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The IF/Leangains Mutual Support Thread


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Have the shake some time after your workout, towards the end of your window is probably fine.  The timing really matters a lot less when it's condensed like that.

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I'm looking into trying LeanGains for at least a few months, but first I'm looking for some suggestions on the logistics of it. I work until 7pm and then lift afterwards, so I'd want a feeding window of 3-11 or something. Problem is, there's no fridge or microwave at work, so I'd need things easy to pack and transport for breaking the fast, and I can't think of very many things with the desired macro proportions. Any tips?

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My go-to is canned beans, but you could easily do something as simple as have a shake (or shakes) at work and eat real meals after your workout.  Or you could stick with fruits and stuff at work, and get most of your protein later in the day. 

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Just have to say done a leangains method for almost 3 years. Mostly everyday. But some days life gets in the way. Finace wants to grab breakfast. Want to go out and have breakfast. Anything. The biggest and best thing I have learned is dont stress the minutia of it. If you are off by a few hours or a meal goes late or early don't worry about it. If for a few days you eat at 12/12 that works too its fantastic it all works.  Your overall macros drive 90% of progress. Maybe more. Not when and how much you eat. The extra stress from trying to "do it right" Will create worse effects than "doing it wrong"  Just my little bit. I just love the convenience. I dont feel it helps fat loss any extra.

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I see this thread isn't typically very busy, but screw it I'll post here anyway.

I train at around 10 or 11 in the morning, eat a very large meal at around 1 in the afternoon (see the picture below), then a small dinner at around 7 in the evening consisting of meat and veg. I started IF a while ago but ended up stopping until about a month ago.


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