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Update time!

So last Thursday (Oct 12), I left work early and went to see Twelfth Night with my bestie :)  We had dinner at a restaurant my parents have gone to a few times, and it was as good as promised, which was very good! And they had a pumpkin bread pudding for desert, so that temporarily satisfied my pumpkin needs too! The play was very well done, and was very funny. We really enjoyed it and had a great time!


On Friday I got the train to Ottawa after work! It was the first time I'd taken the train for a long distance - the one I take to visit my parents is a commuter train that stops fairly frequently, and my trip is just over an hour. I treated myself to business class tickets after someone I work with talked about how great it was - this meant I got to use the lounge with the fancy people and got meals provided :)  I got to Ottawa just before 9pm, so I headed over to my friend's place and we just hung out at her place that night.


On Saturday we did so much walking though! We got the bus into downtown Ottawa (by uOttawa), and walked over to Byward Market (aka the Market) for lunch. It's this little old market area downtown where there's booths and little stores and vendors everywhere. After that we walked across the Ottawa River to Gatineau (in Quebec, the French province in Canada) to see a flower exhibition/installation that was put up for Canada150 (it's the 150th anniversary of Confederation this year). It was really neat, and although the weather threatened rain we stayed dry!

After the flower thingy we walked up the river a bit to the Museum of History (formerly known as the Museum of Civilization). It looks like a building that should be on Naboo:


From there we got an aqua-taxi up the river a bit. We went along underneath where Parliament and the Supreme Court look out over the river, and ended up at a little island which connects to a bridge that crosses the river, so we were able to walk across the bridge back to the Ottawa side of the river. My friend and I are both in the archives/museums world and went to school for it, so we went to the Mothership aka Library and Archives Canada. They had an exhibit on for Canada150 as well, so we were able to see that. From there we walked down Wellington Street, which is where LAC, the Bank of Canada, the Supreme Court, and Parliament are. We walked around the grounds of Parliament and at the back of the building took the chance to rest our feet overlooking the Ottawa River. After taking a break we walked over the Rideau Canal, through a park to get down to the bottom of the cliff/hill that overlooks the river, and then back along the canal through Ottawa until we got to where we needed to get the bus. We stopped for groceries on the way back and made dinner and Netflixed.


On Sunday we actually went to the Museum of History. I was there years ago on a class trip, I think, in Grade 8 or so, and a bunch of things had changed since then (or I didn't remember them), so it was interesting. They also had a big Canada150 thing on, as per usual for this sort of anniversary, and a bunch of special exhibits that we were able to see. After spending the day at the museum we hung around downtown for a bit then met up with another friend of mine for dinner. We had a really good time!


On Monday my friend and I were both walked out, so we just hung out at her place and made pho for lunch! Then in the late afternoon I got the train to head back home. I arrived kinda late on Monday evening and then had to get groceries and such, and what with the necessary vegging out that was included in there I got to bed late.


Since Tuesday I've had a fairly standard week - went to the gym a couple times, unpacked, started getting back into my routine, etc.


I still have to do a wrap up for the last challenge, and when I post the pictures from my trip to Facebook I'll put (some of) them here as well :) 

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19 hours ago, Twilight said:

One of my favourite museums! I love the totem pole gallery. <3

It's so nice, and they really took advantage of being right beside the river for the outside as well :) 

15 hours ago, Sloth the Enduring said:

That really sounds like a great weekend.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

It was so great, and it was good to get out of town and do something different, and see a friend I haven't seen for a while :) 

14 hours ago, Morag said:

Sounds wonderful, maegs, glad you had such a great time.


Stay strong. Dream true. Walk tall.
-- Charles de Lint

Thanks :) 

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During this challenge an overarching goal/theme was to plan things out ahead so I didn't get derailed by having Thanksgiving and then a trip to Ottawa on back-to-back weekends, with some other shenanigans thrown in for good measure. I think I did pretty good with that, but there are definitely areas to improve!



STR - 31.75 | DEX - 49 + 2 | STA - 49.75 + 2 | CON - 82 + 1.5 | WIS - 55 | CHA - 50.5

  • Weight - 162lb
  • Waist - 29.25"
  • Belly - 33"
  • Hips - 38.75"
  • Thigh - 22.25"
  • Body Fat - 26.45%



Goal 1: Sleep

Sleep is the foundation of everything, and it’s time that I buckle down and just do it properly. I know it effects my abilities mentally and physically, because I’m always tired, so it’s time to see what I can do when I’m sleeping enough. I wake up at 5:30am during the week (sometimes 6:30am if I’m extra tired), so that’s going to drive my bedtimes. I’m not sure how much sleep I actually do need, so I’m going to start with an 11pm bedtime (6.5 hours sleep) and see how that goes. If I need to, I’ll move it earlier in stages until I hit a good spot. CON +3 3/28 CON +0


Goal 2: Cardio

Yep, for some reason I decided to play a sport that’s cardio-heavy… and then voluntarily decided to go play an even more cardio-intensive version of that sport on Thanksgiving/Oktoberfest weekend (Canadian Thanksgiving = beginning of October). So I have to do cardio between now and then, because in the last month and a half I’ve done basically none, especially compared to the amount I was doing from May-July between playing rugby, practicing rugby, and riding my bike to rugby. I’m thinking 2x 5k, 3x intervals/HITT/sprints, and 1x something else - maybe swimming. The weekend of week 3 and all of week 4 will be a bit different due to Thanksgiving/visiting Stratford/Ottawa adventures. STA +3 intervals 6/8 5k 3/6 swim 0/2 STA +2


Goal 3: Food

Track my food, hit my macros. 2-3 variances a week, depending how big the variance is. Log it, track it, and make sure it’s worth it - quality variances only! Meal prepping is going to be a big part of this one. CON +3 15/28 CON +1.5


Goal 4: Mobility

I have 3 key lower body and 2 key upper body mobility protocols that have really been working for me. Ideally I would do all 3 lower body at a time, and/or both upper body ones, but it takes a bit of time to get through everything, so instead my goal will be to do either my upper or lower body protocols every day. DEX +3 19/28 DEX +2


Goal 5: The List

WIS +3

  • Finish going through clothes/inventorying
    • Left side of closet - upper and lower
    • PJs
    • Bras
    • Shoes
    • Outerwear
    • Purses
  • Do some baby knitting - socks, mitts, etc.
  • Go through makeup
  • Clean out espresso maker
  • Go through kitchen cabinets - especially the cupboard where all my plastic bags are and the cupboard where my beer/wine empties are
  • Update workout log from notes on phone


Unofficial Goals


  • Grease the Groove - use the damn pull-up bar! 6/28 might have to make this an official goal
  • More NF! Regular updates here and more keeping up with other people's challenges 13/28 doing better but still falling off at the end of the challenge, although I was busy the last couple weeks this time around
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