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Last challenge, I had a good amount of success. In fact, I think that was one of my best challenges. I'm going to try to keep that ball rolling, and set a few new goals. Last time, I really only completed 3 of my 4 goals. I believe I bit off a bit more than I could chew, what with school starting and all. So this time, I'm only doing 3 goals. You know what they say--3 goals is better than none! Or something like that. So without further ado, my goals are:

1. Halve Fast Food consumption (again). Last challenge, I successfully cut my fast food consumption down from twice a week to once a week (and even sometimes 0 times a week)! I want to keep that momentum rolling, so I'm cutting down to once a week max. 

2. Brush and floss every day. So far I get brushing and flossing in sporadically, something like a few times a week. For awhile, several months ago, I was doing it every day right before bed. I loved how much better my mouth felt when I was brushing and flossing every day. So I'm restarting this habit. 

3. No soda challenge! I'm going without soda for the whole challenge. I did this once before years ago, and just kept on going. I think I managed to stop drinking soda for 6+ months. I really wish I knew why I had stopped, so I can avoid that pitfall. All I know is, I saved a bunch of money and lost a little weight, so here's hoping for the same results!

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