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Oh the biggest challenge - Ice Cream


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So I've cut out potato chips and was never really big on candy or other sugar things but ice cream has always been my vice and I don't know what to do, I've tried cutting cold turkey and that's impossible and I've tired to limit how much I eat but that just makes me want it more and I need help to fight the cravings. 


Thank you for reading this! Any feedback is appreciated!

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The biggest thing I've learned is that if I have food in the house, I'm going to eat it.  Why yes, I would like to eat that box of cookies instead of dinner.  Extra holiday candy?  It's easier to just carry the entire bag.  I don't even like chips that much, but if there's an open bag, I'll finish it.  X_x


So controlling my diet is mostly about controlling what I buy.  If I don't keep those things in the house, I'm not going to be tempted by them.  The second step is finding healthier alternatives to your cravings.  Personally, I have a huge sweet tooth, so I'm going to have candy on a regular basis.  Instead of fighting the urge until I break down and buy a bag of Reese's, I keep a few dark chocolate nuggets around for after meals.  They're just sweet enough to fill my craving, but not so sweet that I keep going back for more.


So my recommendation is to buy smaller quantities of ice cream and skip the special flavors.  Plain vanilla ice cream (or frozen yogurt) isn't terrible for you, and you can add fresh fruit if that makes it more satisfying.  And if you only have a quart to last the week, you're less likely to overeat, since you have to make ANOTHER grocery trip to get more.


The key here is to find alternatives instead of eliminating the foods you enjoy.  We want this to be a long-term, sustainable change, not a 30-day fix after which you immediately backslide.  :friendly_wink:

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Greek yogurt with frozen berries with a drizzle of maple syrup. 


Or frozen banana blended with some vanilla. 


Casein powder mixed with less milk & whipped, stick in the freezer for a bit. 


I don't even want ice cream anymore, because these taste better! 

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I treat myself to halo top ice cream once a week... Satiates my ice cream craving while giving me a dose of protein and almost no sugar! 

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On 9/23/2017 at 3:24 PM, IslandGirl_Becks said:

I treat myself to halo top ice cream once a week... Satiates my ice cream craving while giving me a dose of protein and almost no sugar! 


Unfortunately it's sold at Wal-Mart. I don't go in Wal-Mart....


Recently I got this Edy's ice cream with Splenda. But I have heard splenda is bad because it's in diet sodas.

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21 hours ago, Will35 said:

But I have heard splenda is bad because it's in diet sodas.


This is primarily false. Whether or not the sweeteners in diet sodas are good or bad for you can be debated on both sides. But only a handful contain Splenda and the name brand sodas that do contain a secondary artificial sweetener. 


To the OP - what about the single serve containers so that you can limit the amount you eat?

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If I had to bet, you limited it by too much too quickly. the approach that @Sylvaa suggested is probably the one that is going to work the best for you. If you eat your serving, and there is no more available, you're less likely to eat any more. But if you cut it out of your diet completely, you'll end up hating your diet and decide not to continue it at some point. Your diet should be something you're happy to maintain long term, not something you're just going to go back on once you hit your goal.

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Ice cream as long as it is real ice cream and not custard has never given me a problem during weight loss or weight training. It's a dairy and therefore one of the good "fats". It's your choice but I never had the need to cut out ice cream or cheese (real cheese, not the fake kind) out of my diet. Both are good sources of calcium.


Custard doesn't count because it is loaded with fat (the bad kind).

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[EDIT] Just realized this thread is OOOOOLD. Oops. Well hey if it's useful to ya, read on!


I get the ice cream thing. Like for real. I consider the pint or two a day for months period of my life to be mainly responsible for a huge weight gain several years ago, and a minor weight gain earlier this year.


One very helpful guideline I've used recently (and successfully) for things like this is being realistic about what's involved with the process and assigning judgement to the consequences of the action rather than the action itself. Eating ice cream isn't bad, it's some of the consequences of eating ice cream that are bad.


I let go of the idea of forcing myself to quit eating ice cream, this relieved the pressure which perplexingly would make me want it more! Instead I started paying close attention to how I felt, physically and emotionally before, during and after I ate. Identifying its "parts" made it less abstract and simpler to manage. I reduced the whole process to basically this:


When I buy ice cream I'm losing about $6 for momentary satisfaction. After I'm done, I won't be able to taste it anymore and instead, I'll feel bloated and farty for a full day. This will make me sad because "I did it again" and I'll pile on a little more self-loathing. It will also screw with my sleep, causing me to have a crappy day. And since part of my motivation for buying ice cream is to find some kind of relief from a crappy day, eating it will continue to ensure that I will eat it again. If I keep eating it at this rate, I will get fat and uncomfortable.


Keeping all that in mind, over time I just found those little moments of strength to inhibit the habit in some way. Even things like buying ice cream I don't like as much or eating most of it and dumping out the rest. Eventually, the reality of what my habit really does to me in the long-term became the pilot of my decisions. It was not cold turkey for me, and took a lot of pragmatic thinking and introspection to deal with. I use the same kind of pragmatism to work on other areas of my life and with practice, it is becoming more and more of a second-nature behavior.


Your life situation is almost certainly not exactly the same as mine, but I suggest you take some pressure off yourself and use that effort to just observe yourself for a little bit. Enjoy the ice cream in the meantime but keep the goal in mind. Figure your habit out before you slowly work in some effort to fix it. Also-and very importantly- congratulate yourself when you have a success!


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Make nIce Cream! Just dice some fruits and freeze them. Then mix them with coconut milk or coconut cream, maybe add a little bit of bourboun vanilla. If you have ripe bananas or mangos in the mix it will be sweet enough, otherwise just add a little bit of agave syrup or honey. You can even add some home made granola and it will be a filling and delicious snack!




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