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Hey, everyone! 

Sorry I've been off for a while. Was so engrossed with my new youtube channel I lost focus with everything else. If you're interested, you might like to check out some of my videos. I have combined my passion for human psychology with anime to produce something you might want to apply to your real life or stories. Here's an example:
Breakdown of Light's Incredible Emotional Intelligence | Part - 1

Looking to be more active here. Cheers! :)

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On 9/20/2017 at 11:30 PM, SeekingCassandra said:



I came at the series backwards - I played Inquistion first, so as it was my first love, I love it well. I think the story telling with Inquisition is so huge and nuanced compared to Orgins and 2. It could be argued that very fact makes Orgins better, story wise, because it is a more complete focused story rather then a million little details twisted together into a complicated braid like Inquisition was. I think the reason that many found Inquisition 'less' then Orgins was that you had to go find the story where as Orgins was much more linear and obvious - devil really is in the details in Inquisition.

2 was . .  I mean I love it, don't get me wrong, but it was kinda crap, wasn't is? It really was just a transitory story line spliced in to set the scene/bridge the gap between Orgins and Inquisition. I mean, I really do love it - named my dog after one of the characters and all, but it just felt super lackluster sandwhiched between the 2 tour de forces of O and I. I mean, I love Varric's storytelling, but the whole recounting of events gimmick didn't quite do it for me. Felt a little forced, I guess?


Yeah, I am pretty anxious for whatever they put out next. I folllow Patrick Weeks specifically on Twitter precisely for any commentary on the new DA project. He's also just funny, but mainly there for any commentary lol.


PS. Yes! That Solas revelation was such a curve ball! But then when you go back and play through again with the knowledge it's like . ..  so obvious! They left clues and Easter eggs about it all over the place!


Totes agree with this. But, then. Mark Laidlaw just left Bioware! @_@... and now I don't know what's really happening.

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On 10/16/2017 at 3:41 AM, Akira Kurusu said:


Totes agree with this. But, then. Mark Laidlaw just left Bioware! @_@... and now I don't know what's really happening.

I am refusing to panic. Mostly. 

4 is still so early in development that it's not half built and losing him. And I think with how whingey everyone was about MEA, they aren't going to make the same mistakes twice. And it sounds like it was an amicable split too, so not a rushed "oh crap, we were depending on him and now he just walked out after burning his desk and all of his notes" kind of thing, so . . . having faith it will all be ok. 


This is the problem of loving video games as "alt-literature" . . . don't really have to worry about traditional favorite authors "quitting" as much. 

Blog: https://seekingcassandra.blogspot.com/

Current Challenge:  SeekingCassandra is planning a comeback

Previous Challenge:

"One day, they may write about me as a traitor, a madwoman, a fool. And they may be right."

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I have been awol but have returned! Took some time off to do my licensing exam but I’m free once again.


However, it’s become admittedly hard to get back into the groove of writing. I put so much energy into pushing my novel out of my brain and out of my thoughts while I was studying that I’m having a hard time returning into my precious fictional universe. I think I just need to sit down with the thing and make some time with it.

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