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Mae Respawns

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Well, I tried a 4 week challenge before and it did not work out to well. I made it about a week before my motivation dwindled out (which was a week more than I was expecting!).


So, I redid my Quests worksheet and thought about why I did not succeed the first time.


I geared to try this again starting next week but I will be choosing less to focus on. I have the bad habit of not following through because I overwhelm myself. That is not to say I won't work on my other side quests, I just won't focus on them:


Dun Dun! I, Mae, for the next four weeks will focus on:


1. Video record myself while practicing the violin


      I start my first lesson on Saturday so I think this is the perfect time to record my practices so I can go back and see a progression on my learning.


2. Submit all my paperwork for my CPA License by the end of the four weeks.  


     Yes, a big goal with a lot of steps but I am *so* close to finishing after four years and yet I am stalling at the finish line. I can complete this by the deadline, I know I can. I just need to sit down and do the work. If you are wondering, the steps include:

         - Complete the ethics course and take the exam

         - Complete and give my boss the paperwork to sign off on my work experience

         - Request my college transcripts

         - Complete and submit (with check) the application for a CPA license.


3. Stick to my schedule


     A major problem I have is in my schedule. I write on my calendar times to run, study, work, practice, etc and I end up not doing it if I don't have to meet up with someone or no one is on me to complete the task. I need more self-discipline on sticking to what I have written down. Once it's down, it must be done.


Three. Done. Even as I type this I want to add more but...no.  

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