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Brovatar Korra

Brovatar Korra and the Temple of Gainz

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Hello everyone! 


A lot has happened since the last time I did a challenge:

1) I graduated and earned my PharmD

2) I passed my boards and am now officially Dr. Borvatar Korra, RPh.

3) I moved to Iowa for a residency program to become a clinical pharmacy specialist

4) I have not worked out regularly in 4 months


I'm excited about everything except #4. I had a really great community of lifting buddies, coaches, gyms, and a plethora of competitions in central Texas. In Iowa those things are... a little sparse. Luckily I found a gym that I really like and it has lots of great equipment. I've slowly been trying to make friends with some of the other powerlifters there, but is a slow uphill battle. This gym has a much different vibe, no coaching classes so everyone does their own thing, usually with headphones turned way up.


Now that my husband and I are all moved in, sold our old house, and settled in to our new routine it is time to get back on the train to GAINZVILLE. Unfortunately I've moved back a few stops, so the goal this challenge is to establish a new training routine and rebuild lost strength. As I am a very goal driven person, I decided to sign up for a powerlifting meet in November! I do not anticipate breaking any of my records set last October, I want to show up, have fun, and use this deadline as the fire I need to re-establish a solid routine.


Motivation has been a real issue, especially in a new environment with none of the community support I used to have. And then the other day I was thinking - of course I have a supportive community that hasn't gone anywhere - THE REBELLION! Silly me. I'm excited to be back, it looks like the website has undergone several changes it may take me a while to catch up.


Challenge Goals:

1) Follow 3x week training program (SQ / BP / DL)

2) Start daily protein shakes again

3) Prioritize sleep (at least 7.5 hours 4/5 week nights)





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