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Murphy's Roommate and Change Try II

Murphy's Roommate

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Greetings and Salutations!


Try one was fail, as I put it in a past challenge.  Sigh.  You'd think I'd have this interneting thing figured out, but no, away I went!  Unafraid, necroposting like a champ!  Mea Culpa!


Back on topic.


I have decided to wander over here from the Assassins area to try some change.  Now, I am very, very adverse to change overall.  Lots of good reasons, personal and even more so professional, but I need to get more comfortable with change again.  In the bigger picture, I need to get more comfortable being uncomfortable.


My goals are modest.


Start Tai-Chi.  I've done it before, and at a certain point it made me uncomfortable.  Time to do it again.  I found a local group and will embrace the change.  In specific, attend sessions 2 to 3 times a week.  Practice 2 to 3 times a week.  This is where I go for deliberate mental discomfort. 


Wim Hof - breathing and embracing the cold.  In specific, end every shower on cold, breath once a day, one cold bath a week.  Once the weather turns out here, talking walks in the cold with the fluffy death machine (aka Benny, my dog, who might manage to sniff someone to death).  This will be my gateway to physical discomfort again. 


Being the kind of person who has a hard time doing the minimum, I expect to exceed the minimums, but I will be facing my own internal resistance to change.


If anyone knows of a good or better Tai Chi location in Colorado Springs, I am interested.  For now, I am headed to Shorin as they are proximal.


This is wildly out of my lane, please provide any and all input.  I'll be here asking ignorant questions, don't hesitate to provide input to get me headed in a better direction.


Oh, and memes.  We like memes. 




 - Murphy's Roommate



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We like memes! And Challenges! Yours looks really excellent, I'll be cheering you on.


Always wanted to get into Tai Chi, but it's also outside of my comfort zone... I don't know many Tai Chi groups, but I will keep my ears open for you! I am in Boulder, so ya never know, I might catch wind of one. Best of luck!

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Equinoxe -


Tai Chi is very much outside of my comfort zone.  Combatives?  Well and good.  I'm used to rolling around on the ground with people.  No biggie.  The internal opening up, the sensing and feeling and personal awareness that comes with Tai Chi?  Eeeek! 


If you need a data dump on the 'Springs I've been here a while.  Beer, food, sights to see, most anything.  Also, if you want to help ferment a Colorado Nerd Fitness meet up, I don't think we have done one in a while.


 - Murphy's Roommate

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On 9/14/2017 at 9:35 PM, Murphy's Roommate said:

If you need a data dump on the 'Springs I've been here a while.  Beer, food, sights to see, most anything.  Also, if you want to help ferment a Colorado Nerd Fitness meet up, I don't think we have done one in a while.


Hahaha, is 'ferment' a microbrew joke? Because that is very Colorado! :D
I just joined the community, but NF meetups sound very cool. I didn't even know about them!

Air Druid || Eco-Foodie


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Yes, ferment is absolutely a microbrew joke.  I live near the Beermuda Triangle, losing a day is much too easy with good company, good food, good beer, in walking distance of home.  Not great for fitness though.


Prep week has been fairly fun.  Finishing the shower with cold has been good.  Considering putting a timer in my shower, so I can start benchmarking, maybe a thermometer as well.  Tai Chi will be a big hurdle Monday, but I've got my game face on.   The breathing has probably been the hardest part.  Not a good sign that holding still focusing on breathing for thirty repetitions is difficult. 


Tomorrow, the lawn mower comes out and I'll be battling the green hell that is my front lawn.  And I need to do battle with the weightlifting station too. 


 - Murphy's Roommate

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Sunmage -


Whee!  Doing Druid things!  I may even start wearing sandals!


Took an ice bath for a test ride today.  Need more ice, and I'm glad I started with a half bath.  On the other hand, it is 60 degrees and I'm comfortable in T-shirt and shorts.  And a fleece hat, I've got a bald spot you could signal Mars with. 


Definitely something to this cold water stuff!


Winter is Coming - dig in deep, lay in stores, batten the hatches, and prepare yourself.  This counts as preparing yourself, right?


 - Murphy's Roommate


P.S.  Great quote.  "I am the storm."

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On ‎15‎/‎09‎/‎2017 at 4:11 AM, Murphy's Roommate said:

Start Tai-Chi.  I've done it before, and at a certain point it made me uncomfortable

In what way, if it's not too intrusive a question?  I would love to start a Tai Chi or Qi Gong practice, but I haven't found a suitable class as yet.


I've only heard of Wim Hof through Tim Ferriss, but I'm very proud of my cold shower after the sauna in the gym! ;)  I'm in awe of your ice bath!

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Well now, day 1.  Very exciting.  All sorts of newness and assessment.  Ended my shower nice and cold this morning. 


The Tai Chi place has morning classes as well, so I swung by just after class to make arrangements.  Now that I've touched base, I'll be doing 3 morning classes (Tue - Thur) to gear up for the Friday night class.  Then I expect to roll over to regular night classes.  This should be very interesting.   


Had sandals show up in the mail today.  Earthrunners.  Feel like such a hippy.  Yet they work, and my feet are more in tune with the ground.  I like being able to feel the ground.


Vibrantella - yes, it is intrusive, but I am glad you asked.  Face to face, I'd be happy to share - it isn't you asking at all that I feel any issue with, it is that the internet is forever.  We ever run into each other - it will be story time. 


Tomorrow night will be ice bath round two.  Game face time!




 - Murphy's Roommate

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So....  That was cold. 


Really, rather cold.  I managed about 2:30 (minutes, just to be clear), I discovered I can only get about half of my body really submerged in the tub at one time, and I discovered that the lower half of me that I did keep submerged turned bright red.  Think sunburn red.  And now, I'm hot, sitting here typing this.


I shall be improving on this process so I can get more of me in there, and the next level will be keeping my hands in as well. 


Finishing my showers cold in the morning is a pleasure, the ice bath was a bit more of a willpower challenge.


Tai Chi this morning was productive and challenging.  Even the warmups had me sounding like a bowl of rice crispies.  For those who never experienced rice crispies (you aren't missing anything, tastes like sugar coated cardboard) - I heard my joints cracking and popping a lot.   The movement was good, my thighs got a solid workout, and tomorrow should be interesting as well.


Up next?  A beverage, a cigar, and a classic military manual.  Have to keep things in balance after all.


 - Murphy's Roommate

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Tai Chi, check.  That rooting thing, huh, pretty interesting.   When a 215 pound adult male has some difficult moving a 110 pound senior (moves like she is in her 50's, looks in her 60's?) woman, that is educational.  Color me impressed (not sure what color that is...).   I'm confident that I could have lifted her easily, but pushing was taking more force than it should have.   I'm not a stranger to how the body moves (wrestling, hockey, weight lifting), for her to resist as well as she did, that was exceptional. 


Cold shower - check.  Definitely becoming a fan of ending the shower cold and soaking it in for a a minute or so.  Seems to rev the engines - for lack of a better way to explain it. 


Rolling over to the evening classes for Friday.  Also committing to the classes etc. 




 - Murphy's Roommate

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Had a lovely evening out here in Colorado Springs.


Cold, rain, real fall weather.  Had a good walk in the morning, stood out in the weather this evening, I have a long way to go.


If you don't do HAM radio yet (in the US, very low cost of entry, lots of information flows over those airways) I strongly recommend it.  Listening to what is flooding, where the weather is, getting a feel for the local area.  Priceless - cost of entry?  Cheap radio and cheap test. 


Ah, I love it.  Embrace the cold and the dark.


- Murphy's Roommate



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I don't know much about the CS area specifically, but I know there's a TON of places to hike all over Colorado, so you don't have to drive too far to find something.

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Well my fellow nerds, life has certain taken a few interesting turns. 


I have gotten skunked on Tai Chi as one of my co-workers needed help moving Monday and Wednesday.  I don't begrudge helping anyone, but I really need to make it on Friday.  Bright side, I've been practicing on my own time.


The weather has gotten amazing, cold and dark, just how I like it!  Great dog walks, life is good on that front.


Enjoying my showers ending cold.  It really does fire you up for the rest of the day.  Working on standing outside in the cold to embrace it.  And I owe another cold bath this week.  Whee!


Rey - anything near C. Springs is great.  The annoyance is to really get out into the mountains, you have to go out via 24.  And any given weekend, 24 is a mess.


 - Murphy's Roommate

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Stood up and did Friday Tai Chi.  Still owe my ice bath - will hit it Monday night.


D&D group was good to go today.  We did a hard reset and went from a group of broken toys to a group of mutually reinforcing awesome.  Yes, the wizard is a half-orc.  5.0 is ripe for doing strange things.. 


Yout's all are awesome - to  channel my boss who is from New Jersey.


 - Murphy's Roommate



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Update -


Practiced the Chi-Gong (Qui-Gong?) that I learned at class today.  Love it, enjoy it, may be my new self soothing method.


Have a line on another car for a very reasonable price.  I have a long commute and have to survive idiots in lifted trucks.  This will put me on equal footing during those bad days without breaking the bank.  Four wheel drive is awesome.  However, you cannot stop any faster, and avoiding a crash involves, wait for it, stopping.  There are many people who lack this piece of information, and I decline to die from some idiots bumper coming through my window.   Yeah.  Vexes me.  In general, when you drive, you drive defensively planning for the stupid of the others on the road with you.  On snow and ice, you slow down and put even more margin into your driving.  Not those mouth breathers!  Okay, off my soapbox...


Hit the range, confirmed my zero, shooting is a perishable skill and I need to practice more.   


Made my winter chili.  Hot damn - Colorado Serano Chilis, threw them in with the meat when I browned the meat, oh my.  This chili/beef stew has some nice kick.  Beef, sweet potato, onion, carrots, mushrooms, and chilis.  A little paprika to round it out.  This is winter food. 


Need to get back with the cold - Monday has snow on the forecast so I think it is game time. 


 - Murphy's Roommate

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