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For the Horde - Nyxkyria Battle Log

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I'm writing this to keep myself accountable. I haven't gone to the bar in a week and don't plan to for at least the duration of this challenge. I've gotten to the point where I'm not drinking as much, and when I do, instead of being able to power through it and wake up semi-functional, I'm back to waking up hungover, which is a deterrent. i'm also starting at a new store next week and I can't screw this up. I'm nervo-cited about that, because it is going to require a lot of change.I'm going from part time to full time (which is great), but I'm going to have a lot more responsibility than I do now, and actually be subject to standards. Which is nerve-wracking. 



I went to gym yesterday to do my walk. It kicked my ass, being out of the loop as I have been. I'm starting the workout section of the academy and it has me starting on Bodyweight 2A/B. I'm also going to try to get in one session of NF Yoga once a week. We'll see how that goes.



I've went and purchased tupperwares for my meal prep and will be doing that tomorrow. Pieces of Tortila Espanola/Frittata for breakfast and a mix of quinoa, broccoli rabe, and ground beef for lunch. Cheap and easy. Then supper is as I can get it together. 


Nyx out.

Lvl 0 Warrior/Ranger/Mage 

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