This week (on the right) and a challenge review (on the left).

I've gotten a solid 3 - 3 1/2 h of work in on Sunday morning.
Journaling happened too, towards the end of the week.
Calories were all over again.
I used my superpower some days and didn't at all on others... I need to remember that triggering family members to smile is a-okay. Doesn't have to be strangers.
No classes. This is worrisome. I need my exercise, both emotionally as well as physically. It's time to get this cough out of my system and get back at it. I doubt I'll be going Tuesday night 630pm, since we are picking up the foreign exchange student at 430. May go Thursday, depending on how late my guest stays, haven't seen her in forever, so classes are my second priority here. Maybe it's good that my calendar is so full, another week of healing up on this cough is good, right? Need to do something physical though. Maybe get serious about yoga again? Food for thought.

Journaling happened partially during the week and solidly on the weekend. That's a good start. But I have it often that I sit down during the week and start and then I blank out. I just sit there, during the busy work week and intend to write my morning pages and it takes me hours to write these 3 pages, if I finish at all. This is a reflection on how stressed I am and I NEED TO address this.

Art didn't happen much for the last 2 weeks and I know why, I am just not sure how to fix this.
I started on the second badge of Christmas cards and things didn't go well at all. The tape buckled and failed, the partially erased pencil lines are not to be made out any more and I seriously dislike the colour scheme on the second badge. I was going for gold with dark pine tree green, and it ended up being kinda minty with, as I said barely discernible lines plus the gold pen lines are BY FAR not as shiny as the silver ones. I may just have to go back, do a second badge of blue-purple and silver snowflakes and once the prettiness of that is motivating me, I can have a third look and see if I can salvage the green ones or have to throw them out...
Plus I am paralized: i wanna sign them, since they are original art, but I am just so frikkin afraid of it. What if the pen clashes with the art, what if the pen is too bold, or too subtle... or doesn't stay put? ... just scardycat.

The review shows some good things.
Trends are barely visible, but I do like the overview. Having it all in one place.

Things I learned:
Bedtime alone is not a good enough indicator IF my get-up situation is not nailed down.
Habitat needs more effort, but overall (if I look around) there is definite improvement to be seen, and since the improvement is here, there is part of the effort that goes into maintaining and it feels like less effort overall.
Hydration feels solid at 2l atm. I like it. May go and get a 1,5l bottle set up ->1+1,5= 2,5l
May not though, we'll see.
Tea break needs to be a thing. Especially now that I realise why journaling is so hard during the week.

Food, yeah, all over the place. Not gonna bother with it for a little bit, just gonna try and keep it stable at the area where I am at atm. I know I get a huge burst of emotional uplift from the numbers going down, and where I am right now that may or may not happen, but I feel I need to focus on my morning routine, my journal- and selfcare habits for a month. Clean up my act, clean out my daily routines, see that I get my decision fatigue / willpower under control and THEN I can tackle nutrition again.

More on this once the forums are up. Are they yet?

Thank you all for the fruitful conversations and the unwavering support you are amazing and I am so very lucky to have found you all.

With love



Stay strong. Dream true. Walk tall.
-- Charles de Lint
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