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I mean, what do you mean by "As Good As"?


Calorically they are a smidge less than a typical candy bar.  Macro-wise they have a good amount of fat and about half a protein shake scoop worth of protein.  They do have a good amount of fiber (6g) for such a small package.  Carb-wise in general they are at 24 grams, which isn't shocking since they are made mostly of dates. 


They pass the "Paleo approval" test because they are made with minimal ingredients and no added sugar, but really for the most part our bodies don't care - food is food.  We can debate "clean" vs "unclean" eating, but that's the gist of thing (barring people with food issues).


Now, I find them pretty tasty, and they work to curb my sweet tooth cravings.  And I've tried a bunch of flavors.  So they work well for me, but that doesn't mean they work well for everyone.

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