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So my kickboxing class is on fridays and I figured I could lift on Mondays and Wednesdays and Friday before/after class. My lifting schedule is pretty simple and clean:


  • Monday: squats, overhead presses, and pull ups
  • Wednesday: deadlifts, bench presses, body rows
  • Friday: lunges, dips, chin ups


Since Friday is one of the lighter days and my kickboxing class are on the same day it's one of my more active days. As for what I do when I'm not in the gym, I'm biking everywhere, I'm a college kid so I use my bike to get to class and work. (School is two miles away and work is 3.8 so like 4 miles.) I have class on Tuesdays and Thursdays and work everyday I'm not in class so I'm biking quite a bit, I know cardio can stunt the progress you make in lifting but I think cycling can also stunt it? I'm not sure but anyway I'd like any feedback and advice any of you have



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The program seems pretty solid. As you progress you may find some smaller muscles aren't developing enough to keep your joints balanced, so you may want to supplement with stuff like face pulls (can be done with a resistance band outside of the gym if that works better for you) and upright rows (primarily thinking about the shoulder girdle as most people find they have problems there).


Additionally, if kickboxing is something you're really into, you might want to train some more explosive movements, like the powerclean and the pushpress. If it were my program, I'd put the pushpress on Monday in place of the OHP, and make your friday workout powercleans, OHP and chinups. But if you're just doing kickboxing as a bit of fun and extra conditioning, its probably not that critical, and your current program is solid enough to stand on its own.

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