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Cough after heavy lifting?

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So I'm curious if this happens to anyone else. After heavy, heavy work (generally squats or deads) where I really gotta breathe deep, my lungs feel kinda stretched out, and I feel like I can breathe deeper, but I sometimes to develop a cough afterward. It's a dry cough, and I don't have any other symptoms along with it, but it sometimes lasts for a couple days. I suspect it's some kind of holdover from childhood asthma, but I dunno. Anyone else have a similar thing?

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Ten years later and I'm here to reply to you that yes. I do have this happen to me too after doing a one rep max of bench deadlift or squat. And it usually involves a runny nose and cough like all of a sudden my entire respiratory system just decided to clean house. Usually lasts for about 30 minutes to several hours. Wish I knew why.

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