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Stuck in cycle of injury

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     For the past 2 years I have been stuck in a constant cycle of injury when it comes to running. I think I have literally had every single beginner running injury and then some. The biggest problem I had was a tibial stress fracture and since then I have not been able to consistently run injury free at all. After that healed I suffered a tendon and muscle injury to the front of my leg due to muscle imbalances. That had me off for another good chunk of time and then when I finally get to come back I wind up with insertional Achilles Tendonosis. Once this finally heals I am at a loss for exactly how I should proceed with training in the future.

     It seems like no matter the plan I choose, the terrain I run on, or the pace I choose I always wind up injured. It is even worse that I had my running form evaluated and it was perfectly fine so I just don't know how to proceed with training and not wind up injuring myself yet again. The only thing I can think is that I just train to hard when I should really be taking it easier. I really don't know as I really suck at pacing myself and seem to be incapable of running slowly. Since I have no real way to gauge this I am not even sure this is the case anyways but it is clearly something I am doing in training that keeps causing my injuries and I just can't figure out how I go about fixing these problems on my own.

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so you seem to know/intuit what is causing the injury - going too hard too fast. possibly. assuming this is the cause....


how can you have no way of gauging this? treadmill (set a speed, unless you want to crash into the display), or use a heartrate monitor (that beeps when you go over say, 150bpm) are immediate methods that I can think of to manage intensity. or the good ol' talk test (recite a long poem)/tongue against top of palate (you won't be able to breath thru the mouth) are others. 



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I was in an endless cycle of injury myself. Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (Runners knee), IT Band syndrome. Fun stuff. What broke the cycle is when I found Strengthrunning.com. I paid 50 bucks for his basic injury prevention course and have not been injured since (Well, not injured FROM running at least). He has some free resources too but I was glad I spent the money for his ebooks.


Before I give you the link I want to say that I don't get a dime if you purchase this program. This guy is totally legit, a friend of Steve K's and was the Camp NF running coach 2 years ago (Just so ya don't think I'm pitching SPAM BS). He's my running hero. Jason rules!!



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