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Quorra's Epic Quest of Fabulous!

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So here is my first quest list I created last year. Things have been added or disappeared depending on circumstances since then. But this one won't change from here on out unless adding to it down the line.

My Lifelong Epic Quests

Physical Quests

Completely quit smoking cigarettes by May 31st, 2017  (Side note: this one did happen as intended. However, shit hit the fan and I picked it right back up after about 6 weeks. Revisiting soon.)
Rock climb in Yosemite

Win a dance competition by 2020



Mental Quests

Find feminine voice by Sept 1st, 2017
Spend an entire vacation speaking French in Paris

Write a cookbook


Produce a techno album



Fun Quests

Go to ComiCon in full costume that I construct
Buy indie pressed dub/reggae 45 in Kingston, Jamaica


Work Quests

Build business website by November 1st 2017 This finally happened on November 22nd. I lost a very dear friend on October 22nd and it took some time to pick up the pieces. But, QStyling is up on Facebook. (https://www.facebook.com/QStyling23/pages_feed/)
Create line of outdoor clothing for fall 2018 My focus has shifted as far as my business and future are concerned, so this one is going away to make room for other goals.
Have 3 major manufacturing contacts by 2019 Same thing here.
Have 5 consulting clients by Halloween 2017

Work with dad to learn family biz


Receive my Reiki Master/Teacher attunement by April 30th, 2018


Have first hypnotherapy certification by 2019



Adventure Quests

Deep sea fishing
Big game hunt
Party in Ibiza by 2020
Sail from U.S. to Caribbean without hired help

Motorcycle tour along Pacific Coast Highway



Courage Quests

Begin hormone therapy by August 1st 2016
Speak at a TED talk (This almost happened this year. There was a TEDx event here in Salt Lake City that I applied for, but didn't make the cut.)

Freedom Quests

Finalize name/gender change by December 31st 2017
Food not bombs
Declutter our home by September 1st
Have new tenants in the house by September 15th
Clear up debt/credit issues by Febuary 28th 2018
Own home with Andrea by July 31st 2018

Be living sustainably through private garden and animals April 30th 2019



Gratitude Quests

Donate at least $10,000 to medical charities
Donate at least $10,000 to art charities

Volunteer image life coaching services to those that need a new start



Master Quests

Take the family to Disney World
Experience zero gravity
Get image consulting life coaching contract with the V.A.

Get Olivia Wilde as a consulting client



Legacy Quests

Live a beautiful life with Andrea and the kids
Positively touch the lives of as many people/beings as I possibly can
Build consulting firm/fashion design house to become a recognized name in apparel and service

"Realize your Self and others will notice."


Level 2 Sylvan Elf Bard

[Str +2][Con +2][Dex +3][Int +3][Wis +2][Cha +2]



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On 9/24/2017 at 6:40 PM, james452 said:

Awesome epic quest. I'll be subscribing to this forum so I can get updates on how these quests go.


One quest that stuck out to me, "Build business website by November 1st 2017".


What type of business are you planning on setting up? 

Back in May I started my own image and life coaching business. The website has fallen by the wayside, sadly. But I need to get that going not only for myself, but advertising too. 

"Realize your Self and others will notice."


Level 2 Sylvan Elf Bard

[Str +2][Con +2][Dex +3][Int +3][Wis +2][Cha +2]



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