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Vertical pull in my room

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Thanks to @PaulG I found a cool way to practice pull up from the easiest level. Thank you again! 

I'm on level 2, the one with a towel. It's a fun exercise to do.


Until my mom freaked out that I might broke the house. 

I'm using the stairs, but it looks fragile. Yeah I know, and I start to get worried because it makes some "scary" little noises when I do the pull. Will this be okay in long term.. the link also uses stairs, but I already scare my mom so I guess I need to work on my own room now haha. My room doors is also scare me. Concept of building a batcave in our room really sounds nice too.


I'm thinking of installing a bathroom towel holder but in vertical in my room so I can continue the exercise. It may be odd, but I need something for the replacement. Is this too odd, or somebody has other suggestions?

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Sometimes stairs creak, but if they're decently constructed and you're pulling from a weight-bearing structure, you're good. It really depends on how your house is constructed. Doorknobs are usually okay unless a person is very heavy, or unless the door is of terrible quality.


Don't get that bar you linked to. Unfortunately, bathroom fixtures are weak and flimsy, and they often crumple when people try to hang from them. You're super light, but no grown human is light enough to do rows on a bathroom towel bar.


If you're thinking about installing a bar, I'd recommend hitting a hardware store and getting some plumbing pipe to make a bar. It's just as cheap as the towel bars you're considering on Amazon, and much stronger.


Here's how you do it. It is very easy. Just use nice long (3+ inch) wood screws, and make sure you screw it into a wall stud. It will hold your weight well for rows. It costs about $20, plus another $10 for a stud finder if you don't have one already. Not much more money than a cheap towel bar, and unlike a towel bar, you won't break this.


I have some parkour coaches who have bars like this all over their houses, because they love climbing around their walls and ceiling. It's very batcave chic.


Of course, there are other things you can do. For example, you can get a doorway pull-up bar and hang gymnastic rings from it -- that's what I prefer, because you can lower the rings for rows as you get stronger, do pull-ups, levers, etc. Even with access to a full gym, I do 90% of my work with rings hung on a pull-up bar.


Or if you would prefer to stick with your stairs, you can take a photo of your towel on the stairs and share it. We can certainly tell you if it seems obviously bad to put weight on it.

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I've been doing inverted rows with a very thick wooden spoon. One side I placed on top of my desk, and the other is on a cabinet. I lie between them. It works because my feet are still on the ground and I am a 100 pounds so the spoon can take my weight.  When I manage to graduate to actual inverted rows I will need to find a way to attach the spoon so it doesn't move.

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