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WritingWeaver Arrives in Abel


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Fellow Adventurers, I have returned! 


Apologies for the long absence, been focusing on RH and a busy summer at work. I return with some new goals, new purpose, renewed enthusiasm and looking forward to having more fun! My training goals have very recently shifted to include running and even though this would probably line up with scouts or rangers, I've been with the adventurers since I started NF! 



Zombies, Run!




It was supposed to be an easy assignment. Drop in, meet to exchange info and get out. No one was supposed to know about this, but someone found out. Just a mile or two away from our target someone shot at our plane, bringing it down. The pilot's dead, but I managed to follow directions on a headset I found and they lead me to where I needed to be. 

Abel Township.

Right now, I am not ready to become a Runner for the town, but the Doctor and some goof Sam have me training. 

For now, it looks like I have no choice. Plus it might be a good idea to get in shape to avoid the horror that dwells outside the town. Zombies.

Welcome to you're new home, Runner 5.



-Zombies, Run!: C25k training - T, TH 

-Rebel Strength Guide - M,W,F

              *Sept 19 is the start of week 2 in C25K. There are 3 missions each week, for 8 weeks but I'm only running twice a week).




Healthy Eating


As I suspected, to go along with this training, the Doc gave me some advice regarding our eating habits: No sweets! Don't go looking for them, there isn't any. There is a farm in Abel somewhere, and I suspect it supplies the majority of the food to everyone here. That's fine, I wasn't too much of a snacky person anyway. 

Sam managed to slip me some dark chocolate when Dr. Myers had her back turned, but later told me not to rely too much on sweets, too many can cause the runners to get sick, sluggish and confused, and every runner needs to be available at all times. Thanks Sam, this is being saved for a rainy day. 



-Paleo - All meals of the week. I have cut out bread and pasta for 11 months now, just have to work on the sweets!

-I get 1 snack a week, saving it for a rainy day as it is. If it is not needed, fine, but these do not carry over. One non-paleo snack a week if needed.




On my latest training session around Abel, I met Runner 4 who was super cheerful, proclaiming we were "number-neighbours", and she gave me some advice as well. Have fun! The stress is overwhelming as a runner and to keep it somewhat at bay, we would need to do something fun as much as we could when time allowed. Made sense to me and as she left me to finish my drills, I wondered if maybe I could get her to show me around later. She seemed friendly and willing to help me out. 



-Have some fun! Now that school's back in (HR program) I'll need to take some time to unwind. This isn't set in stone, but will write a list of activities and cross them out as I do them! (Had a lot of fun writing this challenge LOL)




-Play games


-Play the ukulele

-Practice German

-Look into learning Punjabi





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Weight Loss. 195lbs -> 135lbs (60lbs target loss)


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Your challenge was fun to read. 


So, in my real life world RH means: Relative Humidity, or: Regional Haze.  What does it mean in NerdFitness world?


I have also not done bread, pasta, or rice for about a year and I am surprised that I don't miss them. However, sweets and alcohol are the bane to my paleo existence, so I relate on that... 


You can do it!



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Sylvaa! Great to see you!

Yes, Still in Rising Heroes and it's still amazing for me. Really getting me out and doing new things like socializing! Haha, just kidding. Well, half kidding ;) 

Have you tried Zombies, Run? Maybe we can link up if so!


CallunaTook, I am glad you had fun reading the challenge, I had fun writing it. 

RH is my lazy abbreviation of Rising Heroes, Steve's real life role-playing adventure. Gotta say, it's a lot of fun for me.

Congrats on the year free of bread, pasta and rice! Giving up pasta was nothing, I never really liked it to begin with, bread and rice was a touch more difficult, but I don't miss it and I'm not a big drinker having only like 3 drinks a year tops. Now, if only chocolate and sweets would cooperate. Oh well, one day at a time :)

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Weight Loss. 195lbs -> 135lbs (60lbs target loss)


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Welcome back @WritingWeaver! I'm glad you're with us. I hope you have as much fun completing your challenge as you had creating it (maybe more). Let me know if I can help in any way.

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Who am I? -- My NF Character

Current Challenge: WolfDreamer Embraces His Wild Poet

Past Challenges: 


Winter is ComingWolfen Strengthens His Heart, Body, Mind, and Spirit, Wolfen Becomes One of the PeopleWolfen Strengthens His ChakrasWolfen Welcomes Summer and Gets Primal, Soulcon and Spartan, Wolfen Develops Mental ToughnessWolfen Joins the Wander SocietySoulcon, Spartan, School, and Stranger ThingsWolfen Becomes a Warrior EliteWolfen Goes Here and There and Back AgainWolfen Becomes a Soulcon Warrior EliteWolfen Returns to His RootsWolfen Wanders in Soul, Spirit, and BodyWolfen Owns the DayWolfen Searches for His Wild Heart, Wolfen Runs for His LifeWolfen Hits the TrailsWolfen Becomes an Explorer and Joins the ResistanceWolfen Goes Back to the SourceWolfen Begins the Hero's JourneyWolfDreamer Returns to the People,  WolfDreamer Pushes BackWolfDreamer PrioritizesBurpees, Books, and BrainworkBurpees, Books, Brainwork, and BodyworkWolfDreamer Masters the Four ElementsWolfDreamer Continues to Master the Four ElementsWolfDreamer Returns to SpartaWolfDreamer Returns to Middle EarthWolfDreamer Continues His Middle Earth AdventureWolfDreamer and the FallWolfDreamer Forges His Own PathWolfDreamer Has HopeWolfDreamer Returns to Middle EarthWolfDreamer Reads Harder, Breathes Harder, and Journals More

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“I wanted movement and not a calm course of existence. I wanted excitement and danger and the chance to sacrifice myself for my love.” -- Leo Tolstoy

"I feel love rising in my chest again
Rising like a burning sun into the day..." -- Gungor, "Hurricane"

"...wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom." 2 Corinthians 3:17b


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@Wolfen : Thanks, I'm glad to be back into the swing of things. Challenge is starting off well, having fun and making sure excuses don't keep me from doing what I want/need.


@Mae45: It's pretty cool! I haven't ran for several years and was never really good at it, so I'm starting with the c25k training. Introduces you to the characters, has it's own little plot tie-in with the main game, it's pretty cool. Plus, it's free up to (I think) week 5 (of 8). The main game is fremium,  one free run a week which is nice if you're just seeing if you like it. Haven't gotten to the point yet in training, but I may swap my workout days to 3x running, 2x weights. 

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Weight Loss. 195lbs -> 135lbs (60lbs target loss)


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On 9/15/2017 at 9:34 PM, WritingWeaver said:

RH is my lazy abbreviation of Rising Heroes, Steve's real life role-playing adventure. Gotta say, it's a lot of fun for me.



Ok, I got it now. I was thinking about joining that! It sounds really fun. I decided to work through more of the NF Academy quests first, though. I still have several of those left to keep me busy... But RH on my radar for maybe-later.

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Sept 19, 2017


Well, I was in for a surprise today. Doc Meyers decided to switch it up on me, slightly longer jog, heel lifts and recover. All in all, still manageable, even though I was out of breath by the third round. Still, I thought I did well. 

Just before drills, I met Rajit, who did not stop talking about his book! Though I was curious, Dr Meyers and Sam both shooed him away pretty quick. Not sure why, seems like a nice enough guy, although I have a feeling I do not want to see what he can do with the toe of his wounded foot.

After the run and gifting me an additional blanket, Rajit did let slip that blankets and other supplies were disappearing. I could almost feel the panic over the radio, but Dr Meyers dismissed it pretty quick, reminding me to rest up for Thursday.



Sept 21, 2017


Not a word today about the missing supplies, but I'm sure Rajit was taking care of that. Today just after stretching, I was confused to find Sam waiting for me on the track, the goofball was wearing a headset and a big smile on his face. Even Dr Meyer was surprised. Oh well, for me it was extra motivation, wanting to show them I was giving 100%. I actually thought that maybe this was a test of sorts, until we went through the gates of Abel and Sam started leading. He seemed to be looking for something, even leaving me behind as he took off to search a spot only he knew. 

Who knew Abel's chief communication operator could run so fast!

After catching up, it turned out he was looking for something from the old Runner 5, someone very important to him. Not sure if he managed to find it, but we made our way home after that, he let me set the pace the whole time. He also gave me my own headset before taking Dr Meyers advice of resting, also telling her they would talk later. 

I imagine it will take some time, but I hope he'll be okay. Sad faces don't suit him. 

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Weight Loss. 195lbs -> 135lbs (60lbs target loss)


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Oct 4, 2017
I was almost bitten by a zombie yesterday.
Time to back up I suppose. Training last week was strange indeed from picking up trash to helping our cook gather ingredients. I liked her, it was great having her along for my training and she seemed friendly enough. I can't imagine the stress her, doc Meyers and Rajit go through trying to keep up with everyone's needs; even now that we learned some kitchen supplies are going missing. 
Sam is still taking a break. Poor guy. Even though I never knew the old runner 5, I still feel partly responsible. Being on that run with him really opened my eyes to just how deep this outbreak is affecting everyone. Not just as a whole either. Sam was willing to risk his life (and mine) to find something that might not have been there. He doesn't strike me as someone who would normally resort to rash actions like that. 
We need to do something about the outbreak. This is exactly why I'm training. To become a runner. To do what I can to put a stop to this and to protect my new friends in this place I have come to see as my home.
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Weight Loss. 195lbs -> 135lbs (60lbs target loss)


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