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I'm looking for more or more people who would like to swap recipes. Share ideas on healthy eating. Learn new ways to cook. Bonus points if you have to cook for your whole family. Maybe create a shared Pinterest board or something. Swap meal plans or share success or failures in the strange world that is cooking. 


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1 hour ago, Diadhuit said:

Great idea! I am going to follow you, might contribute some recipes, but right now I am cooking very little...
Maybe you'll change my habits? :)

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welcome! I'm working on getting some paleo recipes as well and going through my meal planning app n dumping or archiving some rather unhealthy ones. 

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This sounds like a great idea. A shared pinterest board would be handy (Oh the hours wasted trawling pinterest for recipes). I only cook for two, and not every day, but I'm trying to do a little more of my share of the cooking, and I need healthy recipes that will also be tasty!

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Ooh I’m in!! I love this idea! I’m not paleo and I’m a vegetarian but I cook for my family! 

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