routine, made a correct choice by going a difficulty back to make it easier to get back into it. 

When i got to work i was able to get in the flow of it pretty quick. And after work i decided to go grab a few geocaches since the weather was nice. 


I got almost all the green ones in the picture. I couldnt get one because they were working on the road there and everything was a mess. I spent a good 1,5 hour to get those caches.

And when i got home i remember one downfall of my morning shifts...i'm always tired/sleepy near the end of the day. And i still don't have the right way to battle that.



Workout Log:

Start Bodyweight

Weighted Assisted Pistol Squat 3x5

Wide Grip Pull-ups 3x5

Wall-bent Push-ups 3x5

Hanging Leg Raises 3x5

Decline Elbows In Push-ups 3x8

Plank 3x35 seconds



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Tuesday 29-8-17

Today was hot!! Went for a few Geocaches after work but most of them were hard to find because they were in bushes and i wasn't dressed for it. I wanted to go for a run after i got home but i fell a sleep and woke up too late to go for one. Not a lot more has happened that day.


Wednesday 30-8-17

Today at work i had a conversation with the director for a full-time contract and i'm happy to say i got one!!!



And i once a gain had a moment where i fell asleep and woke up a bit later. Still can't find a solution to this. 

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On 8/30/2017 at 2:47 PM, Grandkai_NL said:

Today at work i had a conversation with the director for a full-time contract and i'm happy to say i got one!!!



On 8/30/2017 at 2:47 PM, Grandkai_NL said:

And i once a gain had a moment where i fell asleep and woke up a bit later. Still can't find a solution to this.

Maybe try working with it rather than against it and have a planned nap.

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Current Challenge: Zeroh, stick to the routine!

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Last Tuesday i posted my challenge to try and get back into routine and posting more. Here's the link:


Let me catch you guys up a bit with what happened to me since the last time i posted something. Which was....oh boy August 30?!?! Thats a long time ago. Well since that time:

- Trip to Antwerpen; Last weekend i went on a trip to Antwerpen, Belgium with my father. This is the second time we went on a Father/Son weekend and we both had a really fun time. It was a 3 hour drive from our city so we decided to drive early Saturday morning that we had the whole day still in Antwerpen. When we got there we signed in for the hotel but couldnt enter our room yet till around 16:00. So we got a nice lunch and walked through the city. We saw a lot of little bars so naturally we went to a few for some beers and some wines. Near the end of theday we went to the hotel to get into our room and relaxed for 30 minutes before we went out for dinner. But sadly it rained like crazy so we decided to enter one of the first steak houses we saw. And we had a great dinner there. But the best thing of it all is our night out in a Irish Pub with live music. The music was amazing, great old sing a long's. And a bunch of drinks :D

It was a great weekend and now we have to figure out where to go next....


- Destiny gaming; So last week Destiny 2 came out, a game from Bungie that also made the Halo Trilogy. So i was extremely excited for that game and it matched my expectations. I was a big fan of the first one (despite the story being a bit of a let down) so i couldnt wait to play this one. Only thing was i had a night shift and i didnt have a lot of time to play everyday, but the release day i went to bed after work (7:00) and woke up just a few hours later (10:45) to get the game. Every spare minute i had i played the game. And now a week later i am still hooked, not so much as first but thats a good thing since i need/want to workout and need to keep a clean apartment and such.


-New Challenge; As i posted above i posted a new challenge, i think my last challenge was in June/July? I cant remember but i know its good to start a challenge again, everytime it helped my stay on my goals. So most of the goals are the basics: workout regularly, eat properly & do something to level up my life. Can't wait to really start next week. This week is still a bit of prepping because i also have a lot of unhealthy stuff in my kitchen that i want to get rid off.


So thats a lot in one go. I'm hoping to post more regularly from now on (Its also a challenge goal :D ).

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This last week i prepared a lot of stuff for my challenge tomorrow. And i can't wait to start it.

Today i woke up at a decent time and spent a big chuck of my morning in bed just chilling with my phone or ipad. At around lunch i decided to get out of bed and get my coffee and finish my book. I was reading David Baldacci's "The Target" and it was a really good book. I started the "Will Robie" series with The Guilty that i started reading because of a reading challenge last year. And i wanted to read the rest also. For now i'm going to skip the last book (i was planning to re-read it) because i have the latest book from Sarah J. Maas since the September 6th and i really really really really want to read it. So its first that one and after that "The Guilty", i happen to see that the last book from the series will come November 14th. Atleast i think it will be the last one since the title is "End Game". 

After reading i watched the latest "Fireteam Chat" podcast from IGN and enjoyed a bunch of Destiny 2 with a few friends. In the evening i went to my parents and had a nice dinner with them. Most sunday's i go to my parents and have a nice dinner in their home and a little catching up. We had a nice Spaghetti with chicken. After that a quick cup of coffee and back home. Right now there's some food in the oven cooking for my meals this week, i did have time to make all my meals but i spent all my time playing a game. So i'm left with making something fast for now. Tomorrow ill cook the rest.


Tomorrow the 4-Week challenge starts again and i'm excited to go for it once again.

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Monday 19-9-17 (dd/mm/yy)

Today i decided to see where my freaking package is (sorry about that, pretty annoyed). About 2 weeks ago i had a package send to me and it would be delivered at my home on wednesday/thursday between 14:00-17:00. Nothing, next day they would come back around the same time. Still nothing. So they send it to a pick-up location for me to pick up. Fine but they send the package to a pick-up location thats far away from me, while there is one literally 1 street away from me (it normally goes here). So i'm waiting for the confirm that its been delivered to the pick-up location. 1 week goes by and the track code says its still on its way. 2 weeks still the same so now i'm pissed. 

So i decided to go to the pick-up location and see if it perhaps is there, despite it was pouring and i mean pouring like hell, street drains had problems keeping the water in. And yes it was there. Thank god, because if it wasnt the post service was going to get a pissed off call from me. So i got the package put it in a bag and biked back home with it mostly dry.


When i got home it rained the rest of the day. I cleaned my apartment, did a bit of juggling, duolingo, lockpicking and headstand training and relaxed the rest of the day on the couch playing Destiny 2.



Tuesday 20-9-17

When i got home after work i wanted to go for a run, but i had no clue what distance i watned to run. I use a running app but not with a program. Ive always winged my distances and i think on my own i have done a decent job. I could have run certain distances faster if i used a program but i enjoyed this way. My latest run last week was 9km in 50 minutes (5,30" per km). But by the time i decided what distance to run i had another appointment so i had to skip my run. But its just the start of the week still have 5 more days to run.  

I started juggling today with 2 balls, its definitely different from 1 ball. Throwing both balls up and catching them isn't really that hard but the goal with 2 balls is to have a decent rhythm with them Perhaps ill spend a bit more time just throwing them and catching them and when i have a nice score with that ill try throwing them with a rhythm. 


As for cleaning i cleaned the bathroom today while listening to Michael Jackson, so a lot of dancing and making Michael Jackson sounds :D the whole day was a bit Michael Jackson themed, listened it on my way to work and back. 

In the evening spend some time with friends playing some Destiny 2 crucible. Its always fun when i'm playing with them, but when i play pvp with them my k/d goes down. Probably because i hear them too much through my headset (no shit since the sound is maxed), so next time the headset sound way down that i can focus on the match. 


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2 hours ago, Grandkai_NL said:

I started juggling today with 2 balls, its definitely different from 1 ball.


A few years ago I learned to juggle three balls. (And that's the end of my progress.) As many suggest I started out with one and then two balls and I was complete incompatible with that. No chance of understand juggling two balls.

So I just started straight with three and it went pretty well pretty fast. Brains and muscles are weird...

The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.

Instagram food log

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Monday 25-9-17

Last week didnt really go so well for my challenge goals. Had a bunch of stuff after work that made it harder for me to focus on my goals. And with that half-way through the week i felt really exhausted. Stayed longer in bed, didnt workout in the morning or in the afternoon. And spent too much time on my xbox playing Destiny 2. But today i made a good start to get everything done. Did my workout, minus 1 set. I have a OCR upcoming Sunday and i am taking it slightly easier so im nog exhausted for the race. Cleaned the whole apartment and the toilet. Also catched up on most of my anime. Did a quick powernap before going to work. 


Tuesday 26-9-18

Did a short run today to keep loose and stay running ready. Cleaned up and watched a few anime episodes. Not a lot has happend beside that....

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Tomorrow is my OCR run and im excited to do it. 10K run with 30+ obstacles with 2 friends, the weather prediction isnt great. A bit of rain but then again it will be handy since it will clean the mud of my clothes :D 

But this week ive also been thinking a lot of what i do with my day. As i sit on my couch typing this i think back on what i used to do on my Saturday's. I used to wake up early around 8ish, read and go grocery shopping. After that i would make my meals for upcoming week and clean my apartment (vacuum, clean windows etc), in the evening make a new recipe and watch a few shows and then perhaps game or go to bed. And if i look at what i did today (and do most saturdays now): alarm goes around 8ish, i hit snooze and sleep till 10ish. Stay in bed watching youtube video's and then slowly get out of bed, read and turn on my xbox and play games for a few hours, then go grocery shopping for just today and order food in the evening. And spent the evening watching youtube video's i have watching multiple times. And i am really disappointed in myself, i had such a good routine in the beginning and i don't know what happened that changed me. 

I want to get back into a good routine where i keep a clean apartment and do my chores and put gaming on the 4th or 5th place. During my night shift i looked on the internet for a few tips to go back to my habit.  So far https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/how-to-build-a-batcave-for-habit-change/ & https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/how-to-become-a-morning-person/ gave me good tips to start getting back to a routine.


I also got problems in my morning routine, it used to be: wake up, read, workout, shower, eat, get ready for work but during some shifts i wouldnt do my workout and i wouldnt take a shower, so those weeks i wouldnt take a shower for atleast 3-4 days :(


Brett Mckay from Art of Manliness had a great sentence in his "The Power of Morning & Evening Routines" video: "While we generally can't control what happens during the middle of the day, we can usually control how we begin and end our day. So take advantage of this fact by incorporating your most important tasks, actions and behaviors in your morning and evening routines". With that in mind i made a list of things i want to do during my morning and evening. I decided to focus on a few things: literature, skill, fitness & hygiene. And this is what i came up with:

At the beginning of the day:

Literature - Reading a book with Coffee

Fitness - Stretching and Startbodyweight Routine (starting with 2 sets to get back into rhythm)

Skill - 10 minutes Duolingo language training

Hygiene - Shower and trim beard.


At the end of the day:

Literature - Read a light novel, write in this journal (no matter how small it is, even if its just a quick check-off list)

Fitness - Headstand training, Meditate

Skill - Lockpicking and juggling

Hygiene - pick tooth after brushing

*Not all in this order.

Perhaps this is wayyyyy too much to do, but this is my goal for this year. By the end of the year i want to have this routine grounded and set! Upcoming monday i am going to start with this routine, i had to make a change to the time that i go to sleep and wake up so thats also a challenge. 

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Yesterday i did my first OCR ever! It was Race Against Nature in Belgium (roughly 2h drive for me). I did this race with 2 friends and we took it nice and easy It was a 10K run and roughly every km there was a obstacle to get through. First one was a river and from there it went on to small wooden walls & a ramp. The ramp was easier then i had expected. First run i got it, just kept my speed up and went for the wooden bar when i got as close as possible. There was a lot of water during this race, just when i thought i was dried up i had to go back into the mud, but that was to expected with this sort of races. Near the end of the race we had a large rope swing and a big drop off into water that was 3-4meters deep. I was glad to get out of there haha. At the end we got a nice medal and sport drinks (damn i needed those). We did the run in 2,5h which was pretty slow considering after the race i wasn't really tired but the goal of my first race wasn't to make a fast time but to complete it.


Today i woke up with just a little bit of bruises on my legs and a little bit of soreness in my left Lat. So i decided to workout today and follow my new routines. I did sleep in a bit since i had that race yesterday. But i was pretty surprised that i felt so good. I am planning to do more races, maybe alone or perhaps with a friend again. One race i have planned for upcoming year is the "Ijsselloop" a race in my hometown. Probably going to do the 10K or perhaps the 15K if i keep my condition up during the winter.

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I mentioned my morning in the post above. Through the day i got a call from working asking me if i could work 12h on/12h off shifts for the upcoming 3 days. A machine has to be changed to a new spec and that has never been done on that one. And supposedly i'm the only qualified person to do it. But you basically change it the same way as all the other machines. So why i'm the only qualified person to do it i don't know. But i am getting 12hours in overtime which means a nice boost of money. Only thing thats going to suck is that i have less ME-time. Luckily i am off on Friday so i think i can get that time back.

Oh wait Friday my brother is visiting me from Germany.....a few busy weekends coming up.



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Tuesday 3 October 2017

Today i started my 3-day 12h on/12h off shifts. Woke up pretty good and quickly did my morning routine and went to work. At work we had a machine that always packages the products on the same size. ALWAYS. But now for a new client they want it on a different size, but since this machine has never worked on that other size we had to change it from scratch. So a lot of measuring, cutting, adjusting and so forth to get it correct. 

I started with it around 10:00 and was done at around 20:30. Normally to change the specs of a machine it takes me roughly 3 hours. This cost me freaking 10 hours!?!? and perhaps tomorrow ill be working to get it back to its original specs. 

One plus side though, because i was so busy i had no time to be lazy. So i had no problem to stay awake and i'm sure that tonight i will sleep like a rock.


As for my challenge goals of today:

Fitness: No run

Nutrition: Oke

Life Goals: Oke

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Sunday 8 October 2017

Not a lot of posting this week, was wayyyy to tired from working 12h on, 12h off shifts. Luckily i was busy during those 12 hours so no time to sit down and sleep. But last Friday my brother visited me from Germany and we had a nice time together. Catching up on everything, went to Kingsman The Golden Circle (was a good movie, not as great as the first one but still great). After that a bunch of beers and i went to bed at around 03:00. So the next day was a real relax type of day. 

But i went out and got myself the new iPhone 8, i read online that it was a better idea to wait for the iPhone X but i'm not that sure about unlocking the phone with my face and for me its just a too big size. I used to have a 4" iPhone SE which was a good size but the screen got a bit too small for me. I had too few moments that the screen was close to my face and with the 4,7" screen i have that less.


Now ill only have to wait for the Airpods so i can go wireless with my music. Which is going to feel great, i'm so annoyed with cable from my earbuds. I had a cheap bluetooth headset but the controls were on 1 side which made that side heavier and the earbud fell out a lot of times. But what can i expect for roughly 15 euro's.



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Monday 16 October 2017

Woke up pretty early today. Which was a bit unexpected. I had a party yesterday from a co-worker. We works at the company for 40 years now and it was celebrated at a local grill restaurant. Everyone could get their own drinks from the fridge or from the beer taps. A lot of beer was tapped. Luckily for myself i know when to stop. Most of the time when i have a bit of trouble drinking the beer i know i have had enough. The beer doesn't taste that great then and i switch over to coca cola. But we had a fun time, a lot of laughing and delicious food. 

When i got home i felt exhausted but stayed awake till 01:00 since i knew that i had a night shift the next day and i could use all the sleep i could get. 

But i woke up at 09:00 and stayed a bit longer in my bed to relax. When i got out i started to work on my next challenge (which is up, check my signature) and focused on mostly BIG goals. And mostly skilled based. I wanted to stop and give goals like: workout 3x a week, run 2-3x a week. Since these are things that i normally already do. So i just put them in the goals as a way to get my BIG goal. 

When i got my challenge up i worked on getting a new routine. First starting the day with the headstand & split training and then going for my coffee and reading time. After that a workout then breakfast and a shower.


This afternoon i had to go to my dentist and most of the time there are no problems. But today he told me i had to go to the teeth surgeon. One of my wisdom teeth is growing weird, its starting to point to the front of my mouth. So i will have to get it pulled, i am not looking forward to this. I know its going to be quick and mostly painless but i have bad memories with pulling teeth and surgeons. For my braces i had to have 3 teeth pulled, without sedation. And my gums cut so my 2 front teeth could grow together. 

Now off to work for my nightshift. And when i get home a quick little read through my light novel.

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Finally getting back online after what seems like forever and glad to see you're still active and making progress :) Hope all is well. 

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