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Shortness of breath while walking

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Background stats: I'm 30, female sexed, 169 lbs, 5'11", no history of breathing problems or heavy smoking. I also started rowing 3 x a week for 30 minutes in the past week.


One troubling thing that I've noticed recently is that I get shortness of breath from walking. It's happened randomly two or three times in the past week. I'm concerned because it's never happened before. It happened on my way to the gym just now, and it still feels like I can't completely breathe. I'm trying not freak out.


I've switched to doing an interval sprint type approach to rowing (30 seconds for 37-40 strokes, 1 minute cool down around 20 strokes; repeat for 15-20 minutes). I'm wondering if this might not be the culprit? I intend to see my doctor about it, of course. But if anyone can provide guidance or ideas I'd love some!

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Interesting that your issues come while walking but not while rowing.


1. Definitely see a doctor if you’re concerned.

2. PaulG = not a doctor.

3. Sounds unusual but not totally unheard-of. I’ve gotten shortness of breath while doing unusual activities that wouldn’t normally be overly strenuous. It’s happened only very rarely, but I generally come down with an illness right after or something similar. I also sometimes experience shortness of breath during skiing or hiking in very cold weather.


It sounds more likely to be a consequence of adaptation to new cardio levels than anything else. Or else allergies, or a burgeoning virus like a cold. You could see a doctor, or you could give it a week or two and see if it subsides or gets more severe — it’s up to you.

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