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Questions for Guild Leader Hazard - (Ask Me Anything)

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17 hours ago, Hazel said:

@Hazard I’m confused what is the challenge I don’t see a description for what the 5 week challenge is or do you make it up for yourself



Hi Hazel.  I described the 5 week challenges and gave instructions for them in the other pinned thread, at this link:  *** READ THIS THREAD FIRST *** NF Beginner Guidebook.  I'm happy to help you, but your question is basically asking me to repeat what I already wrote in that other thread.  Please make sure you read that thread first.  If there's some part of the description of challenges and/or instructions that's still confusing you after you've read it, please let me know which part is confusing and I'll do my best to to try to make it more clear.



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