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A New Druid - Boldly Going Where No One Has Gone Before


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“Read to beam up,” the transporter engineer said.


“Engage,” Lieutenant Commander Geordi LaForge ordered


The transponter engaged and Command Kronos stood on the platform.  His red Starfleet uniform was immaculate.  Even the rank pips seemed polished.  Kronos stepped off the platform and he greeted the Lieutenant.


“I’m Lieutenant Commander LaForge, head of Engineeering on the Enterprise,” LaForge said and gestured to his right.  “This is Lieutenant Commander Data, he’ll be giving you a tour of the ship, before taking you to the bridge.”


“Thank you,” Kronos said, giving the man a nod.  He turned towards the Android. “I’m looking forward to getting started.”


The android looked at him. “Thank you Commander, if you would please follow me.”


Kronos thanked LaForge and followed the android around the ship.  For an android, Data was rather articulate.  He seemed almost human.  It was quite endearing.  Kronos used the tour to try to get a rein in on his emotions.  He was excited.  Kronos had heard of the crew of the Enterprise, and he was honored to have been sent to the ship to learn from such a talented crew. 


“And this is Sick Bay,” Data stopped, allowing Commander Kronos to enter first.  A few nurses attended to their duties. “This way, please, Commander.”


The android gestured to a side office in which a woman sat. She stood as the two entered. “Dr. Crusher, this is Commander Kronos.  He is hear to observe and learn. Commander - this is Dr. Crusher, the Enterprise’s Chief Medical Officer.”


Kronos shook hands with the Doctor. “I’m looking forward to working with you Dr. Crusher,” Kronos said, pulling out a datatape.  “My medical records are here.  I figured I’d save you the trouble of procuring them yourself.”


“Thank you,” she said. “I look forward to working with you as well.”


The pair left and went finally to the lift.  Data ordered the lift to take them to the bridge.  Kronos could feel the anxiety building up as the doors opened.  Several crew members worked at their stations.  Two men and a woman sat in the center of the bridge.  They stood and turned towards the lift as Data left and resumed his own work at his station.


“Permission to come aboard the bridge, Captain,” Kronos said, his heart fluttering.


“Permission granted,” came the reply from Captain.  Kronos entered the bridge and the trio met him.  A bald man, the Captain, greeted him. “I’m Captain Jean-Luc Picard.  Welcome aboard the Enterprise Commander Kronos.  We are very excited to be able to work with you.”


“Thank you, Captain,” Kronos said, taking the man’s outstretched hand.  “The pleasure is all mine.”


Captain Picard gestured to the man at his right, who, like Kronos, wore read and had three rank pips on his collar.  “This is my First Officer, Commander William Riker.”  The two men greeted each other and the Captain gestured to the woman on his left. “And this is our Counselor, Deanna Troi.”


The woman leaned in as Kronos shook her hand. “Relax,” she said, sensing his anxiety.


“My security officer, Lieutenant Worf, and I believe you have already met Mr. Data.” the Captain finished introductions.


“Please take a seat,” Commander Riker said, gesturing towards his own chair.


“I couldn’t,” Kronos said. “I’m just here to observe and learn.”


Commander Riker gave him an encouraging smile. “What better way to learn.”


Kronos looked at the Captain who smiled and said, “Don’t make me order you to take your seat Commander.”


“Aye, sir,” Kronos said taking the seat to the Captain’s right.


“Alright Commander, let’s set our heading,” Captain Picard said.


“Aye, sir.  Mr. Data - set course bearing 151-mark-3 Warp factor three.” Kronos ordered.


“Course laid in,” Data said, typing at his pad.  “We are ready for warp sir.”


Kronos took a deep breath.  “Engage.”



In this challenge, different members of the Enterprise crew will be giving Commander Kronos advice on how to become a better Starfleet officer. Each officer has also given the Commander a sub-quest and although it is not necessary, it will help the Commander achieve his goals


Counselor Troi's Challenge

As ship's counselor - Deanna Troi's responsibilities are to make sure the crew is emotionally stable to do their duties with the best judgment.  As such, her challenge to Commander Kronos is to continue making progress on fighting depression and anxiety through religious study and prayer.  He should also make sure to not isolate himself in an unhealthy way.

Sub Quest: Start the day out with mindful meditation/prayer


Dr. Crusher's Challenge

As the ship's Chief Medical Officer, it is Dr. Crusher's responsibility to make sure the crew is physically fit to perform their duties.  Her challenge to the Commander is eating based.  She would urge the Commander to not skip meals and to eat more vegetables.  He should be also active at least three times a week.

Sub Quest: Try a new food once a week


Commander Riker's Challenge

Commander Riker's responsibilities are to assist the Captain, but the Commander also knows how to have a good time and is a good trombone player.  His challenge to Command Kronos is to practice his banjo five days a week for a half an hour each time.

Sub Quest: Listen to some new music or share music with others


Captain Picard's Challenge

The Captain is in charge of all day to day activities on the Enterprise.  This requires a great deal of organization.  This challenge will be difficult, but with some organization should be possible. Captain Picard's challenge is for Kronos to log his food, activity and practicing.  Journaling would be great as well.  Setting up a calendar would help a great deal for planning purposes.

Sub Quest: Read Level Up Your Life

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4 hours ago, LordKronos87 said:

I actually forgot that this started on Sunday and so far I haven't done much of anything.  I've been really depressed the last couple of days.

Sorry you've been depressed, hope you're feeling at least a bit better now.


Don't worry about the start of the challenge, a few days are neither here nor there.  You can start meditating and praying any time of the day, does it matter if it's not in the morning?  Also, your other goals are not time-related, maybe you can pick up the book or your music for 5-10 minutes only...?  We'll be here to cheer you on!

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